Volume CXXXII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Thank King the Masters of Magic for a ‘V’-Airy Special Gift

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition where I wield My Words even more fearlessly than usual; thank King You for joinging Me!

Well, I do have a Very Special Edition for You today because this is about the best example I Will ever have to Show You that the Masters of Magic are Watching.  What kind of Symbol are You thing King I would Wish to have on the new Toonie if I were to determine the coin of the Realm?  A nice big ‘V’ front and center to re-Present the House of von Dehn in Blue to re-Present the Author Writ ‘E’ of Commercial Admiralty, and a Symbol of a Torch with a Red Flame Rising above the Seas of Commerce to Present the Prince of Wands to Canada’s People.  Are You thing King this is a coincidence?


And the Word ‘VICTORY’! As much as You might Imagine I could Love the Emblem on this Coin, the perfection of how I came to have it is even more auspicious. I purchased a coffee at Starbucks, a luxury I very infrequently indulge these days (because I buy really Good coffee to make at home and frequent laziness is costly) and when the clerk handed My back My change, she looked at the coin first and said to Me, “Wow, You must be really Lucky!”

Of course I smiled but had no Idea why she would say so, and she was emphatic about it, really excited. “Look at this coin! It’s blue!!! I’ve never seen one like this before, I think this special one was intended specifically for You!”

No joke. I hadn’t even seen it yet at this point. When I did, I was stunned. Brand new, this year. 1995 – 2020. In Magic that’s a 6 and a 4, which is 10; 10 is a New Age in Magic. If We consider the year it is Issued, 2020 is a 4, which is Foundation. The 6 represents, Home, Family, Peace. One thing I can guarantee, is that the most Masterful Magicians of Your world design every coin for every major currency – if Masonic Art Work is involved in any Way, the Master’s of Magic are at Play. This is NOT a coincidence, and I the rock I took the picture of the coin on is just One example of Logos I have Created specifically for ‘vonDehnVisuals’. The Torch with the Flame on top also represents the Letter ‘i’, which is the Son of Man, the little God inside the big God.

Red always represents Authority, Life, Blood, Fire, Spirit, Energy, Will. Blue always represents Emotion, or Emote Ion’s. The Motive Ion’s behind the Act-Ions. If the Emote Ion is Love, anything Will be possible for You.

I am going to Keep this one somewhat short today but I am trying once again to commit to Writing daily as much as possible, get My Self back in the groove. I have a positive Event taking place in My Microcosm I Will share with You when it is done. I am also committed to My first podcast tomorrow evening and Will have Special guest Bryan Parker on the Show and We Will be tall King about the New World Order and the Old World Order, so it is sure to be an interesting discussion!

Finally, one of the main purposes of this Post is to say thank You to the Masters of Magic in Man’s Matrix. To many of You it may seem like nothing but these individuals know I Will understand the message and know it was a Gift. It would be rude if I didn’t Give thanks for the ‘V’ery Special Gift. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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