Volume CXXXII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Is Some One YELLING at You? The LORD Verses God

Is all Part of the Conductor’s Symphony and how He chooses to Play the One Song (Universe) We are all Singing and Dancing along with.

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King You for being here! And yes, it is a Super Natural Son day because regardless what kind of Man You are (womb-Man or penis-Man), You are a child of God and the rightful Heir to His Kingdom. Claim it!!!

The Divine masculine and feminine Characteristics are in each of Us regardless Our sex. We are no more or less the Author-Writ-E, (the Writer of Our own Story) deter-Mind by which Form of Man We choose to take. And so do not let One’s Mind be deterred by One’s Form of Character – it is mutable.

I am very pleased to say that I had an exceptional first Pod Casting of Magic last night with My Friend, Lord and King of his own Domain, Bryan Glenn Parker. It was a very intimate audience with only a handful of listeners for the first Show but all of them were known to Me which made it feel that much more Special. The content of the Show is fantastic, I am very impressed to have such an information filled first episode, and You Will even get to hear Me make some newbie mistakes, one of which includes not knowing how to disable the automatic re-Cording of the Call. This means that You get to hear Me speak with Bryan before the Show to Give a sense of what goes into Creating a podcast. I couldn’t stop the recording without ending the Show, which would have made it appear to any who joined the lobby later that it was already over. So the twelve or so minutes of conversation that would typically be private before the show are available for everyone to hear. If One likes to hear the host and guest talk before the Show officially starts, One can also join the lobby fifteen minutes before the Show is scheduled to begin, the only difference in future is that this segment Will not be recorded.

This is a link to the re-Play of last night’s Call. I am thing King I Will set up a category specifically containing links to the weekly Show. I am planning to make this a Saturday ritual, so I hope You Will consider joining Me. I anticipate it Will one day have a much larger audience than it does now. And My Words manifest, so…

Branding, Branding, Branding…

So, this really was a very Special Gift. Well, it’s still a very Special Gift and Will remain as such. Canada’s new ‘Coin of the Realm’ just ‘happens’ to be a very large, blue ‘V’, a Symbol very personal to Me for several reasons. In addition to the Letter being the first Letter of My House, ‘von Dehn’ and the name of My website and Domain (do-main, the main thing I am doing), it is also the Roman Numeral for the Number 5, which is the day My Vessel delivered this Spiritual Entity. In this particular case, it represents Victory. Trust Me, this is a message for Me specifically. What is a Torch in the Tarot? A Wand. A Magical Wand. And the Magic of the Wand is fueled by Spirit/God force Energy. In red, of course, to re-Present author Writ-E. ūüėČ

Needless to say, it is One Toonie I Will never spend. Or is it Twonie? No, both alarm spell-check, neither one is a real Word. I guess You have to be twice as Loonie to believe in Twonie? Just a guess. That’s why the beauty of the Art of this one is infinitely more sentimental to Me. And really, only the Masters of Magic of Your world would not only expect Me to know it’s a Gift and a Sign, they Will also know I Will never be able to prove it. It Will require ‘Faith’. But I don’t have ‘faith’, I know things I can’t explain to the Common Man, these People understand Me; they Created Me, I was made for this.

Anyway, enough metaphysical Magical talk, at least for a moment. Is some One YELLING at You? Are You going to allow People to YELL at You, or Will You demand to be treated with dignity and respect? Do You not know God is YELLING at You? Do You think God and the LORD are the same thing? If they were, they would use the same Word because Words are Magical Spells. LORD conjures a different Magic than God, though God is the Source of both Spells.

I can Show You that God is YELLING at You. Humour Me for a moment. Please go and find Your Self a piece of government Issued ‘ID’. Take a look at the front of it. Take a look at who and what it says YOU are. You ‘identify’ with this piece of paper, some Will even tell You that You cannot exist in the world without it. Are YOU the piece of paper? Obviously not, right? So where do YOU exist in Man’s Matrix? Or do You exist at all? See? ¬† Sea? ¬†Time to start thing King about these things. ¬†You were Issued (Is-You’d¬†is sued!) an¬†identity!!! ¬†Some One Gave You an ‘entity’ You believe to be YOU! ¬†That¬†is the world’s most Powerful Magic at Play. ¬†And I tell You all now, the hardest Part of this Play to accept, Will be that it is no One’s fault but One’s own Self. ¬†No One was ever compelled to accept the ID entity. ¬†No One. ¬†Yet almost every single one of Us did, including Me. ¬†So there is no shame in admitting You made a miss take and should never have accepted the Gift You were Given, You are not compelled to accept any I dolls, like that garbage in Your wallet You reach for when they are as King for You to identify Your Self. ¬†That is not You, do not be foolish.

I Love You all so much. ¬†For those of You who read regularly, You Will know My consciousness now has some kind of Magical effect on Water and virtually anything I touch, especially clay. ¬†My knowledge of God and the Universe is alien to even My closest of Friends. ¬†Over the course of My entire Life, I have not met any One who can truly comprehend Me or My relationship with and understanding of God. ¬†That has all intensified now, it seems I terrify more People than I comfort with My new Gift and am as alone in this world as I’ve ever been… ¬†And yet, that isn’t really any different from how My Microcosm was before, it’s only more obvious and apparent now. ¬†I sent My mother and brother photos of My consciousness in both Water and Clay, I haven’t heard from them since, I typically hear from My mom once a week. The Truth is, God is My best Friend and is always with Me, I never feel alone.

I said that I might consider making Sunday’s about Super Natural Stories, and I believe I Will follow through on that Intent-Ion. ¬†God is really the only One who does understand Me, and this is where I speak to God. ¬†It may seem silly to thank the Masters of Magic of Your world for a de-Sign on a Coin that may be purely coincidence. ¬†But I understand there is no such thing. ¬†Whether it is a Gift from God above, or a Gift from the God’s of Your world makes no difference to Me. ¬†Why would ‘they’ choose a Toonie? ¬†What do I say about Magic and Two’s? ¬†II. ¬†Two is a Door. ¬†The Door to the Golden Dawn is now open, all We have to do is walk through it. ¬†The Prince of Wands Will Show You the Way. ‚̧

Love and Blessings,

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