Volume CXXXIII: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday ‘Tell A Vision’ Edition where I Give My Interpret-A-Sean of a Holy Wood film. This time I have selected Fight Club and before I get into today’s Edit-Ion, I Wish to share with You why I chose this as My third film (after ‘Matrix’ and ‘V for Vendetta’).

Fight Club isn’t the same ‘type’ of film as the Matrix or ‘V’. It is very much related to the commercial world We Live in but with far less emphasis on what most People would Call the ‘Spiritual’ development of the character. This is perhaps one of the main reason I chose this as My third film because although it may not seem like there is as much of a Spiritual message, every Hero is telling the same Story in their own Way. This film speaks specifically about the psychological Issues We are faced with in Our current world and I Will let You determine whether Our Hero evolves to transcend his environment or whether he becomes a product of it. That is the only True path We should concern Our Self with.

The second reason I chose Fight Club is because it deals with mental health. In Our modern world as much as (and potentially even more) than two thirds of People who are subject to poverty and homelessness in first world countries are suffering from some kind of serious mental or physical health Issue. Most of these individuals would not have the intellectual capacity to advocate for themselves and Will be ‘left to their own devices’, as the expression goes. Many have essentially become a product of their environment, Fight Club takes a look at one of the potential alternatives.

Without further ado, in Our last episode We left off with Our hero (who’s name We still don’t know) reflecting on how he had, “become a slave to the Ikea nesting instinct.”

That’s right, a slave. Nobody Wishes to be thing King of it that Way but virtually every One is; every One who navigates their Way through the Commercial Admiralty waters, that is. Nobody Wishes to believe the Ark of the Covenant is in fact the Citizen Ship every One is ‘for Sale’-ing on. What entrepreneurial Ideas are floating Your boat?

So I guess this movie is just as related to My overall Quest as any other – hard to emancipate a People who don’t even know they’re enslaved… I’ve also never really ‘studied’ Fight Club for its deeper meaning, so I’m interested to see what We find, too. I like the movie for its wit and originality, I also happen to like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as Actors, they both do a phenomenal job.

I also said that all movies are telling the same Story and I thought I should elaborate on that Idea a little more before We look at this one. There are certain Elements of Christ’s Character that are consistent.

  • Begins with an Immaculate Conception (a Perfect, flawless Idea)
  • Must have seeminly insurmountable troubles (Romans Wished him dead as a child)
  • Must have an inherent weakness (internal struggle) to overcome (Christ was God’s Son and messenger, tough Order to Live up to). One could also argue that his real struggle was that the Romans Wished Him dead because He was rumoured to be God’s King. This was obviously a threat to Caesar’s position.
  • Has a rather plain and Common Life until a transformational ceremony takes place where the Character evolves to become what they Truly are; transcendence. In the Bible, this E-Vent is Marked by Christening an individual. Christ is baptized by John. This is usually (always?) symbolized by Water. Only then does Christ goes on to be the Hero of His Story (history).
  • After the rebirth, the Character Will always be challenged One last time, a hurdle Our Hero could not overcome if She has not transcended the fears that were holding Him back. The Hero Will be faced with a situation that looks utterly Hope-Less, and Our Hero Will Miraculously evade the impending doom.
  • Christ rises from the Cross.

These Ideas are mimicked in virtually every Story One Will ever read if One pays attention. Or, maybe I am just ‘Lucky’ and it seems to be the case more for Me because I am looking for it. Fight Club seems one of the least likely films to be telling the Story of Christ, so I am curious to see if We can find these references in the film. We are off to a better start than You might be thing King, as We already have an immaculate conception. I Will expand on that Idea later, let’s get back to the film, We’re only five minutes in!!!

We see the main Character walking around his apartment, Visualizing various Ikea ensembles and painting a picture for Us with his narrative Imagery. Somewhere in his ramble We hear, “What kind of dining set defines Me as a person?”

Isn’t that what the world does? I’m not judging, I’m just being honest. Whether it’s the dining room set, the clothes, the Way One wears their Character’s hair, the shoes – a lot of People like to gauge One’s Character by their shoes. It’s ridiculous but it’s True, there is something Magical about getting dressed into One’s Character. The Quest-Ion, is which Part is One choosing to Play?

Although I don’t remember noticing it the first time, We also see flashes of a Character distorting the narrator’s Image, though without freeze-framing in slow motion, it is too difficult to clearly distinguish. It is more like an apparition of the Character’s psyche and not something I remember noticing in the film the first time round, though I am certain I would have seen it. I think it is amazing how One could forget this detail because it is clear enough to know it is deliberate, yet I completely let it escape My Mind while watching the rest of the picture the first time round.

It may also be worth Noting that the central theme of any [Good] Story is always introduced within the first thirty to sixty seconds. This is kind of a cool thing to know because if You like half hour sitcoms (as I’ve been known to) You Will find it applies one hundred percent of the time, usually before the opening credits even roll. Movies and novels apply the very same principals; one should always know what the book Will be about by the end of the first chapter. Here, Our main Character’s primary struggle is that he is looking for a Way to ‘define’ his Character and We see him reflect on how the perfect dining set may be the answer.

The point here is to Show how even Fight Club is a Story about a Man who is Soul searching. The Act of looking for things to define One’s Character is in and of its Self a reflection of One’s attempt to get into [their True] Character.

Alright, now I’m already over 1,000 Words, so We Will call it quits for today and get this published. I had every intent-Ion of publishing this in time for the Tuesday Edition yesterday, though a few random emails came up and I lost My Focus. I figure better late than never!

Love and Blessings,


  1. What a telepathy…I had a dream about government agents trying to suppress people who are rebellious for the God’s sake of justice …
    I did not participate physically in the protests of 2019 and 2020 but I have bee. participating emotionally and spiritually in the dream …God says in the bible that justice preserves the throne of kings …

    Sing in the voice of liberty ,
    Allow freedom to flow and be ,
    Knoe that truth of God ,
    for the divine source to set you free,
    flow of life is for all to see ,
    The divine spirit sits in you and me ,
    Being brave is our right as tall as an ancient high tree ,
    Centered in life , we dare to hold a key ,
    We open the gates for freedom,
    to flood like water from the sea ,

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