Volume CXXXIII: The Sensei-Sean All ‘Saturn’ Day Evening Update

Hi every One. Still got some thing I am war King on in My Microcosm so I am only Writing today to let You know I have not scheduled a new Pod Casting of Magic today but intend to post a Show for next week this coming Monday.

I do hope to make this a weekly event but I also Wish to have interesting topics and People to be tall King with. It took Me a little time to figure out what kind of People in My Microcosm Will be Good to have on the call and feel I have made some progress in that regard. I Will be tall King about what sort of things One can expect to hear on the Call in a description of the Show I Will Post on Monday, October 12th.

Otherwise, I hope and Trust You are all well. I have a couple of comments to respond to here, too and also Wish to let You know I should be getting around to that sometime tomorrow.

Love You all, thanks for being here!



  1. Sing in the voice of liberty ,
    Allow freedom to flow and be ,
    Know that truth of God ,
    for the divine source to set you free,
    flow of life is for all to see ,
    The divine spirit sits in you and me ,
    Being brave is our right as tall as an ancient tree ,
    Centered in life , we dare to hold a key ,
    We open the gates  for freedom,
    to flood like water from the sea ,

    1. Hello, Brother! I usually try to respond to You right away, but I received these notifications on My phone while I was away from the computer. I am so Thank-Full for Your commentary and Wonder-filled poetry (despite knowing You do not consider Your Self a poet, much like I don’t consider My Self a ‘painter’).

      I Loved what You Writ, and dreams are always prophetic, there are a People being oppressed somewhere in the world in every moment – this is what We must put an End to if We Wish to see a Golden Dawn emerge after this dark knight. 😉

      You used some Words that I Wish to touch on, like standing ‘tall like a tree’ in bravery in Truth of God. This is why I say that talking really means [to be] Tall King with One another, proud of that which We stand for in Our royal High-ness.

      Love and Blessings, Trust You are Well.

      1. Thank you …I am glad with your uplifting speech …
        I think together we can always make a better world for all despite everything difficult you got through …

      2. Again, thank You. And speaking of prophecy, I was just thing King about all of the things I have been through to discover and learn what I know today. Many hard times I could not understand why God would allow for them to happen. Now I know that God specifically chose every difficult time for Me so that I could grow stronger from it and become the Man I am today. I Love God so much, I am never alone. Even in the most difficult times of My Life, I have never felt abandoned by God – I only sometimes Wondered about God’s process. I always Trusted God know what God was doing. Now I know it to be a fact.

        You are correct. Together, We Will achieve everything.

        Love and Blessings!!!

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