Volume CXXXIV: The Magical Monday Edition; Mystery Versus Mastery

Or is it Mystery Versus My-Story?

Hello, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Edition, thank King You for being here!

I was thing King that today would be a perfect day for tall King more about the Magical Spelling of Words. Think of Words that sound the same but have different meanings (homonyms is what I believe they are properly Called). Okay, not going to lie, I had to look that up to be sure (I get it confused with ‘synonym’ all the time, but homonym is in fact correct). Words like ‘sea’, ‘see’ and ‘C’. They sound the same, so We presume the Magic of them is the same but that is in fact how the Power of Man’s Spelling of Magic works; it is the only Way the Magic can be effective. It is also why 6=9 and 0=2.

This is why I ‘Play’ with Magic by Spelling some of My Words differently. Capital Letters Will tell You that a Word is Important and that You should PAY ATTENTION. See how that works? So I choose which Words I Wish to emphasize. Whether a reader understands what I’m doing or not makes no difference because it is the subconscious Mind that is making cents of it. 😉 This is also in fact why knowledge = wealth. When One takes interest in something, they are paying attention (establishing a ‘tent’ Ion which provides foundation for an Idea) and that attention Creates an In-Vest-Ment (a new suit of Character to govern Man’s Mind). Where We in Vest Our Intent-Ion is how We Dress Our Character for the world stage.

My Story is equal to Mastery or Mystery because the Words combine in the subconscious of Man’s Mind whether We are consciously aware or not. That is why I use phrases like thing King and as King instead of thinking and asking – it is not a coincidence these Words sound the same with apparent different meanings. However, they do not have different meanings, it is Our conscious Mind that judges the Word and negates the other meanings from Our consciousness. I Wish to see the Word ‘see’, so I Will only be thing King about Vision and what it means to see with One’s eye. But the Word does not only mean ‘see’, it also means ‘C’ and sea. Just because Man’s Mind Wishes to disregard the other meanings, does not mean that the other definitions for the Word have been disregarded and are not war King subconsciously in the Mind of Man. This is in fact the most Powerful example of Magic war King in the world today and it is immensely effective. As I mentioned in My last ‘Fight Club’ film interpret A Sean, most of the world does not even know they are slaves and Will fight People who Wish to try to tell them. The entire world is subject to Stockholm syndrome, all casualties of war suffering from serious post traumatic stress disorder that has literally been bred into Man’s genetic CODE of Law.

People don’t know these things because they Will never be taught the things I am telling People here, in school. The government of Canada is not going to tell the People of a country what it means to be Sovereign if they are out for personal gain because the People allowed government to determine the curriculum! So children are only ever going to be as intelligent as the government has decided One should be. Have whatever opinion One Wishes of Man’s commercial admiralty world but I Will tell You this, a Man who does not know his [natural] wealth in today’s world Will be subject to the whims of wiser Men (of either sex). This Creates a highly competitive, ‘dog eat dog’ world where People Will do whatever it takes to get to the top. Are We to believe this dynamic behaves any differently within governments of the world? Of course not, they have all been bought and paid for by private, corporate interests and the absolute worst part of it all, is that it is being done in plain sight for the whole world to see absolutely shamelessly and the collective majority are too foolish to know they are being played. How sad is that? Seriously, not ONE country on this earth should be borrowing any ‘money’ from a foreign, private corporation. Only countries that have been captured in war pay taxes because their People are paying for crimes of treason against the Crown. I Give You My Word this is fact, not fiction.

Here is a small excerpt from My favourite ‘international’ book on Law, ‘The Law of Nations’. This is where People who may Wish to Create a society of sovereign People would turn if they Wished to know how to get started, and it provides a real foundation for international law between Sovereign bodies. That is where all things must start because without a Sovereign People, there can be no establishment of any kingdom. That is also a fact. If One is interested, the “Law of Nations” is on the public domain, can be found easily, downloaded for free, and printed at Will.

Here is an excerpt from that Book which Will give One a sense of what is really going on in the world today.

§197. Acquisition of immovables,— or conquest. Immovable possessions, lands, towns, provinces, etc. become the property of the enemy who makes himself master of them: but it is only by the treaty of peace, or the entire submission and extinction of the state to which those towns and provinces belonged, that the acquisition is completed, and the property becomes stable and perfect. [387]

§198. How to transfer them validly.Thus a third party cannot safely purchase a conquered town or province, till the sovereign from whom it was taken has renounced it by a treaty of peace, or has been irretrievably subdued, and has lost his sovereignty:

Law of Nations

Government leaders of most ‘Sovereign’ free People like Canada and the United States have been corrupt beyond most People’s Imagine Nation for longer than most would Wish to believe. So those individuals have been taken out by covert means by the People who are actually running the Show. You really think ANY government leaders ACTUALLY know what they are doing? They don’t know the first thing about how to run a country or what it means to be sovereign! They were given sufficient rope to hang themselves by People who do, and have used that rope generously. Now, they Will have to pay their debts to these foreign entities and Will not know how to do so – just be as King to Trudeau this Quest-Ion sometime, Trudeau believes the budget Will balance itself! See, Trudeau believes in Magic! (Though his is the fairytale kind).

Honestly, read those two sections a couple of times to Truly get a sense of what they mean – lands become property of the ENEMY STATE (Canada) who calls himself MASTER. People wonder why I get angry when I am addressed as ‘Mr.’. ‘Mr.’ means Master, and every person in Canada is a Master in commerce by default because We are Acting in default to Our obligation to the Sovereign (who is represented by the Queen only in the absence of a Sovereign People who seem to be lost on the Seas of Commercial Admiralty). Only a Holy See can find his Way.

(And yeah, the bill collectors are bankrupting nations so they can come collecting, this is the last Act of the Play). 😉

Love and Blessings,


  1. World capitalism is the shadow government of the world …
    They bring to power politicians they want and remove what they do not want …
    I discovered that the political scenes are like the theaters or cinematic scenes …
    They play behind the matrix …
    Yes , be aware to reprogram the matrix …
    All is one and one is all …

  2. You reminded me of the Greek story about people tied in a dark cave who saw the shadows on the wall and thought it was all . They did not realize the truth until someone got out and discovered reality outside the cave . The metaphor is becoming aware …

    Through both joy and pain,
    we swell, grow and gain,
    The sky would shower  us with rain ,
    To nourish our souls and transcend again ,
    So our divine love we could retain , …

    1. Very interesting, I only just read the story You are quoting here recently! No coincidences, thank You for the reference. Blessings to You and every One You Love.

  3. There is telepathy …
    What one of the 7 hermetic principles says like the law of correspondence is as within , so without …
    The true reality is our connection to the formless timeless divinity…

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