Volume CXXXIV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; My Magical, Hat Trick Two’s Day

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Terrific ‘Two’s’ day Edition. It is the Two’s day Edition because Good News usually comes in pairs for Me on Tuesday’s which seems both poetic and perfect. Today’s Two’s day was more of a ‘hat trick’, though it came in two very different Forms of delivery. There was My scheduled resolution meeting with the Ottawa Police service’s Sergeant, Catherine Wood and constable Christopher Jenkyn, I also received two Letters in the Post today; one from Ontario Works and one from ‘Home for Good’ with My money Order returned to Me with their Letter of protest [of acceptance]. Best Part is, all of it is Good News and today I Will be tall King about why. Thank King You so much for being here.

Well, seeing as I decided to make it My featured photo for today’s Post, let’s start with Home for Good’s Letter to Me regarding the money Order sent to them back in June. Keep in Mind this is four and a half months after the money Order was sent to them.

Little Gifts from God

Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. I find this very interesting for a couple of reasons. First, some People have claimed that if I Write an elected official and they don’t respond, it is because they took the Letter and threw it in the garbage. I can’t say how I know they don’t, I just do. They keep everything!!!

A politician might do that if they were really stupid but most Wish to preserve their position as long as possible. Taking a chance that some One might find a Letter Writ to an elected official in the garbage would be too big a risk to take. I don’t know what kind of system they use to ‘file’ away letters that are sent and received, but I know someone is keeping a public record of it.

What the above money Order clearly demonstrates is that although they may not have Honoured the money Order sent to them it was on file (probably in some kind of Rolodex by the look of the punch marks). This means that My money Order was legally and lawfully accepted by Home for Good without Issue until I was as King of them what they did with the wealth of it. Well, instead of Honouring the money ORDER (and redeeming it for Value), they defaced the financial instrument they were Gifted with! I also included a Letter to Home for Good which included instructions on how to redeem the money Order for Value. If an individual does not return the instrument or protest My ORDER (letter of instruction on how to redeem for Value), it is legally deemed as having been accepted. They only have a maximum of twenty days or something to respond before a Letter is considered accepted without protest.

The only reason I know it wasn’t Honoured was because I followed up with Sana because there had been no protest of acceptance and My subsidy was approved without Issue despite refusing to fill out a number of sections of the renewal form. The point to doing this was so that I Will no longer be ‘subject’ to their ‘approval’ for subsidy if they are refusing to acknowledge and accept My inherent right to dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations. They have damaged the money Order by defacing it, they have tarnished My intellectual property they know to be worth $10,800.00. One would think that if they did not Wish to Honour it, they would be wise enough to have not defaced it and destroyed My intellectual property. It does not Matter what they Wish to believe it is worth, it is how much the document or property is worth to Me. They know I believe it to be worth $10,800.00, so I am going to be as King them for compensation for damages… Maybe.

Okay, that was fun, and also all very True. Can’t claim One doesn’t know how much a thing is worth when it is Writ on the Face of it! Ah, I digress.

The second Magical event of the day was also a Letter I received in the mail from Ontario Works. I haven’t talked about Ontario Works in a while, either, nor have I shared with You how things worked out with Ottawa Hydro. Well, I Called Orsi and told her I was being threatened by Ottawa Hydro if the full bill wasn’t paid by whatever date, and that they were refusing to receive My payments. I was told to call verification the next day and thought it might be ‘passing the buck’. However, I called verification, left a message with the account number, amount owing and told them to make sure it gets paid. I didn’t hear anything for another week until after Orsi returned from vacation, only to let Me know that the bill was paid in full the day after I placed the call, and that it would be paid automatically by Ontario Works from this point forward, though I Will receive $55.00. less per month. For now, I’m Good with that because I don’t have to deal with Ottawa Hydro and that was the Idea.

I also received a Letter last month (just after My $300 hydro bill was paid) stating that My special dietary allowance would come to an end at the end of October if I don’t take the form to a doctor for approval. I was not looking forward to the Letter I would have to Write Orsi this month to explain that I Will not be going to a doctor and Will not be happy if My benefits are arbitrarily revoked. Instead, I received a Letter stating basically the same thing, except now I have until the end of December. Well, December 17th to be exact. So thank You Universe for that one, I can procrastinate on that a little longer.

Finally, there was My resolution/mediation meeting with constable Jenkyn and Sergeant Catherine Wood. It only just happened a few hours ago, so I’m not sure how I feel about yet. I can say that I don’t feel anywhere close to being made to feel whole again for the harm that was done to Me, but I also admit that it was difficult to not become emotionally connected to the events of that day, despite the fact that My intent was not to focus on the events of that day, but instead on how We can move forward, how I can be assured that police are Truly looking out for the People’s best interest. When I take all of that into account and consider what the objection of the meeting was, I Will concur with Catherine’s assessment that the mediation was productive and constructive. I Promise I Will elaborate on this more once I’ve had some time to digest.

One thing I Will say today, is that it was reminiscent of My first resolution meeting with the city of Ottawa. In My meeting with the city, Paul would tell Me why some of the conditions were included in the application and I would respond with something like, “Well, unfortunately, Your opinion of what People should be required to provide for You on an application form and what You are legally able to do without trespassing upon the rights of Canada’s People are two different things. Maybe You should have a lawyer review Your application forms before You finalize them.”

And everyone in the room would be silent, like Paul was hoping the lawyer would jump in to defend his position. I’m not going to disclose the exact context of My next statement, only that at one point I said, “Yes, but I Trust as a police officer, You know that an Act does not have the force of law to trespass upon a right?”

Silence. A Good long one before I finally continued with, “Well, You do know that, right?” (To which he finally conceded he does).

Final thing I Will say about the meeting is that I have tremendous respect for Catherine Wood. I told Catherine today that so far, she has demonstrated more professionalism in her position than any other representative of government I have dealt with thus far. Catherine also has a positive disposition regarding the outcome of the meeting, so I’m still cautiously optimistic moving forward.

Sadly, I Will not be doing a ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition this Tuesday but maybe I’ll get around to Writing one tomorrow and Posting a day late. No guarantees, I am feeling mentally exhausted.

Love and Blessings,

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