Volume CXXXIV: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; The International King’s Bench

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. I have an amazing edition for You today as there have been a couple of major developments over the last week and momentum is mounting quickly! There was My mediation meeting with the Ottawa Police Services, and a Discharge Statement for My father’s debts was finally Handed over to Me by his creditors. I Will also be Hosting another Kingdom of Heaven podcast tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Star Time tonight, so I hope You Will consider joining Me for that, too.

We’ll begin with My mediation meeting with the Ottawa Police Services. To summarize, I was not impressed with the disposition of Jenkyn’s, and for Me that was the most disappointing part of it. I can’t say that I feel he wasn’t listening, but I can say that I did not sense any remorse, guilt, or sense of wrong doing. In fact, it seemed more as though he were asserting that he would have acted the exact same Way if he encountered a similar situation today. This actually infuriated Me in the meeting, but I was trying to Keep My cool and Focus on the bigger picture. The real goal, is to have Canadian police services realize that I am not an enemy of the state, the People of Canada or Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Elizabeth II – My Duty is to protect the inherent [natural] rights of Canada’s People as My Service to God and the Queen. That is the role of a King, and Canada’s police services should be supporting any Sworn representative of Her Majesty in Canada whether One is Acting in One’s Sovereign capacity or not.

To that effect, I did have some very productive conversations with Sergeant Catherine Wood whom I Will maintain has demonstrated exceptional professionalism. I am genuinely very impressed with her attention to My concerns and the efforts she has made to address them. I Will be Signing off on this shortly and Will share with You again when I do. Today I just printed off the form as it was made out to Me by Sergeant Catherine Wood.

Ottawa Police acknowledge King Sean, House of von Dehn

Sometimes I let things dominate My Mind for longer than they should. Tall King about the event took Me back to the day and I was not prepared for how emotional it would make Me feel. But fire was raging inside Me when I heard Jenkyn’s speak. If not for Catherine’s calming nature, this would not have worked. What is pictured above is actually far more important, which is why I Will share it with You again when I’m done. This is the release form of the individual who was harmed, and it Will not match the information of the individual who was arrested. They have no jurisdiction over the character on the release form. Now they Will have those Facts on their record and cannot claim ignorance of My title if I am ever harmed again. So Will be using the release form to Give the Police Services a chance to take Public Notice of this new Character. 😉

And the hits just keep on rolling!!!

Discharge Statement

Yes, I am finally in possession of My father’s debt. Well, I guess I haven’t officially ‘accepted’ it yet, but I was also wondering about that. With email being legal proof of service, I’m not really sure how that works. Technically, it’s received almost as soon as it’s delivered, and in law, received = accepted. I sent a brief email to say thank You before I had a chance to seriously review the documents and told them I would be in touch shortly. I followed up sometime after that with another email that I am now feeling a tiny bit guilty about…

When I reviewed the document more carefully and considered what the various charges were, I couldn’t help but think about how angry My dad would be if the bank was billing him for their legal fees. So, without really thing King too deeply about it, I decided to email Laraine again, as King her if My father had agreed to pay the bank’s legal fees and if she could forward a copy of the Signed agreement to Me. I think I also said that a bank should be able to afford its own legal fees and I’m not sure who is paying mine?

Although I do Wish to have a copy of the contract My father Signed (because it would be foolish for Me to accept the obligation without proof that there is one), I don’t really care about the legal fees, it was meant to be funny. Same thing with My legal fees. It wasn’t until I read the email later that I realized it might not sound funny to the lawyer receiving My email. He doesn’t know Me and neither does Laraine. I have a feeling they might be reading My Blog, though, so if they are – relax, it’s all Good. If My father didn’t agree to pay the bank’s legal fees, I Will – I just Wish for them to bill Me directly so that I can discharge for Value by right of My own Honour rather than on behalf of My father. He’s not here to pay, I’m not sure why he would agree to pay [for lawyers] when he’s dead. At the same time, he might sign to pay for lawyers after he’s dead because he knows he won’t be here to pay them.

It has taken some serious time for this Estate Matter to really sink in. All My emails to the creditors were published here, I was only ever as King for a statement of My father’s debts. I have done nothing in the Way of an application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee because I believe My Claim upon My Father’s House is supreme, even superior to that of the state. (A Man is not as King (application) for permission to drive his own car). All I Wished to have was My father’s debt – I said a Trustee can be determined later. But when I pay this debt, it’s over. This is the estate!

So that detail in particular took some time to sink in. Of course, I Keep My mother, brother, and sister in the loop, too, and I can tell My Mother is very Happy. I’m not sure how My brother and sister feel. I have already messaged them to let them know if they really Wish to sell My Father’s land and divide the profits, they can buy the debt from Me and split the land between them (apparently worth $150-$200k). If they do not Wish to buy the debt from Me and I pay the debt My Self, I Will be Keeping the property and officially have My own Crown land. I can’t lie, I kind of like how that sounds…

So the real estate Matter is basically over. Usually, I like to share with You how I accomplish things. This time I really have no answer for You. I have no Idea what happened. It wasn’t until yesterday I realized they haven’t even seen a piece of identification from Me, never Mind the certificate of appointment of estate trustee, death certificate of My father, yada, yada. That’s also why I’m Calling this Post the International King’s Bench – I really do believe People are more concerned about having their names published here as a conspirator to the fraud, than they are of Me taking them into court. There is also no doubt that People are doing their homework.

Tomorrow I Will be tall King more about My recent development with My father’s estate. I may also be tall King a little about it on the Kingdom of Heaven Pod Cast tonight, so please feel free to join for some casual conversation.

I hope You are all well,

Love and Blessings,


  1. I am not a lawyer but I heard that the one who wins a case in a court does not pay legal fees .The other party pays the legal fees …
    See the most skillful attorney you can to help you as much as possible …
    Blessings infinitely

    1. Yes, You are right on all counts, Brother. There are a few special legal ‘perks’ to being a King, however. I can pay for everything with My thumbprint, so it is most Honourable for Me to pay any expenses for those who are accommodating My Wishes. The King rewards People who are kind to the King very generously. 😉

      1. I hope that this website adds more knowledge and contibributing to the enlightenment of your society in a ripple effect is good cause to proceed …

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