Volume CXXXV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Honour Thy Father and Mother, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

I’ve spent more time thing King about My father’s estate Matter and can now offer a little more insight with respect to that. There have also been a couple of Minor developments in the Story I Will share with You first.


Thank You, much appreciated.  I plan to visit Your office to finalize this Matter on the 5th of November, please let Me know if that date works for You. 

If it isn’t too much trouble to prepare an amended discharge statement with interest calculated to the fifth of Nov., that would be great. Not necessary if it’s any trouble – just a request.

Have a great week,



Thank you for your email. The office is closed due to covid-19 – we have very limited access mostly for couriers. While we appreciate your desire to pay in person, it is not currently the best manner in which this matter can be addressed. The simplest way to address this is to provide funds into our firm’s trust account directly. The funds can be wired or direct deposited. Please let me know which one is better for you.

Thank you,


Hi Laraine,

No, I Will be paying by bank draft or certified check, what is the address for courier delivery?  Also, You didn’t mention if it would be possible to have an amended discharge statement prepared with interest calculated to the fifth of November.  Again, if it’s a problem, don’t worry about it.  

Finally, I Will need to see a copy of the Signed contract to include with the statement of discharge.  Everything appears to be in order, but You must prove the obligation before as King of Me to Honour it, You have not produced the contract agreement yet.
Thank You, I look forward to hearing from you,


In the first email, I am Giving thanks for a description of charges that are part of the mortgage terms. This is in response to My query regarding My father’s Signed obligation. The Discharge Statement appears to be in Order and everything seems reasonable, but I have not yet been shown the contractual obligation. The bank statement shows money in an account, interest charges, that sort of thing, but it isn’t a contractual obligation.

I’ve had more time to reflect on this Matter now and I am very Thank Full that I have shared the emails with You here from the beginning. There are a lot of important details I can cover over with You now. The first is the contractual obligation. Consider what information has been sent to Me so far; a Discharge Statement, and a Bank Statement. What is a Discharge Statement? In legal terms, it is the full amount of a mortgage required to release the property. But what is it to Me as Power of Attorney over My father’s estate? It’s a claim against My father. My father’s property is held in Trust until this debt it paid. How do I know this debt belongs to My father? Where is the agreement to borrow $50,000.00?

This is the most important part of their claim. The contract is the ‘look, he borrowed $50,000.00 and here is the agreement’. Then, ‘here is the Discharge Statement to show the accrued charges’. The discharge statement means nothing if there is no contractual obligation to fulfill it.

I was hoping to visit the office to deliver payment so that I would be leaving with My receipt and paperwork. The original Discharge Statement states that I can pay by Way of Bank Draft or Certified Check, which is what I have agreed to do. That is why I just plainly stated, ‘no’ in My email reply. If I cannot visit the office, I Will need to deliver a Bank Draft or Certified Check in a Way that provides proof of service delivery (like courier).

Keep in Mind that the entire email exchange between Us is a legally binding contract. It is well known that I have offered to accept My father’s debt to this creditor for Honour. They have now Presented that to Me. The Act of saying ‘yes, I agree to Honour this debt’ is sufficient to discharge the property to Me because My Word is My Bond. It is one of the ‘legal perks’ to the title of King. Furthermore, it is also legally protected in Law because the creditor must accept any offer with a greater security interest. I am worth much more than My father’s property, I am a greater security for My father’s debt. The moment I agree to accept it, it is a new contract and I Will Act as the security interest in place of the property. Because a King cannot be bonded, I accept the debt for Honour and Discharge against the unlimited commercial Value of My Life.

The problem is, People seem to be thing King this is some kind of trick, paying for things with My thumbprint. How else does One think a King ‘prints’ His own Coin?

I know how hard this whole concept is for the average Man to comprehend, and this Estate Matter is going to be the best example. Why did they suddenly agree to Hand over the information when they previously required a certificate of appointment as Power of Attorney granted by a justice? This was the Quest-Ion I didn’t have much of an answer for previously, so today I’m going to share My thoughts.

I told My father’s creditors that I Will be publishing the emails on My Blog which is a legal and lawful international publication. Because I have produced no identification in any of My emails, I can only presume that they have verified who I am by Way of this Blog. All My Letters to elected officials and the documents I have filed and published into Canada’s Superior Court are also published here. I presume after reviewing My Blog they were satisfied I really am a King, then forwarded the information to Me. The only other possibility is that they were ordered to do so by a court Justice. In either case, it would not have been Given to Me if I were not actually a King. Neither My brother or My sister would be able to Act as Power of Attorney without a certificate of appointment Issued by a Justice, and I’m going to try and explain why.

The title of ‘King’ holds a different ‘Status’ in a Court of Law than that of the incorporated person or citizen. That is specifically why I insist on using it in any legal document. ‘Sean’ is perfectly fine for casual conversation, but if I am ever Signing any contracts, it is only as King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God.

The Ten Commandments

The reason the Status is so important is because all of Canada’s citizens are in debt as long as Canada is in debt. A debtor is considered dis-Honourable in law. Because the debtor is considered dis-Honourable, the debtors word means nothing, not even when its Writ. A debtor/citizen must have a commissioner of oaths witness One’s Word in a Sworn affidavit for it to be considered ‘Good’ and legally binding. By contrast, the King is Standing in Honour, always.

“Rex non potest peccare” – “The King can do no wrong.”

(Latin Maxim in Law)

This is why in Order to contract, the incorporated person must Sign an agreement and promise to pay. Promissory notes are legal tender but they are not Honourable or Lawful. When One Gives One cash, they are actually promising to Give something of Value later, they are not actually satisfying the obligation. The only reason lawful transactions seem so alien, is because We have normalized unlawful, legal tender in its place.

In the example of this estate, My brother and sister were both told by lawyers that if they Wish to Act as Power of Attorney, they Will need to apply for a certificate of appointment with a justice. The reason for this is because they are not standing in Honour, they must prove their Honour to the Court, and prove they are competent enough to manage My father’s affairs. A King has all the opposite presumptions until his Actions demonstrate otherwise. So I am presumed to be standing in Honour and competent in all My affairs.

Now, let’s consider promissory notes. All cash is just a promise to Give something of Value later. This is because the citizen’s [financial/commercial] wealth is held in Trust by the state. When a King promises to pay, it is guaranteed because he is standing in Honour, so the Act of accepting a bill from a merchant is what Gives the bill Value. The King acknowledges the Value and approves the ‘Charge’ by the Seal of his thumbprint, which is unique to the coin of his realm.

As far as this estate Matter is concerned, I’m going to wait to see how Laraine responds to My last emails but I’ve decided I’m just going to be very frank and be as King of Laraine to do the same. Part of My Duty and responsibility is to explain to everyone how this stuff works, so it only makes sense that Laraine should fully understand the process. I’m just going to walk them through it and share the emails with You.

Before I Sign off for today, I do Wish to encourage You to read the Magical Monday Post just because it is rare that I get to Give Honourable mention to a Police Service.

Have a wonderful week, I plan to have another installment of Fight Club later Two Day. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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