Volume CXXXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The Effects of Magical Spells?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

I have been thing King about some of the Spells that were Cast some time ago and I am wondering if the effect of those Spells are now war King their Magic. This endorsement of My sister’s application back in May arrived as an attachment to an email the very same day My objection to My sister’s application was returned to Me by the court – anonymously and after it had already been received by a court registrar! For those that don’t know and understand the legal system very well, this is extremely out of the ordinary. My belief is that My notice of objection was seen by the court, and that the court justice (or whomever viewed My objection) was in fact protecting My sister and her own Honour.

Why do I think this? Let’s look at the endorsement.

They say hind-sight it 20/20 and I can certainly relate. I mentioned how furious I initially was to see that My objection to My sister’s application had been returned to Me. It wasn’t until I re-read My objection to My sister’s application that I realized if it had been accepted, My sister would be guilty of perjury and potentially other serious crimes, too (perjury with intent to influence a justice, for example). My sister might think it’s no big deal, but a justice Will have an obligation to persecute My sister if the fraud is evident or the Justice is Acting in dis-Honour. It was at this time that I told My brother to withdraw his consent, and for My sister to withdraw her application, as I could not defend My own Honour without potentially putting My sister in jail.

Initially, they both refused. This is the point where I was most furious because I really didn’t know what to do. I was angry, but not ‘put My sister in jail’ angry, and I couldn’t see any other Way to have My Voice heard without filing a formal objection with the court, than to Write the Justice a private email. I know that Letter was received and I am still disappointed to have not received a reply. What happened after that I can only guess. In retrospect, I believe that Justice Susan J. Woodley has had a Hand in this, and that she was looking out for My family’s best interest (and My sister in particular).

Roughly a week later, after no further Word from My brother or sister on the Issue, My mother sent Me an email only to tell Me she had no Idea what’s going on but believes Michael (My brother) has withdrawn his consent and Tanja (My sister) had withdrawn her application. I still had not one shred of information regarding the estate or My father’s creditors, but it was a start. I figured My sister would be a little more forthcoming with the information, and she was.

The other reason I’m revisiting this endorsement is to let You know that it doesn’t Matter what kind of court proceeding One is dealing with, attacking the character of One’s opponent Will always be considered dis-Honourable. In private emails to My sister regarding this Matter, I was absolutely ruthless and vicious with My Words. I told You it was deliberate, they were the nastiest Words I’ve ever Writ to My sister. Why would I do that?

Because hostility between family members when managing an estate or other family Matters is perfectly common and normal. I am free to have whatever opinion of My sister I Wish to have, it has NOTHING to do with My ability to administrate an estate or My competence in law. I know My sister. I figured she would probably use it as an opportunity to discredit My Character, which is exactly what she did. Funny thing is, I don’t perceive it as an attack on My Character, I would stand on the same arguments I made to My sister in My vicious emails in any court – I Will simply use more appropriate language.

By taking My emails out of context and making a private conversation between My sister and I public to the court, My sister is in fact dis-Honouring her Self. It is the absolute worst defense strategy One could ever Wish to implement. The courts do not Wish to deal with squabbling children. I would have ‘owned’ those things I said to My sister in the email and told the justice I am disappointed My sister chose to share that dialogue with the courts, it was inappropriate. Then I would explain how ridiculous it is that she believes she’s more competent, yada, yada. If One Wishes to Stand in Honour in a court, One must Stand on their arguments. The moment One resorts to Character attacks, it is known as ‘ad hominem’ remarks, attacking the Character of a Man, rather than his arguments.

The other reason I’m coming back to this endorsement for review today, is because this endorsement is specifically in response to a number or requests My sister’s lawyers placed before the justice, including: preventing Me from filing an objection to My sister’s application to the court, preventing Me from filing an application to the court My Self, and as King of Me to pay all My sister’s legal fees. Consider those requests, then read the endorsement again, particularly provision 3.

Lawyers Will know this but the Common Man may not. When One makes requisitions to a Justice, the Justice Will typically respond to each of those requisitions specifically. It would in fact be one of the numbered points the Justice is addressing in response to the litigant’s requisition. The justice does not even mention any of the requests that trespass upon My right to administrate. What is that telling My sister? Her requests are not even worthy of mention! The Justice has Given NO consideration to those requisitions. Furthermore, it states that if I file an objection, “the application Shall (that means Will/Must) return to any Justice of the Superior Court to determine whether or not it should Stand”.

This sounds okay for My sister, but her lawyer Will know she just got slapped for trying to defame her brother’s Character, and the Justice isn’t having it. Remember that there is as much (and sometimes more) information contained in what is not Presented in a document than what is. Be as King of Your Self, ‘what are they not telling Me?’

So, I still don’t really know for sure if Justice Susan J. Woodley has Played any Part in this, but if she has I am thank Full.

The other reason I believe she may be Playing some Role (all the world’s a Stage) in all of this is because her endorsement stated that if My objection were to Stand, “an Estate Trustee during litigation should be appointed on an urgent basis at that time”.

This Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday is to let You know that it was on a ‘Lucky’ Wednesday that I Writ My private Letter to Justice Susan J. Woodley to let her know what was going on with this estate Matter. I also said it was the most Magical Letter I’d ever Writ, as I don’t believe any of the arguments made in My Letter to the Justice can be disputed. I do believe My Magic found its Mark and that Justice Susan J. Woodley was looking out for both My best interest, and the interests of My sister.

I believe My sister rescinded her application because the Justice told her lawyers (strongly recommended) she should.

Because the Justice has not responded to My Letter and because I can’t know for sure, Justice Susan J. Woodley Will remain on My list of Canada’s representatives God is displeased with, but I Will be removing the ‘dis-Honourable’ prefix to simply ‘Justice Susan J. Woodley’.

I also Wish to remind any public servant in Canada that all any representative of Canada’s government I have Writ a Letter to needs to do, is respond to Me and apologize for their previous transgressions. I am bound to forgive those who are as King of Me for Give-ness. But I cannot [fore] Give if You are not first [fore] as King to Me for it.

“Forgive Me of My trespasses as I for Give those who trespass against Me”

My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ – Trust in God

Love and Blessings,

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