Volume CXXXVI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Leslie Stahl’s Brain in Neutral

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for being here.

If You hadn’t guessed by the Posted Video, I Will be tall King about Leslie Stahl’s interview of President Donald Trump on 60 Minutes. This was Truly My Motive A Sean for Writing a Post today, so let’s put the Magic of Spelling some Words into this Post to Cast some light on mainstream media bias and further dis-Spell the black Magic of this wicked Witch, Leslie Stahl.

Again, I’m not a ‘Trump supporter’. The whole point to this Blog is about taking responsibility for One’s own Life and not placing Our Trust in others to solve Our problems or make Our Way. However, like debunking Ben Shapiro’s speech to UCLA students on ‘The Seven Myths of Democratic Socialism’ (the video has since been removed or I would share a link), the psychological manipulation and Mind tricks Leslie Stahl is (poorly) attempting to implement to influence opinion are worthy of ‘ousting’. Journalism should be objective, unbiased, and designed to Give the audience as much information as possible relative to the critical Issues.

Just to Give You an Idea how much Leslie Stahl bothered Me in this interview, I’m only sixteen minutes in! I had to pause to start this Post just to release some of the Magic invoked by this dialogue, as emotion (‘E'(energy)-motion) is the Source of all Spells. I’m going to finish watching, then I Will re-View and Give My analysis ‘ab initio’ (from the beginning).

Okay, now from the beginning. First Words We hear are:

“…But last time I interviewed You I remember You saying, ‘bring it on, bring it on’…”

“well, no. I’m not looking for that. I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for fairness, that’s all.”

“Well, You Will get fairness, You Will. But You’re okay with some tough questions?”

“No, I’m not okay with that. You said fair, and You don’t ask Biden tough questions, so no.”

This is the dialogue that sets up the interview before 60 Minutes officially start recording and I think it frames the interview perfectly. I don’t exclusively Wish to focus on Leslie’s Stahl-ing brain, I also Wish to point out how Trump takes control of the interview immediately and continues to dominate the dialogue throughout. Trump is as King of Leslie for a fair, unbiased interview which she proves unable to deliver on. It is important for People to comprehend that contract Law (along with Trust Law) is perhaps the most important Law to understand if One Wishes to Act in Honour. That’s what this interview is about. Here, We are listening to Trump’s contractual agreement to Give (the Gift of) an interview with Leslie from 60 Minutes. Leslie’s brain Stahl’s in ‘attack Trump’ gear, breaching her Trust obligation to him, and Trump ends the interview because Leslie failed to Honour the terms of her contract agreement. Leslie defaults on her contract, demonstrating a lack of integrity and credibility with respect to her ethics as a journalist. Leslie disgraced her Self here. That’s what really happened here, now I’ll back up My thesis.

Leslie starts the interview by stating that the United States has been subject to a pandemic, looting in the streets, riots, ‘all on Your watch’.

“Why do You even want this job?”

Really, is this an appropriate first question to the current President of the United States? Why do You want this job? Leslie is making it sound as though being President of the United States is a terrible job akin to some kind of punishment. It could (and probably should) be considered the most Honourable position to have.

Obviously, being President of One of the world’s largest corporations is a huge responsibility and an extremely demanding and tough job. Consider if Leslie had framed exactly the same question, emphasizing those characteristics rather than the doom and gloom picture she tries to paint. For example, consider the same question Presented as follows.

“As President of the United States in Your first term You have faced some incredible challenges; a pandemic, rioting in the streets, looting, continuous attacks from media. How do You manage dealing with all of these Issues, do You find it exhausting, are You ready for another term facing all of these current challenges, and how do You visualize Your administration addressing these issues moving forward?”

That would address exactly the same Issues Leslie allegedly Wishes for Trump to speak to, but Leslie Presents to him with an aggressive, negative undertone right from the first question. No respect for the position or challenges a President deals with day in, and day out, just ‘why do You even want this job?’. Not very classy.

Trump handles it with class and poise, though. He confidently talks about how he is dealing with all of the Issues Leslie mentioned and that they Will continue to address these Issues and move forward with a strategy that Will bring the United States to a level of greatness never seen before.

The next question is also very important because it sets up Leslie’s dethrone Trump strategy. First, she’s as King of Trump ‘of all the current Issues facing the United States, what is the greatest domestic concern.’ (paraphrasing)

It is a trick question and this is what Trump is tall King about when he says they try to lay snares for him with every interview. Why is this a trick question? Because there is only ONE correct answer! Leslie Wishes for Trump to say that coronavirus is the greatest domestic concern and if he says anything else, she is going to jump straight to recent ‘spikes’ in recent coronavirus infections and frame Trump as ‘irresponsible’ and dangerous for not placing coronavirus as the number one priority. Once again, Trump does not lose his cool but dominates.

Trump uses the trap to promote his successes. He talks about how great an economy he developed, how strong the market was both for employment numbers and unemployment numbers being the best numbers ever – right up until they got hit with ‘the plague’. Then he talks about how he had to shut down to Keep People safe which hurt businesses and now he’s going to re-open and get America back to normal!!!

Trump says number one priority for United States is to get back to normal. Is there anyone who does not Wish to see that happen? I mean, really. Regardless what Leslie may personally think about Trump, that statement alone deserves at least a little credit from the reporter, even if just a short quip like, “oh, that would be great! What is Your plan for getting us there?”

That would be an appropriate Way to respond to a President in an interview and it would still be a very tough question to answer. It would Give the President the Honour and respect he deserves in an interview.

The next point Leslie makes focuses on climbing social security claims and increasing numbers of coronavirus test results. Again, this isn’t an ‘unfair’ question but it is framed in a Way that is designed to make Trump look responsible for these Issues. Increased social security claims are obviously the result of having to shut down an economy and forcing millions of People out of work because of a pandemic which Trump would have been even more scrutinized for if he hadn’t shut down. If he shuts down the economy, they blame him for the economy, if he doesn’t shut down, he is blamed for being irresponsible in his response to covid. There is no winning answer to this question, though again, Trump maintains control.

He explains that the U.S. is doing more testing than any other country in the world and with higher test numbers, You Will have higher positive results – it’s just basic mathematics. Leslie concedes on this point somewhat and says, ‘Well, will You at least admit the numbers are up?”

“Yeah, I’ll admit the numbers are up because We do more testing.”

That’s the best Way to deal with someone who does not have the intellectual capacity to understand Your argument. There is no reasonable argument to Trump’s statement. More tests inevitably WILL produce more results, positive or negative, it’s common sense. So Trump doesn’t waste his time on Leslie’s Stahl-ing brain.

Wow, I’m already at 1,400 Words so I’m just going to wrap this up because the rest of the interview is more of the same. It is clear that Leslie went into this interview attempting to discredit Trump and focus on the problems he faces over the next term, rather than drawing from the strength of his successes from his current term.

Frankly, some of the most unprofessional reporting I have ever seen from 60 Minutes and Leslie brain Stahl’ed in attack Trump gear. She should be ashamed of her Self.

Anyway, this is modern day media and one last point I Will make, is that Trump mentions how important social media is and even goes as far as to say he would never have been elected in the first place if not for Twitter and his social media following. I mention this because I have suggested before that this Blog (or any publication One authors their Self) is a legal and lawful publication and does have a huge impact on public opinion. It is the ONLY defence We have against mainstream media propaganda and cheap, sleazy journalists like Leslie Stahl.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: Yeah, feature photo has nothing at all to do with today’s Post, but I have three new Crassula’s I still haven’t shown yet in My succulent collection and plant photos do well on Pinterest, so… Crassula Rubricaulis.

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