Person vs. PERSON: Today’s Bondservant

A People Versus the PERSON

Tactical [Sovereignty] my journey.

What would you think is probably the most dangerous obstacle everyone has to navigate in life would be? It’s my contention this obstacle would be our own mind and the minds difficulty in distinguishing the difference between a Belief and real Knowledge. Beliefs are based on opinions derived from other people, inner discernment or even faulty external teachings. Knowledge however is based on credible research and actual experience. There are three good rules to follow for confirmation of truth, 1. Is it Measurable, 2. Is it Observable, 3. Is it Repeatable. A way of remembering this is whenever we stumble on new information or are told something keep in mind you “Want to know M.O.R.”, Measurable/Observable/Repeatable. These are recommended criteria that will be employed in looking at the difference between “The Person vs. The PERSON”.
The meaning of a sentence or statement hinges on the words being used and can…

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