Volume CXXXVI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Thing King the Common Law was Set in Stone

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I know I say it all the time and it probably sounds cheesy but I really do Love You, and it really doesn’t Matter who You are. If You are reading this, You are inviting Me into Your Mind, and to Me, that is a Sacred Gift. And I Truly believe God Blesses You for being here, My Words really are Magic. May something Magical happen for You today. And so it Will be done. 😉

I have an interesting and inspired Edition for You today because I received a Heart warming email from Sergeant Catherine Wood this afternoon and it is such a Wonder Full Sir Prize in contrast to how many other offices of the Canadian government have responded to Me over the last four years. The irony of the first representative body of Canada’s government to respect My status and position being a police service just makes the email all that more Magical. Considering it was the abuse of Canada’s [Toronto] police services that were initially the cause of My determination to Master the Law well enough to defend My inherent, God Given rights in the first place… I don’t know, to Me it seems absolutely kismet. The police are Truly the most important public service in the defense of the inherent rights of Canada’s People, and right now it seems as though everything in My Microcosm really is coming together the Way the Last Chapter of My Story should. That’s Good News for every One.

Also, because this is The Good News Journal and My Intent-Ion is to Show You the Good in everything and how perfectly Man’s Matrix of Laws were designed when One discovers how to Stand in Honour, I feel I should remind My audience that despite how much I may rant in Posts about particular offices of Canada’s government I have Writ Letters to, or the incompetence of representatives in administrative positions, the Truth is the Canadian government as a whole have Truly Honoured My status and position right from day one. I just don’t think they were expecting Me to know how to apply that new status and knowledge to My Life as effectively as I do. In short, Canada has Honoured God’s Kingdom, they just did not expect Me to defend it so well. No office of the Canadian government Acting in either a judicial or administrative position, have ever refused acceptance of My Cestui Que Vie Trust. It’s really only individuals within Canada’s government who don’t comprehend what My status actually means in Law. Trust Me, they Will soon. Patience is My final Virtue…

On that Note, in Harmony with the Universe (One Song), let Me share with You the Email I received from Sergeant Catherine Wood this afternoon because once again I feel it reflects very well on Ottawa’s Police Service and You know I Love to share Good News!


Just checking in- I hope you are having a very good week and all is well with you.

If it is easier on your end I can certainly meet up somewhere outside close to your residence and have you sign off the OIPRD form in person.  I would be more than happy to buy you a coffee as a small token of my thanks for your very generous and positive good news story and continue discussing the work you are currently doing. 

I have a fair bit of flexibility next week so if that is of any interest to you then please let me know and I will do my best to work around your schedule.  If not, we certainly can wait until you are set up and can go from there.  Any questions, as always please let me know.

Keep well,


Sgt Catherine Wood

Ottawa Police Service

So I have officially arranged to meet with Sergeant Catherine Wood this coming Tuesday, so I Will likely have two Post to share on Two’s Day, which Will be in Keeping with Our usual theme.

As for the Title of today’s Post, I thought it might be a Good time to let You know some of the other Duties and responsibilities of a King that I don’t often Focus on, though they are integral to My Life Style, Prince-I-Pal’s and philosophy. The most important, of course, is knowing what God’s Laws are. Keep in Mind, the King is supposed to represent God on Earth; just like Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II, House of Windsor. The Common Law is God’s Law, the Laws We are all expected to know, and they were said to have been Set (like the Sun/Son) in Stone. This is also why 10 in Magic represents a New Age – because when We all obey God’s Laws, the world Will know Peace, and Man Will enter the Age of Ascension.

Okay, so it’s a bit out of Order here but only because the photos are scattered throughout My WordPress media library and I couldn’t be bothered scrolling all the Way down a second time to change the Order they Show here. The Face is the Cover, otherwise everything else is in the Order it Will appear in My Chancery. In Fact, I Will be purchasing a new, lockable Chancery very soon because this One is getting too full to Hold any more documents.

The First document after the cover is My Cestui Que Vie, My Covenant with God which is a Form of Trust. I have been ‘Trusted’ to steward God’s Kingdom and protect God’s Laws for all of Man. The Second document Shows it has been received (accepted) by Canada’s Ministry of the Attorney General, which is the highest authority of Canada’s courts. Only the Governor General holds greater authority but does not generally hold any influence over the Courts (other than Giving ascension to bills from the House of Commons and senate, which are then enforced by the Courts).

The Third document are the Ten Commandments. The Bible is accepted as Truth in any world Court, therefor the Ten Commandments are accepted as ‘Truth’ or ‘Fact’ in every (legitimate) Court on this planet! So One cannot say the Common Law is not clearly defined. Problem is, any One who is Acting as an incorporated ‘person’ or citizen has placed their Trust in government rather than God, which is why We are all told We are born into SIN and immediately perceived as (dis) Honourable. We are worshipping (War-Shipping) false I [am] dolls (ID), and We are competing with each other for profits in a CAPITALIST world when the Tenth Commandment says “Thou Shall not Covet!”.

God has specifically told Us not to compete with each other for resources, and Man has made it the Foundation of their economic system. And even that has been crudely corrupted! Even if the economic system was fair and honest, tax free, We would still be Living in SIN if We are competing with One another. We are supposed to be War King together like Brothers and Sisters. It’s okay to fight (argue, have differences of opinion), We don’t have to like everything about Our Brother or Sister, but We don’t have to hurt One another! There is NO excuse for that! Children behave that Way!!!

Sorry, I digress, I get a little passionate from time to time. The point I Wish to make is tall King about the Duties and responsibilities of the Sovereign (King or Queen). The Ten Commandments are the Third document in My Chancery because they clearly define the Laws of the Kingdom I am Trusted to protect. It demonstrates that I have a Foundation for the Laws of God’s Kingdom that the modern world has agreed upon. We have a consensus on what God’s Laws are by the Way of the Bible; those Laws were Set in Stone! Mine were once Writ on unbleached Papyrus but I discovered that Granite calligraphy paper exists, so I re-Writ them so that My Laws Will also be Set in Stone. 😉

After the Laws of My Kingdom, all other documents are in Chronological Order (which is why I need to purchase a new Chancery). For those that don’t know, a Chancery is just a place to Keep a Record of all Significant events that take place in One’s Kingdom. You Will Notice One of those Pages is an article from the Ottawa Citizen (which was also Published in the Ottawa Sun on the same day) which Shows the first time My new Status was Published on the Public Record of Ottawa as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’, associating the Living Man with the legal and Lawful proper title. I’m sure We have all heard the expression ‘get Your House in Order’? Well, that’s what it means. Claim God’s Kingdom and get Your House back!!!

Wow, I must be enthusiastic today, We’re already at 1450 Words! That also means it is time for Me to Sign off. Once again, thank You all so much for being here. I am having a guest for dinner tomorrow so I’m not sure if time Will permit for a Post, but it is Free Lance Friday, so You can be sure I Will try!

Love and Blessings,


  1. Sing in the voice of liberty ,
    Allow freedom to flow and be ,
    Know that truth of God ,
    for the divine source to set you free,
    flow of life is for all to see ,
    The divine spirit sits in you and me ,
    Being brave is our right as tall as an ancient tree ,
    Centered in life , we dare to hold a key ,
    We open the gates  for freedom,
    to flood like water from the sea ,

  2. May God bless our world with justice, grace , love and righteousness …
    Covid 19 most probably came for us to be-come more aware and wiser collectively …

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