Volume CXXXVII: Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Who (or What) Do You Trust?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here. I am especially motivated to Write today, despite feeling unusually tired. I have everything prepared to send off to the lawyers on Magical Monday morning to complete Matters with My father’s Estate, so that is My main reason for feeling so inspired, though I Will not be tall King about those documents until I have officially Sent them. However, I have spent some time tall King about how My Cestui Que Vie is a Trust and Trusts are perhaps the most Powerful type of legal contract. Today I am going to be tall King about why they are so Powerful and why the Trust relationship Plays such an important Role in Living a Purpose Full Life.

Today’s feature photo (also pictured below) Shows how the basic Trust relationship works and was borrowed from Wikipedia’s Visual Expression of the Trust. In the figure I have drawn below, the basic example from Wikipedia is the Commercial Trust Relationship. The second diagram uses the same principles but Shows how the relation Ship changes when One places their Trust in God.

By looking at the top example above, We could place the corporation of CANADA in the place of the Settlor. The corporation of Canada Creates the federal budget which determines how much money goes into the Trust. The corporation of Canada also Creates the Letter of Wishes, which are the Bills which are passed through the House of Commons and made into law. These are the commercial codes, Acts and statutes that govern how the Trust should be accessed, the government of Canada.

We can then place the federal, provincial and municipal police services on the right, who are the protectors of the settlor’s (colonists) Wishes. If the beneficiaries of the Trust are not Acting in accordance with the Wishes of the Settlor, they do not have access to the wealth of the Trust (which in Canada is actually debt but I’m trying not to complicate things). It may well be the Wish of the grantor that if the beneficiary does not comply with the Wishes of the grantor then the beneficiary should go to jail so they can be charged, creating a position of servant to the Trust rather than beneficiary.

I Will do another One of these but next time I Will Show what the Trust relationship would look like in a Sovereign Canada compared to a commercial Canada. It is similar to the differences Shown by the Ecclesiastic Trust relationship but I think drawing up another diagram directly comparing the two Will provide greater clarity.

The first thing One might notice looking at the Ecclesiastic Trust relationship, is that there is no potential for debt, the Gift that was Given was the Gift of Life and We already have it. Only the Mind of Man has the Power to enforce God’s Laws to be in a position to receive that which already is. Only One who is out of their Mind Will have no Power to enforce God’s Wishes and Will be at the mercy of others. We have been Trusted to protect Our Estate, God’s Kingdom (Our Life and Happiness). If One is not Minding God’s Kingdom, the body Will suffer, as seen by Our diagram.

The Ecclesiastic Trust could be simplified further by placing God on the left, God’s Kingdom as the Trust, the Ten Commandments on the right (right Honourable…), and Kingdom of Heaven as the beneficiary, receiver. That’s how simple it Will be to accomplish Peace on earth when We each understand this relationship, I Promise You.

I know this Post is a little short but I did warn You I am tired. I have also come up with some really Good Ideas that Will help to make this even easier to understand, I like using these Triangles. 😉 So if all goes well (God Willing), I Will have another Post on Trusts tomorrow for the Simple Saturday Solutions Edition.

Hope You all have a fabulous weekend!

Love and Blessings,

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