Volume CXXXVIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Magic in Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. I am super Motivated today because I did get a new Spell Cast this morning and I Will be Gifting Sergeant Catherine Wood with a Present A Sean of new Spells tomorrow. So it is going to be an exciting week!

The Perfected Trinity Trust

Today’s feature photo is another Page from My new Book, the House of von Dehn Magical Family Manifest. This is where Manifest a Sean’s Will be Writ and Re-Corded (after the umbilical Cord is cut), the Official House of von Dehn Family Record. I Will periodically be sharing Pages from this Book, though much of it Will remain Private, too. The basic premise of the Book, is a teaching manual for My future children, instruct Sean’s on how to Live like a King (regardless One’s sex).

The Perfected Trinity Trust

As I mentioned previously, I Love using these triangles to explain the Trust relay Sean ship. The more One looks at these examples, the easier it becomes to comprehend how any Trust relationship works. I Promised to do a couple more of these Showing the citizen Trust in a corporate government Versus a Sovereign government (or ‘CANADA V. Canada’), and I Will at some point.

I’m sharing it with You today because it’s Motivate Sean all Monday and this little project I am war King on in My spare time is very enjoyable. I realized I have an awful lot I Wish to say to My future children, so it is an unusual Gift to go from having no concept or Idea for a Book, to being inspired and motivated to get back to Writing One. I am also thing King much of the information (like what I am sharing here) Will be of great Value to any One of any age, so I Will also be using My Family Manifest as a Book of Notes I Will use to Write a Harmonic Ver-Sean for the People to share its Song with the Universe. It’s really all about knowing One has a Divine Purpose for being here right from day One, and how to be Armed with the most impenetrable Suit of a-Dress for One’s Character. After only sixteen Pages, I am already Wishing I’d had a Book like this when I was a boy, it would have made My Life so much easier!


And this is what One should do with every correspondence. The Original Discharge Statement and Letter of Acceptance for Honour is Sent to the client, only Original documents Hold Value. This is why even a dollar bill (as in, not payment) has a serial number to ensure there are no copies. We all know counterfeiting is illegal. So I Write ‘True Copy’ on My copy of the document I am returning to them. The receipt of tracking and registration number are covering the date, which is Writ in the date of Heaven’s Kingdom, 08/11/03. The registration number Will also provide a time and date of acceptance and Signature, which links the time frame of the two calendars.

The reason I’m reviewing this again is because especially when combined with the Fact that I am now Writing a new Book, One must remember that the Creator of a thing is the Artist, the owner of that thing. I was Presented (like a Gift) with a Discharge Statement. That is their property, their Creation. I have no legitimate claim of right to it, and it Holds Value to their client. Well, My time, My Energy, My Art is worth something! (So is Yours, I’m just stressing a point here.) I’m Giving the client an Original House of von Dehn Creation. There Will never be another like it ever. And We have determined it to be worth just a little more than $54k. Does it make it easier when compared with an exchange of Art? I already know its True Value Will be considerably more. But that’s really what’s happening with financial instruments, One party is simply acknowledging the Value of another party’s Claim.

Again I tell you truly, if two of you on earth agree concerning anything of importance that they should request, it will take place for them on account of my Father in heaven.

Matthew 18:19, New World Translation of the Holy Bible

For those who don’t know, I use the Version cited above because it was Gifted to Me by a Dear Friend who has since joined His Father in Heaven. My Friend insisted that God had instructed Him to Gift it to Me, and I accept all Gifts Given by God.

The quote above is a very Good One though because it mimics the Honour of the Courts in every Way. The Idea is to not be disagreeable.

Okay, so I’m only a little over eight hundred Words today, Will You for Give Me if I cut this One short? I’ve Writ everything of Value I Wish to say at this time and I am very Motivated about this week and Will have much more to share with You shortly. I am Trusting You Will. ❤

Love and Blessings,

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