CXXXVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Serving the Ottawa Police Service

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

Well, I’m not going to feel too guilty about not having a new Fight Club interpret A Sean today because I really have had a lot on My Mind and today was My meeting with Sergeant Catherine Wood of the Ottawa Police Service who was expecting Me to Sign off on a complaint against the gross misconduct of constable Christopher Jenkyn. As per Our email correspondences which I have shared with You here, I agreed to Sign off providing the Ottawa Police Will ensure the protection of My inherent, God Given rights; two in particular. First, I really do Wish to take a moment to explain some of the things I have Writ on the release form Presented to Me by the Ottawa Police.

Cover Page

I am thing King that most of what I Writ on the Form is self explanatory, I just Wish to stress how True and accurate it is. The Common Law Will never place Your rights in a box. See how they have all of the important information they Wish to see inside the box? That’s because everything is private (corporate), not public. Public means the People own it, corporate means the government own it. This is the ‘shell’ corporation that protects officer’s operating in a private capacity from public prosecution. They Wish for Me to Hold the private corporation accountable, when it was the officer who committed the criminal Act, and all are equal before the Law. I Will Sign no such document. Instead, I Will Write a conditional Letter of Forgiveness with a few Pro Visions.

I have to say, it was a little bit disappointing for Me, and I am sure that Catherine Will be disappointed to hear it, though I sincerely do not mean any offence. There was another officer with Catherine and I am not going to attempt to Spell the Magic of his name because I already butchered it a couple of times in person. He seemed reasonably comfortable and more or less indifferent to the trans Act Sean but I could sense urgency as a general vibe. They really were hoping I would Sign something, they had another copy of the release form with them but I didn’t even bother to Give it the time of day. I told them straight out it’s paperwork for a private corporation so I have a Hand Writ Letter of Conditional Acceptance they can attach the the Form they Sent Me (as per Our agreement by Way of Email).

The funniest Part (for Me) was when I pulled out My pens, as King of Catherine to Sign My copy to Show it has been received, “Do You Wish to Sign in Red, or Purple?”.

The red ink Pen is gorgeous, True Calligraphy pen with refillable cartridge but I only have red ink left, so I brought a purple water colour felt pen, too. Believe it or not, in My experiences police are actually very picky about which colour they Wish to use, and in all My experiences, the request is always black, not blue.

Why was it funny for Me? It was just the assumptive Way the Words came out of My mouth, ‘Would You like to Sign in Red, or Purple?’. I was once really into sales and coached a team of over forty sales agents. This is a highly effective sales technique, but because I am so familiar with it, I felt like a cheap, used car sales Man for a minute, and Sergeant Catherine Wood’s reaction to My ever-so-innocent Query was even more humorous.

It reminded Me of trying to Hand My conditional Letter of Consent to My sister’s lawyer so many months ago. Honestly, You would have thought I pulled out road kill and was as King of her if she would like to smell it. Imagine the face a Man might make in that situation, and You have the express Ion of My sister’s lawyer that day. Sergeant Catherine Wood just stood over the papers looking confused and nervous, like they might be carrying some kind of invisible, flesh eating disease or something. I tried to tone it down a notch.

“You’re not allowed to Sign anything, are You?”

Pause, silence.

“Look, it’s okay, don’t worry about it. It’s not like I think You are going to try and say We never met and You didn’t receive these documents. Now that You have a copy, I Will be publishing them on the public record and advising My audience these papers were Served.” (My Word is My Bond, I don’t need a receipt).

And really, from that moment on, it was very hard to tell if anything is genuine or if the Ottawa Police Service is only concerned about making sure I don’t take this Matter any further. Well, this isn’t the kind of Matter that departs Mental eyes and gets stuck in a box to be forgot about. When I get a sense that Jenkyn’s Truly understands the serious nature of criminal actions, then I Will officially Sign off on My complaint. Until then, I’m hoping the rest of the department Honours Catherine’s Word to Me.

On that Note, I do like to share Good News, too, so the Two in this Two’s day edition is a Gracious Gift offered by the King to two Honourable officers who once stopped by the Salvation Army on other business and stopped to comment on My paintings. They said that someone with My talent should be painting in the ByWard market, I told him they have shitty security who Will try to arrest Me for not having a license, and I’m a non commercial spiritual entity.

“Really? Well, You go paint there anytime You Wish, and if they Give You a hard time, just tell them Simms and Cochrane of the Ottawa Police Service support Your cause.”

I never did take them up on the offer, only because hauling My work to the ByWard market was Way too much hassle. But I am the Spirit of the Elephant for a reason, I never forget a Good gesture. So I made the following proposal to Cochrane and Simms, who had inquired about a painting for themselves.

This is how I like thing King outside the box.

Hope this Tuesday finds You all feeling fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings,

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