Declaration for Certificate of Life

Great Minds are always thing King alike. 😉

Tactical [Sovereignty] my journey.

Declaration for Certificate of Life
{Cestui Que Vie}

To whom these presents may come, Greetings;
Bryan-Glenn:Parker whom will also be referred to as Σ being the Age of Majority and without disability of mind or body comes forth with clean hands to declare this Certificate of Status and Affying as a Spiritual being which possesses first hand knowledge of the facts herein.

1. Σ (Bryan-Glenn:Parker) born a Michiganian from the union of Mary-Ellen:Parker & Cleon-Glenn:Parker & by the seed of his Bloodline which was passed from family fathers prior to 1860, eighteen hundred and sixty. Please see Exhibit #1

2. Hereby all signatures as Agent/Representative/Surety are rejected/Rescinded including any appointment to that capacity or Intellectual Property created with or without consent, as well as any signatures of Bryan-Glenn:Parker without the listed copyright©, whether the signature is to known or unknown contracts, agreements or commitments, and void…

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