Volume CXXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; Honour Thy Father and Mother, Part V

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King You for being here! And yes, the exclamation point is intentional because this is a very exciting Edition and a very Lucky Wednesday. My most Important and Significant Magical Spell was Cast on Magical Monday Morning and Will have arrived sometime before eleven o’clock this morning. It is in regards to Honouring My father’s Life in the wake of his death, something deeply personal to Me on both a Spiritual and Emotional level. Let’s face it, without My Father in Heaven, I would not be here. Crazier still, despite how impatient and anxious I am to know they have received it, I have not once checked the tracking number and the receipt of acceptance should now be available. I am going to find out when Our Magic made it Mark while I’m Writing this Post and I Will also be sharing the Magic of that Spell with You!

Before I really get into the Good News of stuff going on today, let’s take a look at the last email I Writ to the lawyers of Canadian National Bank before Sending off My package on Magical Monday Morning.

Mon, Oct 26, 5:37 AM

 By Way of Email:

Good Morning,

This is a formal Notice of Acceptance for Honour of My father’s debts to Your client, Canadian National Bank, for the full Value of the Discharge Statement inclusive of interest up to and including the 5th day of November, representing a total Value to the creditor of $54,258.91 in Canadian Dollars.

I Will have all paperwork in Order and delivered to Your office a few days ahead of time in hopes that We can have this Matter formally resolved on the 5th of November without further delay.

Once again, please Give My thanks to Your client on My behalf and apologize for the untimely delay in resolving this Issue, I know it is My father’s Wish to Honour his debts, and My Father’s Wish is My Command.  I sincerely appreciate Your patience with respect to this Matter.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

I felt it was important to review this Email first. In Canada, as a result of Covid and new court policies, Email is accepted as legal proof of service/delivery. Notice how the Email is Worded. I am making it very clear that the Discharge Statement sent to Me represents a total Value of $54,258.91 to the creditor. I am arriving at this Value based on the information that is Presented (like a Gift) to Me by the description of the Charges. I have placed charges in italics because electricity produces a charge. Energy is the currency, the True Wealth of God’s Kingdom. They have a type of charge (typed charges) that required a certain amount of Energy to produce. They are Presenting Me with a Claim. We have been taught to believe in money, but what if You had no Idea what these numbers and symbols on paper mean? What did the bank Give My father other than numbers on paper they believe to Hold Value? Well, now We both agree that this Discharge Statement has Value equal to the amount of My father’s debt. Well, how convenient, perhaps I should just Give it back, then.

Checking the Statement
Certifying the Value (I am Certain this is Correct and True)
Honour thy Father

And there You have it. The Financial Institution, Transit Number and Account Number were also confirmed to be a match for the Contractual Agreement My father Signed, which was also included with a few amendments.

See, this Discharge Statement is a new offer and contract. I offered to accept My father’s debts for Honour, which means to Honour the obligations of his Signed contract. By agreeing to the terms above, I am Creating a new contract which Holds commercial Value to the client. A King’s Word is his Bond, so My Promise to Pay is already fulfilled, I am free to dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations (CANADA).

The Institution, Transit and Account numbers are important because it provides direction for the Order to discharge for Value. I honestly don’t think it would have been than important in this instance as I believe they Will know exactly which account to credit, but for the purposes of knowing how to Create a legitimate, legal and lawful commercial instrument, this is how it is done. The same rules would apply to the incorporated person with the status of citizen, the only difference Will be that the Promise to Pay is legal tender but not guaranteed, so the individual may have to refinance or something. But once a new contract is created to secure the debt, the bank has no legal right to continue Holding the Title.

It may also be worth Noting that the direction for the Order is the difference between a copy and an original. My copy does not have the numbers on it because I do not Wish for it to be mistaken for a legitimate bill of exchange (which is also why it is important to Write ‘True Copy’ on all copies). The Bill of Exchange must be linked to a bank account.

Now, why have I not checked to see if they have received the Magic of this Spell yet? Because it was sent Registered mail, guaranteed 48 hour delivery anywhere in Canada (and the law office is close enough I could literally deliver by Hand if Covid wasn’t a thing), so I know it Will have arrived by eleven o’clock this morning at the latest. What is the point in checking?

Obviously I am going to check. I’m going to do it right after this paragraph, probably. First I Wish to explain why I didn’t. Because I know it’s there. I know it arrived no later than eleven this morning, so why do I need to check? Am I worried the guarantee is no Good? No, I’ve used the service numerous times and I Trust it completely or I would not have used it. The fact is, this is another scenario where no News is Good News and the Email I referenced to start this Post is the reason why. (Okay, ONE more paragraph before I check).

The Word ‘Court’ is not a coincidence any more than any other auspicious Word association. It is like a game of tennis. First I was as King to Honour My father’s debt, they volleyed back by as King what right I have to be as King for it. I responded, they accepted My reply, returned the volley back to Me (Discharge Statement), and I once again responded letting them know how I Plan to finish the match. If they don’t volley back, I Win the point. Okay, let’s find out when it was received!

Delivered November 3rd

Now I’m even more glad I didn’t check before because I figured it would be delivered sometime yesterday and I would have just been refreshing the page all day to find out where it is and Wished to confirm with them by Email afterward. The whole point to registered mail and Signature for acceptance is so that I don’t have to worry about that. If I don’t hear anything, I can presume it was delivered on time. Now that I know the Magic of the package was received yesterday, I can tell You it is very Good News because if there were going to be any protest of any kind, they would Wish to let Me know right away because I have made it clear I Wish to have the Matter officially resolved tomorrow. There has been no need for Me to Write any more additional Emails or Letters than the ones I have already Writ.

The client (lawyers) know that I Wish to have this Matter resolved on the 5th of November and I advised them I would try to get paperwork off to them a few (couple) days early to ensure everything is ready to go on that day. I Will only be following up with them tomorrow to find out what time I can expect to receive receipt of payment and conveyance of title.

I hope this Lucky Wednesday finds You all well,

Love and Blessings,

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