Volume CXXXVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; An Act of God

Delivered, November 3rd

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, it has been a very exciting one, thank King You for joining Me. If You were with Me yesterday, You Will know the screenshot above is My receipt of the delivery of My Magic finding its Mark, a very important Matter regarding My Father’s Estate. Well, just after Publishing yesterday’s Post, I checked the Signature on the delivery receipt – there wasn’t one!

Needless to say, I was a little confused because I most certainly made sure that a Signature was required, it even says so under ‘features and options’. When I went back to the page, there was an update showing it had been returned due to a processing error and was being returned to Sender!

Like really, how does One get a receipt for delivery without a Signature when one is required? More importantly, how does the received package end up back in one of their warehouses because of a processing error? And what is the status today, now two full days after it Shows it was already received?

And why did none of this Show up until after I had checked the tracking number for the first time? Everything appeared normal until I made an inquiry about the Signature, so I think it was the agent I was ‘chatting’ with from Xpress Post that updated the information. If I had never made an inquiry about the Signature, I would have no reason to believe it was not received, and I almost left it alone, moving forward on the presumption they had received it and were not able to Sign due to Covid or something, and I was not expecting them to claim they didn’t get something sent to them registered mail.

How can that package not have moved since this morning when I have complained about this Matter and the urgency of the package on two separate occasions now? A manager or supervisor was to contact Me today regarding this Issue, no One has contacted Me yet and the agents are useless (no offence intended to the agents). I was promised yesterday that it was being sent out priority courier first thing this morning and it still appears to be in a warehouse. Seriously, only an Act of God can explain this, the Matter is literally out of My Hands.

So, what is a King to do? I offered to deliver this package by Hand because I don’t Trust any One but God. Unfortunately, this package ended up in the hands of a corporation, a dead thing with no God because they did not Wish to have Me deliver the documents by Hand due to irrational fears I might make them sick. I did not complain, I advised them I Will trust a courier or registered mail to deliver the package to their office a few days in advance. My receipt Shows I was Good to My Word, I have Honoured My Part of the agreement.

If this was an Act of God, what would be God’s intention behind delaying the delivery of My package? To stress the importance and Value of the King’s Word. I sent a message to the lawyers at 7:37 this morning with a screenshot showing that the package had been received, and that I have learned it is not True. I actually Titled the Email, ‘Act of God’, because that’s what it is. I cannot be held in default for things that are beyond My control, or in this particular case, the incompetence of Xpress Post to get My package delivered on time as Promised. The ‘lie-ability’ is not with Me, but with those who Promised (guaranteed) to provide a Service of delivery for Me.

Before I even get into the Email exchange between My Self and the bank’s lawyer, Noah S. Potechin, I Wish to point out that if I were a dis-Honourable Character, I might not tell Noah that I know he didn’t receive My package, I could have just moved forward with My receipt to Show the court that it was in fact received, and that the client refused to Sign as requested by Xpress Post. For all I know, that’s exactly what happened, and Express Post had already confirmed delivery but were not able to leave the package because they refused to Sign, Giving instructions to return the package to Sender. How do I know this isn’t exactly what happened in hopes of delaying My paperwork so they can take advantage of the situation?

Refusing acceptance of legal service (by a lawyer) is considered an Act of dis-Honour. When I come forth and share with the lawyer what I know to be True and that there is a situation beyond My control that Shows by Way of receipt that he has received My package, I have since learned that is not True. I did not accuse Noah of refusing acceptance, I presume he is Acting in Honour and that it is an honest mistake on the Part of the courier. I Showed the receipt to Show that I am Acting/Standing in Honour and the Promised package with payment is on its Way. I was as King of him to Honour his obligation to Me now that he knows these facts to be True, and release the title in Holding because he knows how important it is to Me that this transaction takes place on the Fifth in Honour of My Father.

In short, he replied by stating that he would wait as long as the end of the business day tomorrow but interest charges Will apply, and if the package is not received by then, his intention is to move forward with power of sale on the property. I don’t even Wish to get started on how dis-Honourable that is or I may never stop.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November. Believe Me, I Will remember this day, that is for sure. I have Promised full disclosure of the Emails and I am very curious to see what happens with this document tomorrow. For now I am going to Sign off but the fact of the Matter is, I sincerely believe this was an Act of God designed to prove that My Word really is My Bond. Typically, a King’s Promise to pay is guaranteed because He is the Living Expression of God, only a corporate fiction could fail to Honour that Word, and they have demonstrated incompetence effectively once again.

Free Lance Friday Will be a Good One, too, as I Will be tall King more about My strategy moving forward with this, and why Noah’s belligerent response to My Email Truly is a Gift from God that (if he doesn’t smarten up) Will cost the bank their right of recourse.

Love and Blessings,

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