Volume CXXXVIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The King’s New Bench

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for being here. Today’s Post is Called ‘The King’s New Bench’ because I finally received My new desk – My first and only desk. I’ve been using two side coffee tables pushed together as a makeshift desk, one for My laptop, one for My paperwork, plants, pens, stamp pads and desk lamp. I could also litter this desks with plants very quickly but I’m going to curb My enthusiasm on that for a bit and see if I can hold out for some shelves for plants around My desk. I don’t like a clustered workspace, it makes Me feel claustrophobic. This desk has a (non lockable) built-in Chancery, a roll out keyboard/laptop shelf and a Good amount of space for Writing and organizing paperwork. There is also lots to be Tall King about with respect to My Estate Matters, this is the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, so some thoughts from the King’s Bench seems like an appropriate Way to break in My new war King space.

So, yesterday was a little chaotic and not at all what I was anticipating after putting so much time and effort into preparing the paperwork for the lawyers, only to discover they had not yet received it despite Holding a receipt that says that they did. Not exactly an ideal Way to start one of My most long awaited days. Even this morning it still showed it was sitting in a warehouse for processing, though it finally got moving later in the day and appears to have been delivered at 3:00 this afternoon. This has not yet been confirmed by the lawyer, but the lawyer has the tracking number and communicated to Me by Way of email that he Will be tracking the package to make sure he is there to receive it. I am Trusting his Word, and Trust that he now has My package containing the Signed Contract and Discharge Statement.

I was a little out of sorts Writing about it yesterday, too. I Sincerely believe there are no coincidences and I do believe that God is always protecting Us in some Way, but I could not initially understand how this could be of benefit to Me. My only Wish is for the creditor to be paid!

Well, the initially unnoticed benefit to this otherwise unfortunate situation, is that it gave Me an opportunity to see what kind of Character of a Man Noah might be. Will he Honour his Word to Me knowing the Discharge Statement and payment are on the Way, and convey the property held in Trust because he knows these things to be True by no fault of My own, knowing how important this Matter is to Me, My family and My determination to Honour both My dead father, and My Father in Heaven? No, he did not. Noah’s Wish was to charge Me additional interest for this Act of God, refusing to Honour Our Original, legally binding contract. Noah is officially in default for refusing acceptance of an offer he had previously agreed to in Writing on the 26th of October.

Noah broke his contractual obligation with Me before Giving Me a reasonable amount of time to fulfill My obligation to him. Noah is taking advantage of an Act of God and trying to use it to his benefit at detriment to his client. He is also proposing a new contract to Me that Will compel Me to pay the debt in full including interest up to the date payment is received, or he Will move forward with power of sale. Well, that’s now two contracts he has breached with Me, and he is now uttering threats if I fail to accept his new offer by suggesting he Will sell My Father’s House if I don’t have full payment delivered by the end of the business day of November 6th. The Discharge Statement says I have until the 15th to pay, so why threaten Me like that? Never Mind the fact that I am a child of the deceased offering to pay My father’s debt! As if charging interest to a family on a dead man’s debt isn’t dis-Honourable enough. I don’t think so, I think it’s time We bring this Matter before a court Justice, and see what a court Justice has to say.

So I am confident Noah has received the Discharge Statement and the Signed Contract. I only shared the Discharge Statement with You, I did not share My copy of the Signed Contract by My father. The loan appears to have been issued to JOE H. VONDEHN, and that is a very different entity than the father that Gave Me Life. I can quite easily prove that JOE H. VONDEHN is an incorporated person and belongs to the corporation of Canada and has nothing to do with the House of von Dehn, or the Signature of My father. The loan is actually made out to a Canadian corporation, typically known and recognized in law as the incorporated person. That entity no longer exists because My father is no longer here to Give it Value. The original ‘promotion’ was offered to ‘Joe von Dehn’, but the loan was made out to JOE H. VON DEHN, and they are not the same entity. This is a big problem for the bank, I didn’t mention it, except to circle it on the forms and point out the difference between the two Characters. Then I also Accepted for Honour.

If Noah pushes even more, I am going to ask what the bank actually issued to My father in the Way of wealth, as it appears by Way of the contracts I have reviewed, that My father was in fact the source of the wealth, and the bank just Gave the wealth back to My father while enjoying an interest fee for doing so. All My father provided was a Signature, and it would appear that was enough for the bank to add Value to his account, then charge My father interest for as King to spend it and demanding he pay it back. My father has to pay back money he gave to the bank? How does that work? And if all the dollars in Canada’s economy are owed to a foreign bank, then would I not be paying My father’s debt with a share of more debt? Is that not both dis-Honourable and illegal? Is it not just better to satisfy the obligations of My Father by Issuing wealth to his creditors from God’s Kingdom? Of course it is. Courts Wish to see Happy endings and any Good court Justice Will tell You there is no wealth, no One is ever paying for anything. They are courts of equity, everything is offset and discharge. A Justice Will know that it is favourable to all parties to Discharge the Statement for Value against My father’s debt, fulfilling all obligate Sean’s. 😉

Wow, and it’s a long one again, can You tell I’m excited? It takes a lot more than a delay from XpressPost to get this Man down. I believe this whole situation Will Play to My Good Fortune in the End.

I hope and Trust You are all feeling beautiful,

Love and Blessings,

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