CXXXIX: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Noah Stuck on the Ark, Lost at Sea

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. Honestly, it took some restraint to take so long to make an Ark reference after dealing with a lawyer named Noah regarding My father’s Estate.

I promised I would get a static Page up that Will include all the details of My father’s Estate and that is now finally ready!!! The entire content of Our emails is now Published in chronological Order. Hopefully You Will be able to see why I am anxious to bring this Matter before a Court Justice.

It has been exhausting, I have been war King on this most of the day, so I Will be back tomorrow with another Edition of the Good News Journal, please enjoy the Magic of the House of von Dehn Manor Roll until then.

Love and Blessings,

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