Volume CXXXIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Common Law Crimes

Hello every One and welcome to one of My favourite Writing days of the week, it’s gonna be a Good one! Thank King You for joining Me, We are the world, We are the People – and this is how I am war King to defend the inherent rights of God’s People.

Today was an especially interesting day and it was virtually impossible for Me to Write anything on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday or Thursday’s the ‘Thoroughly Thrilling thing King Edition’ because the Matter of My My father’s Estate has been on My Mind too much.

What bothers Me most about all of this, is that I am only trying to do a Good Deed and be of Service to the bank, repay what My father owed them in Honour. Literally a God Given right and protected by Man’s Laws in the Bible (remember, it IS accepted as Truth/Fact in Common Law Courts) by a Commandment from God. Number 5, ‘V’ in Roman Numerals, no less. Would the Universe Wish for Me to perceive all this as coincidence? To have a man named Noah rocking the boat of commercial admiralty waters? Ever thought about the Word ‘Admiralty’? Admire all ‘T’? Remember, ‘t’ or ‘T’ both represent the Cross and Christ. Doesn’t One usually Sign by the ‘Cross’ on a document? Coincidences, right? (And hypothetical of course, there are none.)

Yes, well, I was also thing King about how I might go about enjoying My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice now that the Ottawa Police Services has assured Me the protection of those rights. I figured the best Way to resolve this whole scenario is to do whatever I can to help Noah realize that I do in fact have the right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations, and it is a legally recognized right the Ottawa Police Services have Promised to protect.

So I wondered if perhaps an email from Sergeant Catherine Wood advising Noah and Merovitz Potechin LLP that Willful trespass upon My rights is a criminal Act and a violation of international law and Universal Codes of Conduct (UCC) would help to convince Noah to accept My payment and forward the funds to the bank. Furthermore, Noah is threatening to take My father’s house if I do not comply with his demands within thirty days!!! Now, he is in receipt of over $54,000.00 in Canadian funds that should be in the hands of his client, Canadian National Bank to discharge for Value the outstanding debt and close out the account. To the very best of My knowledge, these may sound complicated to the lay Man, but an acceptance for Honour is all pretty standard stuff for a bank and it is a very specific process. They also fully comprehend the Value of commercial instruments, it is virtually the only ‘real’ wealth they have. The discharge statement should be added to the mortgage file with the Signed Acceptance for Honour of the original contract. All of those details and instruments were provided to Noah to discharge the debt. All legitimate and perfectly legal and lawful. Why?

Because forget about the whole thumbprint thing and forget that I can discharge My own wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations for a moment and consider what is really going on here. Noah is sending Me a Letter, “Dear King Sean,”.

In that Letter, Noah is demanding that I pay $54,000.00 to his office, made out to his law practice, NOT Canadian National Bank, the client for which I made an offer of acceptance for Honour of My father’s mortgage debt. My father has no Signed obligation to perform any duties or respond to any demands for payment issued by Merovitz Potechin LLP!

My father’s obligation is not to Merovitz Petochin LLP, it is to Canadian National Bank – that is the contract I offered to accept for Honour. I did not say I would agree to whatever demands were made of Me by a law firm, and making such demands when One steps forward to accept another man’s debt for Honour is extremely discourteous. You do not threaten the One who Will fulfill the obligation and make one whole! Really, Noah has been very rude and discourteous from the beginning, though I understand it is common practice and part of the reason citizens and incorporated persons are presumed to be in dis-Honour because they don’t consider what is really happening. I step forward to do a Good Deed and accept My father’s debts (I even happen to make it clear I have no interest in holding title of the estate, just accepting his obligation for Honour). Noah responds on behalf of his client and rather than be grateful someone is stepping forward to Honour the obligation, I am threatened and told if I do not pay x amount of money to so and so on such and such a day, I Will lose My father’s House. How kind…

Again, it is Common practice because most People are not making an acceptance for Honour, they are simply agreeing to pay the outstanding debt. Because the demands that were made of Me by Noah are so ridiculous, I just Sign the Discharge Statement with his unreasonable demands without protest, and send it back to him.

He demanded I perform an obligation I never had and threatened to take My House if I failed to perform. It is evidence of his crime and dis-Honour, the contract could never be enforced because I was compelled to Sign under duress for fear of losing My father’s House. It’s right there in Noah’s Letter to Me – do this or else…

I don’t take kindly to threats, Noah.

Wow, I told You this would be a Good one! I ran the email I proposed to send to Noah and his law firm by Sergeant Catherine Wood, and told her I was going to ‘cc’ her on the email. She responded by saying that she does not have the authority to ‘Sign off’ on behalf of the department. I basically responded to her and let her know that she already did by assuring the protection of My inherent rights in the city of Ottawa, and this is the first time I am calling on the Ottawa Police Service to Honour their Promise to Me.

It Will be a really long one if I include the Email here, too, so please do check out My Magical Family Manor Roll for the latest – I promise it is well worth the read.

As far as other strategies are concerned regarding this Estate Matter? Well, this is pretty much it. I may consider filing private criminal prosecution against Noah and his firm if he continues with Power of Sale, but I am also going to be taking some precautionary measures of My own. I Will be Posting International Notices to My father’s creditors right here on the International Public Record for all to see so that any One Will know that Noah’s Power of Sale is fraudulent and in default. One cannot Give Notice of Power of Sale if there is an Acceptance for Honour on the Public Record. I Will Publish My Acceptance for Honour before Sunday midnight, and I Will Send a link to Noah so he cannot claim ignorance. If he Gives Notice after that, he is committing fraud.

Now, this is why I ‘cc’d Catherine Wood, Sergeant of the Ottawa Police Services. This is a short quote from her email to Me that prompted the Writing of the Letter of Provisions I provided to her in exchange for release from accountability for the negligence and harm done to Me by constable Jenkyn’s.

What I can do is send you a blank copy of the OIPRD form, properly titled, and you can assert in the narrative your stipulation for a guarantee of your legally protected rights as ratified in 1976 that you are entitled to freely enjoy here in Ottawa -if that is something you want to consider doing.

Needless to say, I responded by saying that is very much something I Will be interested in doing and look forward to exercising now that the contract is formal. Although Catherine did not Sign the paperwork I gave to her, she did leave with it, and ‘received = accepted’. Police officers know this, that’s why it doesn’t Matter if You Sign when Given a traffic ticket – You already Signed by accepting!

They Will also have to Keep the document on the Record if they ever Wish to say (and prove) I released them from liability.

So yeah, just as a preview, I emailed Noah today to Give him Notice of Trespass upon My inherent rights and uttering threats, but You Will have to check the Magical Family Manor Roll because this Post is almost 1,500 Words now!!!

Oh, and it happens to be Friday the 13th!!! I just made that “‘real eyes’, eh Sean” now.

Love and Blessings,


      1. No, seriously bro, lawyers are the problem. He can’t respond to My legal arguments, so if he does not defend himself here on the public record, he is guilty as charged and I just need to bring this Matter before a Justice to Show the crime. The letter he presented to Me is ‘prima facie’ (first face) evidence of his threat to take My home if I do not pay him $54,000.00 in 30 days. I made an offer of Acceptance for Honour of My father’s obligations. Unless the lawyer can prove that the Letter he sent Me were terms and conditions HE (My father) agreed to have the bank impose upon Me in the wake of his death, he is just threatening Me. I asked to see the Signed contract, that is ALL My acceptance for Honour compels Me to agree to. He does NOT have any right to impose new terms or conditions upon Me that were not part of My father’s original obligations. I am fulfilling the Will of My father, I am only subject to the terms and conditions he Signed, and nowhere did My father consent to have his family threatened with immediate payment of his loan if they offer to accept his tenure for Honour. He (the lawyer) did not Give Me what I was offering to accept, he Presented a NEW contract to him that imposed NEW obligations upon Me with a THREAT that if I do not comply, he Will steal My inheritance. I have no choice but to Sign, so again I ‘Accept for Honour’ (without prejudice, meaning I don’t Give up any of My rights, and any contracts that violate My rights are not legally binding, though they still have a commercial Value because I was compelled to produce $ ‘OR ELSE’). Then I Send the Acceptance for Honour of his agreement back to him, now he is holding the criminal evidence of his threat to perform with My Signed agreement. If I Show this document to police and complain of extortion, it is evidence of the crime. It is presumed the lawyers know all of this, which is why this is (or should be) standard procedure. The new contract that evidences the crime is worth the dollar value both to the collector because now his crime ‘discharged’ for Value against the mortgage. The Discharge Statement closes out the mortgage and there is no crime because My response to the threat was Honourable and worth the Value I Signed for in Honour.

      2. Do what you can be seeking more evidences and witnesses. Your case and every case may help change the world for better …It would not be the same again …

      3. That’s exactly the plan and why I share all details here. Honestly, this is the only real means to Justice because here, the People really are authority of Law. This Law Firm Will be Given Email Notice of the Charges against them with a link to the Notice here on My Blog. If the lawyer moves forward with Power of Sale while I am here stating on the Record that I have accepted the same debt for Honour, he is in default and committing fraud. Perhaps the reputation of his law firm Will compel him to reconsider.

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