Notice of Claim of Right: Estate of Joachim Heinrick von Dehn

Claim of Right to the Estate of Joachim Heinrick von Dehn

I, King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God, Commonly Called ‘Sean von Dehn’, hereby Stake My Supreme Claim of Right upon My father, Joachim Heinrick von Dehn’s Estate as next of kin, eldest Son and rightful Heir to the House of [Joachim] von Dehn’s Estate.

As the eldest Son, I am Trusted in the German tradition to Mind the House for the other beneficiaries entitled to a share of interest in the Estate. These beneficiaries include My Self, My sister, Tanja Selma Johnson, and My brother, Michael Ramsay von Dehn, each of whom share an equal interest in the Estate.

Should any One believe they Hold a Superior claim of right upon this Estate to that of the eldest Son and rightful Heir, stake Your Claim upon it now.

I hereby declare Sean Stephen von Dehn is the rightful heir of Joachim Heinrick von Dehn’s Estate until otherwise disputed, and am currently Acting as Trustee to secure Our family interests and repay his creditors in Honour.

Any creditors with outstanding debts left behind by My father can contact Me for fulfillment of his obligations, please see the Public Notices Page for contact information.

Thank You.


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