Volume CXXXIX: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Simple Solutions, War King Magic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here, it has been quite a busy and exciting day in Deed, and it’s not over yet!

This is always a Wonder Full thing for a Blogger like Me to see. Any of My Friends who are the Author Writ ‘E’ (Energy) of their own Blogs Will know what I am tall King about. What makes this even more Magical, is that I had just finished accomplishing a lot of work I have had on My Mind for days; a New Page to Officially ‘Post’ International Notices.

I have told You, this is both a legal and lawful Publication, anything published here as an Announcement or Notice is every bit as legal and lawful as it Will be in the Ottawa Sun or Citizen Newspaper, Globe and Mail, or any other Official Publication. I’ve Officially Created a dedicated ‘Post Office’ for the Common Law Court with a New Paige (Page) to list Official Postings. And with My new, snazzy desk, I actually feel like I am Writing from the ‘King’s Bench’, Holding Office. I tell You, there was nothing more satisfying than finishing My work, closing the preview Page, refreshing My stats and receiving a notification of booming stats the moment I did! My Magic is War King already!!!

Well, You know… Sometimes People just push Me too far. Never a Good Idea. Never a Good Idea to push any One too far. My Intent to make My father’s creditors whole was the entire motivation behind everything I am doing – in Honour of My father. Whatever it takes, I don’t care, I know I have that right Given Me by God and Commanded Me by God. If his creditors do not Wish to allow for Me to do that, they lose their recourse against the Estate, or they are engaging in fraud and extortion. I am not going to let this law firm steal My father’s estate because they Wish to bill a few more hours to their client (I believe the rough estimate is between $20-30k in legal fees to sell the land under Power of Sale).

I really was trying to be as authentic and cooperative as possible with Noah and Laraine without compromising My intentions or who I am, and I came to them with nothing but a Good intention to Honour My father. I did not come threatening them! Why would they respond to Me with a threat to steal My father’s house when they didn’t even bother to contact Me for almost three months? Where is the sudden obligation to pay in thirty days imposed upon My father? When did I agree to that? And why am I being threatened with the loss of My father’s house if I don’t comply?

Yeah, so that was all going through My head, and I realized just how criminal Noah’s Actions really are. He is Holding the Signed Acceptance for Honour of the Original contract which legally prevents him from moving forward with Power of Sale unless his intent is to Willfully commit fraud and Keep that from his client and deceive the public.

He can refuse that Acceptance for Honour of My father’s original agreement, but he cannot fail to Present it to his client, and it restores the account to Good Standing in Honour – no Power of Sale. If he refuses acceptance, he must send it back to Me with his Letter of Protest of Acceptance, and they lose their right of recourse for refusing a reasonable and Honourable offer. So I figured the very best thing I can do, is be Vocal about it and start using this do-Main for My main Deeds.

Please do check out My International Public Notices Paige. It’s simple, straightforward, but gets a lot of things off My (treasure) Chest and on the Public Record. My stats have not gone this crazy since I published My Cestui Que Vie, no joke! Not only lots of views, but from virtually every country in a Matter of minutes! I also really like My Notices and did take time to Write them, I believe You Will appreciate the effort I put into the Paige.

Love You so much, this is My Simple Solution this Saturday, and so far it is War King!

Love and Blessings!!!

Post Script; When I said the day wasn’t over, I really meant it – there is still a podcast coming later tonight, so join Me on TalkShoe! Haven’t even Created the Show for tonight yet, but I Will be on at 9:00 Post Midi, even if only for a short one. 😉

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