Volume CXXXIX: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; Honour and the Law of Contracts

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal, and if You are curious about the ‘Son’ in Sunday, it is because You are the light of the world – without You there is nothing. So thank King You for being here, You Give these Words Life.

I Imagine today’s Title Will probably Command a lot of Views, too because Honour is probably the second most important element of the Law after God, and the Contracts We Create literally determine the Laws that bind Us. I’ve been involved in some rather serious private contract negotiations lately and soon We Will see how many Will Honour those contracts. Did You contract something? You believe there’s a deadly virus out there? Ah, then yes, You have contracted something. A suggestion was made, a proposal was offered, accepted, and Honoured by the Actions; the fear, the masks, the Signing of the contract whether Your Hand was put to paper or not. Silence is consent. If One Will silently bear witness to a crime, they share equal accountability and response ability – LIE ability.

I’ve been harassed and threatened by a law firm allegedly representing the National Bank of Canada with the threat of seizure of My father’s estate if I don’t pay the full outstanding balance by the end of today! Problem is, I never had any pre-existing obligation to do so and am only in contact with the lawyers in the first place because I offered to pay this debt on My own Honour and in Honour of My father Way back in June! I offered to fulfill My father’s obligations to the bank which means to accept the tenure of his mortgage contract or whatever else he may have Signed and agreed to.

I have no further obligations other than that, and I don’t even have those obligations except by My own moral code and conviction, My determination to Honour My father in death as Commanded Me by God. And I honestly don’t care what People think about how that sounds because the Bible is literally the Foundation of Law in every Common Law Court, and God is the Supreme authority in any Common Law Court, so therefor, any Commandment by God must be Honoured.

No Man on this earth has any legal right to trespass upon My determination to Honour My father. And if the National Bank of Canada and its solicitors understood this, the debt would already be paid. When I tell the bank that it is the Wish of My father in Heaven that his creditor should be repaid, it is DONE – as above, so below. So long as the bank is Willing to accept. If they don’t, they lose their right of recourse. That simple.

What the law firm is trying to do, is ignore My acceptance for Honour and take advantage of My offer by imposing new terms and conditions upon Me My father never had, while threatening to take away My father’s home (and Me and My siblings inheritance) if I fail to comply. The Idea, I suppose, is that I’m going to be so terrified of losing My inheritance that I Will agree to these terms because these demands were made of Me before I had even seen the Signed contract by My father, so there was no Way for Me to know what his obligations were. I was compelled to Trust the firm was Acting in Honour and that there was an urgent deadline Writ in his mortgage contract somewhere that expired on November 15. No such obligation or condition existed in the Signed contract I read outlining My father’s obligations, $200 per month was sufficient to Keep the account in Good standing – that’s all I’m required to Honour in Order to Keep it in Good standing.

I believe the lawyers hope was that he could get this one by Me, perhaps I Will not ask to see the Signed contract of My father, and if I agree to his terms, it is a legally enforceable contract – except that it’s not. If One has a gun held to their head and Signs a contract, the contract is not legally binding because it was made under duress. A threat to take over $150,000.00 worth of property if One does not agree to produce $50,000 in thirty days is a serious enough threat, any One would Sign just to buy more time and Show a Court they are being threatened. It’s now evidence of extortion with intent to steal property, uttering performance demands with threats for failure to perform that were never an obligation of My father I had agreed to undertake. Fraud.

So I reported this crime to the Ottawa Police Sergeant, and I also advised Catherine that the law firm was also attempting to trespass upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth, one of the inherent rights Catherine has promised Me the protection of in the city of Ottawa, so I reminded Catherine this is taking place in the city of Ottawa, and I am reporting the crime to her and sharing it by Way of Public Notices. I told Catherine this is the Common Law. If no legal defense or lawful excuse is provided in response to My charges, they are guilty and liable for damages.

There is no point having a contract with the Ottawa Police Services to ensure the protection of My inherent rights if they Will do nothing while this crime takes place. So I Will finish this Super Natural Son Day Edition with a final Letter I Writ to Catherine regarding her Promise on behalf of the Ottawa Police Services to ensure the protection of My inherent rights as afforded Me by Canadian law and the U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms ratified by Canada in 1976.

Hi Catherine,

So I’m not sure how the lawyer plans to proceed, I’ve taken all the precautionary legal measures I need to take to ensure My protection by Posting Public Notices of the crimes on My Blog.  I have a copy of the Signed contract from Noah which clearly states a performance demand with a threat of seizure of My father’s estate for failing to comply when there was no previous existing obligation to him whatsoever, as well as his refusal to accept My payment which You now know to be a violation of Canadian law.

I was under the impression that police press criminal charges when they are Presented with information that evidences a crime – that’s exactly what Noah’s Letter to Me is, PROOF of his attempt to extort money from Me, refuse to acknowledge My inherent wealth to pay, and threaten to take My home if I refuse to comply.  If that is not evidence of a crime, please tell Me how much information I am required to present to You before it is worthy of criminal prosecution.  I was under the impression I should report crimes in the community to You, which is what I am doing and You say You don’t have the ‘authority’ to help Me?  I’m confused.

“At this point I am not entirely sure how to proceed with respect to your written guarantee request or what that would look like but certainly I appreciate you continuing with this important dialogue.  What I can do is send you a blank copy of the OIPRD form, properly titled, and you can assert in the narrative your stipulation for a guarantee of your legally protected rights as ratified in 1976 that you are entitled to freely enjoy here in Ottawa.

This Email is about the comment You made in Your recent email to Me with respect 

“I certainly wish you well but firmly believe you need legal representation not my opinion in your matters at hand. “

The only legal representation I need, is enforcement of the laws of Canada that protect My inherent rights, and I have just shown You how someone is attempting to trespass upon them, and You are telling Me there is nothing You can do.  I am Writing a lawyer who has no legal defense for his actions on the public record, which IS the Common Law court.  I am ONLY required to file a law suit if Noah does not obey the law and the police do nothing to prevent it.  I am ‘cc’ing You on this, so that the Courts Will know I did what I could to report the crime before it was too late.

As far as the guarantee of My rights is concerned, I thought it was integral that You and I continue this dialogue because if I am free to enjoy My inherent rights in the city of Ottawa, then I am also free to go out for dinner tonight and pay for My meal with My thumbprint, but You haven’t discussed how We Will deal with that if the restaurant owner refuses to accept.  Is it really in the best interest of all parties concerned to tell the manager to call Sergeant Catherine Wood so she can confirm?  Is that how this is supposed to work?

My attempt to work with the police is to Act as Honourably as possible in the enjoyment of these rights, and I Wish to do that by establishing Trust relationships within My community.  If You feel there are better options, I am open to any suggestions You have.  I believe  it might be in the best interest to just call Canada’s finance minister to sort out the whole incorporated person thing once and for all, but I can’t compel the government to Act in Honour, I can only be as King of them to.
I don’t Wish to feel that these guarantees were made to Me without any intent or commitment to Honour them.

Thank You, I look forward to Your thoughts on this, and this Will be published on the Public Record.


So, You know, its been a busy week!

Before I Sign off tonight, I also Wish for You to know that Part of Me knows it does not Matter what kind of legal ‘Action’ I decide to take tomorrow as far as following up on all of this is concerned. What’s more important, is that I share this dialogue with You here, that this Record gets Published.

Because the Truth is, the People in Canada’s government are all just puppets playing a Part on the world Stage. The People who really pull the Strings, are reading this Blog to find out who is responsible for all the corruption in Canada’s government – I’m just the reporter of the crimes on the International Record…

Love and Blessings,

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