Volume CXL: The Magical Monday Edition; Culprits of the Canadian Covid Cult

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me. This should be a Fun one because I’m going to share a Fun Video with You about the [Canadian] Covid Cult. Canadian is in square brackets because the video isn’t about a Canadian Covid Cult, I’m making reference to how the Trudeau government and the policies in place are part of the Satanic Ritual and Covid Cult Culture. Modern day book burning is a thing these days, so I’m also curious to see how long the video remains available.

New York Times Best Selling Author, Libertarian

It’s funny, yet Powerful. The real reason I’m sharing it is because despite the sinister sounding Title, it’s actually a very motivational and lively speech, full of energy and enthusiasm. Tom reminds Us that Life is not worth Living if We can’t do the things that make Life worth Loving.

It’s also a Magical Monday for Me because there has been no reply to any of My Notices and today Will be the first Official ‘business’ day since the Notices were Published. An uncontested Claim stands as Fact until it is disputed. Generally, One does Give One’s adversary a reasonable amount of time to respond, Canada’s rules of civil procedure typically allow for 20 days. The Notice was Issued to them on the 13th of November, I Will Send a follow up Notice after six days, letting them know that twenty days is customary, and they have two weeks left to respond to the allegations against them in Honour, or default judgment Will be awarded against them without further Notice to them.

So basically, right now no News really is Good News. I have no Idea how they Will respond, but I Imagine they Will come up with something. Otherwise, I Will wait till the time line expires, then print off all the Notices including the Notices of Default Judgment, Show the Court they are in default at the Registrar’s Office, and have the Order of Default Judgment enforced by the Court. I Will not even have to step into a court, the Notices themselves can be Given the force of Law at the Registrar’s Office. They can’t say they were never served or made known of the charges against them because that is the purpose of the Notice in the first place and why it is published on the public record (so they can’t say they didn’t know it existed, it is right there for the whole world to see!).

Okay, so I am going to Keep this Magical Monday Edition somewhat short tonight, too, but I Wish to say thank You for the sensational amount of Views I’ve been receiving since I Published My Public Notices, I am very Great-Full! 😉

Also, I Wish to share My last podcast with You because it summarizes the whole Estate Matter and the Purpose of My Public Notices as a last resort in defense of My father’s Good name. I am getting comfortable hosting My own Show, I think it is one worth sharing.

This is the replay of last Saturday’s Call on TalkShoe.

Love and Blessings,

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