Notice of Default: Acceptance for Honour on Mortgage of Joachim von Dehn (Deceased), Issued to National Bank of Canada

Notice of Default; Acceptance for Honour

Please be advised an Offer of Acceptance for Honour on the mortgage of Joachim Heinrick von Dehn was Proposed to National Bank of Canada on June 26th, 2020 and Posted on the Public Record.

No opportunity to Honour this Offer of Acceptance for Honour of My father’s mortgage was Presented to Me. Instead, the National Bank of Canada told Me I must pay the full outstanding balance of the mortgage in thirty days or they Will sell My father’s house (estimated Value of $150,000.00 – $200,000.00) at Power of Sale.

The Bills of Exchange Act is very clear on refusing an Offer of Acceptance for Honour.

Refusal to receive payment

(3) Where the holder of a bill refuses to receive payment under protest, he loses his right of recourse against any party who would have been discharged by that payment.

So whether it be that You are refusing to allow Me to Accept My father’s obligations to You for Honour, or whether You are refusing to accept the legal and lawful payment made to You that You are currently in receipt of, by protesting acceptance of payment, You LOSE YOUR RIGHT OF RECOURSE AGAINST ANY PARTY WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED BY THAT PAYMENT.

In short, if You refuse to Accept My payment, You lose Your right of recourse and must Hand over conveyance of title. As You have not contacted Me yet to advise Me that You have reconsidered and Will accept My payment, You Will be deemed to have refused acceptance of payment on this mortgage by default if You do not respond to this Notice before midnight of December 3rd, at which time You Will be Holding Title to this property unlawfully and in default.

You are hereby Given Notice of these Facts.

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