Notice of Default and Criminal Liability: Noah S. Potechin, Merovitz Potechin LLP, and National Bank of Canada

Notice of Default

Please be advised that You have failed to respond to the ‘Notice of Criminal Liability’ Issued to You by Way of Email on Friday, November 13th, 2020, and Posted on this International Public Court of Record.

Typically, 20 (twenty) days is considered reasonable time to respond to these charges. You have had six days to respond to these allegations and have made no attempt to do so. If You do not provide a legal and lawful excuse for Your Actions on or before midnight of December 3rd, 2020, it Shall be presumed You have no lawful excuse for Your Actions, and default judgment Will be awarded against You without further notice to You.

As it was the Value of My father’s Estate and physical property that Noah threatened to steal from Me and My siblings if I failed to deliver just over $54,000.00 to Noah’s office in 30 days, it is the full Value of the property I am as King for in Honour for compensation in damages. (Estimated $150,000.00 – $200,000.00).

Unless You are able to produce an obligation Signed by My father that clearly states the mortgage must be paid in full by November 15th, 2020 or the property Will be sold, or a Signed agreement by My father that Gives consent for the bank to threaten My father’s next of kin with the seizure of his property for making an acceptance for Honour on his mortgage in the wake of his death, You are guilty of fraud and attempted extortion.

Failure to defend Your Self on this public Court of Record Will result in default judgment being awarded against You. Please also be advised, You may be further subject to criminal prosecution by the applicable laws of Your state/province.

As the National Bank of Canada was also Given Notice of the ‘Notice of Criminal Liability’ Issued to Noah S. Potechin and have not contacted Me to let Me know these Actions were not on behalf of the National Bank of Canada, I must now presume National Bank of Canada is complicit with Noah in these crimes, so National Bank of Canada is also hereby charged with attempted extortion, uttering threats, and presenting fraud in contracts with Willful intent to coerce and intimidate.

These Notices of Criminal Liability against the National Bank of Canada and Merovitz Potechin LLP Will remain on the public record until Title has been transferred to the proper owner of 1070 Hewitt Street, Gravenhurst, Ontario, which is ‘King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’.

There is a commercial lien on this property until further Notice.

You are hereby Given Notice of these Facts.


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