Volume CXL: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Sergeant Catherine’s Honour Lost in the Woods?

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for being here. It Will probably be a short one today as it has been difficult to get My Mind off the whole Estate Matter recently, and somewhat frustrating to see just how much Canada’s law enforcement agencies abdicate from their judicial oath of office when it comes time to Honour their Word to the People – or franky, whenever it seems convenient for them to do so.

Sergeant Catherine Woods went from being one of the most admirable and Honourable Characters I have have been compelled to deal with, to the most deplorable and deceitful Characters I have ever met. It appears there was absolutely no intent to Honour the conditions of the conditional release form that was Given to Catherine, though she did use it to ‘close out the file’, meaning that My complaint is considered ‘resolved’ and cannot be reopened. Catherine’s only goal was to gain My Trust for long enough for Me to Sign a release form to conditions she had zero intention of ever Honouring. I honestly don’t know how People like Catherine sleep at night, and I told her that.

I also told her (in not exactly these Words) that I believe her Actions are a disgrace to her profession and her position as Sergeant. Catherine has proven that she has no Idea what the difference is between the Common Law and a commercial offence, and places higher precedence on commercial Matters than the inherent (God Given) rights of Canada’s People those codes, statutes and Acts were designed to protect in the first place. And she tells Me she is in training! I hope she is being trained, not the one Giving instruction, or We are all in trouble!

I did send Catherine an Email to advise her that I believe she is abdicating her Oath and in breach of public Trust for failing to Honour her duties and obligations to Protect the Inherent (God Given) rights of Canada’s People in services of her Duties to Honour Queen Elizabeth II’s Promise to Canada’s People. I told her this Notice of her abdication of her Oath of Office Will also be published on the public record, and I do not like to disappoint, so here it is:

Hi Catherine,

I reported a crime to You of trespass upon My inherent rights and You are doing nothing to protect those rights and I was under the impression that was Your job and Sworn Oath of office.  So You are breaching Your oath to defend My rights so that a law firm can extort $150,000 worth of property from Me?  And You don’t believe that reporting this crime to You and Your determination to do NOTHING to report it or stop it is not in any Way a breach of Your Oath of Office, or a breach of Your Trust relationship with Me?  

If it is not the job of local police to protect My legally afforded rights, then who’s job is it?

A crime is being committed, either You are aiding and abetting this crime, or You are going to work with Me to prevent it.  Which is it going to be?  You Will be held criminally and commercially liable for Your negligence if You fail to Honour Your duties.

You are hereby Given notice of these Facts.

King Sean.

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

Catherine responded with some other lame excuse about having to come down to the station to file an official report which is probably True in accordance to their typical procedures, but it is NOT required to file a Common Law crime with the police. To file a Common Law crime, You simply report it to the police and if they do nothing, they are criminally negligent in their duties and liable to the individual for any harm. So now Catherine’s name goes on the list of government officials God is Officially displeased with.

The irony here, is that Catherine says her main goal is to re-establish Trust in the community. How exactly? By making promises to People You have no intention to Keep? You Willfully betrayed Me to get what You Wish, then failed to perform as You promised. Catherine Wood, You have all but obliterated My ability to Trust any One wearing a police uniform because You have confirmed they Will lie, cheat and steal to get whatever they Wish and have zero accountability or remorse for who they harm to achieve their goal. Never have I been more disappointed with an individual than I am with Catherine Wood. She emulates everything the department stands for – fraud.

Love and Blessings,

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