Volume CXLI: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part IV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I Will be continuing with Part IV of Our Fight Club interpret-a-Sean, and I’m going to get right into it.

Last week Our nameless hero had just left the airport without his suitcase because it had been detained by security for ‘vibrating’. Our hero complains that ‘everything’ was in that suitcase, then goes on to list all of the designer clothing it contained. I’m pointing this out because Our hero ‘identifies’ with his things; losing his suitcase is like losing a part of his identity. But the Fun is just beginning.

Our hero returns to his beautiful apartment where he had virtually perfected the Ikea ‘nesting instinct’ only to realize there was an explosion that ‘magically’ only damaged his apartment. A pilot light to the stove blew out, slowly filling the apartment with gas while he was away on business until some electrical appliance created a spark and… Well, We know what happens when natural gas meets a spark.

The Key here, is that these two recent developments are highly symbolic because Our hero is soul searching and these are specifically the things Our hero would identify with. Now, they are gone. Even his illusion of identity has been completely obliterated.

In My first Fight Club interpret a Sean, I suggested that every movie, tv show, or [Good] story emulates the story of Christ in some Way, and I made a list of things to look for beginning with an immaculate conception. I’ll get to that later, for now I Wish to focus on the Idea of rebirth. This scene symbolizes the True ‘death’ of Our main character’s previous false identity. Now Our hero is ready to be ‘reborn’.

Ironically, one of the few things salvageable from the wreckage is Marla Singer’s phone number, probably the very last person Our hero Wishes to call. Having no other alternative, Our hero does muster the courage to call Marla, but not enough courage to speak when she picks up the phone, so he panics and hangs up.

We do get the sense that Our hero does make enough coin as an insurance analyst that he could probably easily afford a hotel room for the night, yet he desperately searches the pockets of his coat looking for something – anything but Marla Singer’s phone number. He finds the business card left by his single serving friend, Tyler Durden.

537 Paper Street

This I find very interesting, too. The Image could actually be a representation of Gemini, the twins of the zodiac. Clearly, they are cherubs of some kind and they appear almost identical, perhaps even as though they may each be looking into a mirror of their own reflection. And for those of You who have been reading this Blog for any length of time, You Will know My personal ‘Magic’ number Given Me by God is 37, and My favourite number is 5. 537 Paper Street. And I am also tall King about how the incorporated person is a paper fiction of who We really are. But that’s all probably just a coincidence, right? 😉

“If You asked Me now, I couldn’t tell You why I called him.”

Yet he does. And I can ‘suggest’ why. Our hero admires Tyler. Tyler doesn’t care what People think, he’s cool, confident, and… Well, quite possibly an explosives expert and car thief, but Our hero hasn’t put that together yet or is Willfully choosing to ignore the red flags like a love blind school boy. He Wishes to be more like Tyler, and now he’s at square one, perfect time for a new ‘teacher’.

The phone rings four times before he hangs up. Our sad, defeated hero looks positively crushed as he picks up his briefcase and prepares to exit the phone booth. Then the phone rings.

We can tell Our hero is confused and suspicious as he turns to pick up the receiver. The movie does a great job of keeping Our hero’s name secret.

“Who is this?”

“We met on the airplane, We have the same suitcase… You know, the clever guy.”

“Oh, yeah. Right.”

He tells Tyler he tried to call, Tyler confesses he never answers his phone (much like Me to be honest, unless it’s mum – always pick up for mum). He star 69’d to get the number and called him back.

Our hero doesn’t even know what to say, he’s finding Tyler more and more unusual with everything he learns about him, yet that is part of his attraction. It’s the ‘mysterious bad boy’ that Tyler is and Our hero is not that is so appealing to him. Although Our hero finds Tyler’s behaviour amusing, he also finds it intriguing.

Tyler tries to make light of Our hero’s plight by comparing his situation to things that could be far worse (watch the movie for examples, not exactly ‘family friendly’).

Our hero, on the other hand, is genuinely talking about how furniture is it! The furniture is what makes life complete, finding that perfect couch is one less thing to ‘worry’ about. This is funny for Me because I’m sure there are People out there who actually feel this Way! I’ve lost everything at least three times to situations beyond My control (or beyond what I Wished to invest to keep what I had) and have Willfully abandoned all possessions more times than I can count. It is invigorating! Fresh start, new potential, nothing to hold You down. That’s what People don’t get. You don’t ever own stuff, it Will all be left behind. But stuff Will eventually own You if One is not careful.

Meanwhile, Tyler is trying to smother his laughter with his hand.

“What are We?” – Tyler

“We’re consumers?”

“Right! We are by products of a lifestyle obsession… I say never be complete, stop being perfect. I say, let’s evolve!”

“It is just stuff.”

“You did lose a lot of versatile solutions for modern living.”

Wow, okay. I didn’t actually know Tyler’s character says this but…

“The things You own end up owning You.”

Okay, just because that seems kind of a kismet Way to end it for this week and We are about to start another deep and hilarious conversation, We’ll call that the end of Part IV, be back next week with more.

Thanks for joining Me, I appreciate You.

Love and Blessings,

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