Volume CXLI: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Thing King About Redempt-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me.

As the Title Will imply, I am thing King about Redempt-Sean. December 25th of this year Will be the first day of the fifth year since the Kingdom of Heaven was legally and lawfully Established on Earth, and I am more than a little tired of waiting for the government of Canada to Honour their Duties and obligate-Sean’s to Me and Canada’s People. So, beginning on the first day of the fifth year of Heaven’s Kingdom, I Will be upping the ante once again and holding these elected officials to task.

This covid thing has really gotten out of Hand. The Idea that a virus Will forever change how Mankind associates with one another is preposterous. If We allow a virus to destroy Our business, Our family relations, Our ability to peacefully assemble, Our ability to Worship in a Temple of Our choosing, to get married, to attend a funeral, to congregate with family over the Christ Mass [Consciousness] Holy days… Well, if We allow for all of that, We have already allowed the virus to win, as it has destroyed Our purpose for Living. These things are what make Life worth Living. If one allows One’s Self to be governed by fear, One may as well be dead already.

So, beginning on Christ Mass Consciousness Day, I Will be Posting New International Public Notices charging those with administrative or judicial duties and obligations to Canada’s People with criminal negligence for causing harm to Canada’s People by allowing foreign corporations of Canada to dictate social policy that trespasses upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People. That is the official definition of Treason, by the Way.

As it Stands right now, there is plenty of evidence exposing government corruption and incompetence from every single position of Office within Canada’s government. I Will specifically be Focusing on the individuals (the Living Man Holding the position of Office) responsible for abdicating their Duty and Oath to protect the Sovereignty of Canada’s People.

Many crimes of Canada’s government officials are Posted here already, and they have not offered any legal or lawful excuse for their Actions, which implies they are guilty as charged. Problem is, I haven’t Officially placed them on Notice for their criminal negligence. That Will change very soon, and My International Public Notices Page (My Post Office) Will Keep a permanent, concise Record of charges against Canada’s elected officials.

Right now, I’m reasonably convinced that the government doesn’t really care too much about their crimes being Posted on the International Public Record because they haven’t been placed on Notice and they (government) believe they own and control the courts. Well, that’s not True. The Courts belong to the People and the government’s determination to dismiss meaningful cases concerning the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ Will no longer be tolerated.

The courts are where the government of Canada is engaging in all their criminal activity, dismissing cases that threaten their stranglehold on Canadian freedoms. One example of this is Rocco Galati’s attempt to restore Canada to an Honest (Sovereign) economic system, which would allow the Bank of Canada to Issue (and print) interest free coin for Canada’s economy for infrastructure and other needs of the People. This is exactly how Canada’s economy operated prior to 1974 and the new ‘banking Act’ that would compel Canada to borrow money at interest from a foreign corporation. Once again, textbook definition of treason is to allow a foreign interest to control a [Sovereign] People’s economy. This is why I say, “like father like son, the two Treasonous Trudeau’s”, as Justin follows in his father’s footsteps by taking directives on social policy from a foreign corporation to Canada run by billionaires (WHO) with absolutely no knowledge of public policy and absolute disregard for the autonomous rights of the world’s People. In fact, that same foreign corporation announced how detrimental masks were in response to Covid, now they have reversed their opinion to continue to forward their agenda.

What is their agenda? Well, I’m not sure exactly, but why not take a look into the relationship between the People who are calling the shots at the WHO and the People who run the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. WHO else would benefit from bankrupting every nation on the planet and making them dependent on a foreign corporation for financial bailouts? Hmmm…. Follow the money trail, You Will find out why this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by a global criminal cabal hoping to promote Bill Gates vaccine so they can manipulate and alter Your DNA.

Wow, I guess I really needed to rant, but I really have had enough of Canada’s elected officials openly committing treason right before Our eyes and believing they Will never be held accountable. Justin Trudeau, You have until December 25th to get Canada ‘back to normal’ or You Will Officially be charged with Treason. Govern Your Self accordingly.

(I am stealing that line from Noah S. Potechin’s latest attempt to defend against My charges against him, his firm and his client for criminal liability for trespass upon My inherent rights. His implied ‘threat’ (not really a threat because it has no Truth) was that My accusations against him are criminal and that if I don’t remove My Notices he Will charge Me – I Wish him luck with that, he first has to prove My accusations are false, which he is yet to accomplish).

Finally, I Wish to leave You with the efforts of Rocco Galati as provided by Wikipedia. I’ve followed Galati ever since I heard he tried to take on the Bank of Canada and recently just defended his Honour against a friend of mine who believes he is a fraud because none of his cases against the government have amounted to anything. That’s just a reflection of the corruption of Canada’s courts, not Galati’s attempt to invoke Justice. The courts awarded the Crown court costs, meaning that Galati paid for the entire case out of his own pocket. No Man spends that kind of money to restore Justice to Canada’s economy because they are a fraud.

“In 2011, Galati brought a case against the Canadian government to restore the Bank of Canada as a lender to the government.[14] The case was brought on behalf of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform.[14] COMER argued that the Bank of Canada is mandated to provide debt-free financing for public projects undertaken by federal, provincial and municipal governments.[14]

The problem is, the courts have fully demonstrated that they are not providing Justice, they are a tool for government corruption, to ‘hush’ dissenters who try to invoke Justice through the ‘proper’ channels. Well, I believe there is a better Way, a better Court, and a better Judge. The better Way is to complain on the Public Record, the better Court is the Common Law Jurisdiction of Law, and the best Judge? Well, that would be You. The People of the world are the authority of government and the world’s courts, You are the Jury of Peers We need to invoke real Justice and get these criminals out of Office.

Love and Blessings,


  1. Yes , people are the source of authority. The source of God justice should be the inner intuitive knowing and discerning to choose the ultimate path…
    Change the laws and reform the court systems …
    Can we all be the Neo of the matrix to unplug and reprogram the matrix for more justice and equitability…
    Just let’s contemplate and inquire then make reflections to discern …
    God help all…

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