Volume CXLI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Silence is Consent

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree.

Maxim in Law

I figured I Will get straight to the point today and the Maxim in Law precluding this paragraph is the reason for My excitement and a big part of why My Friday is so Fabulous.

It is Friday after all, and Friday is a lawyer’s favourite day to serve documents. Today I received no Word from Noah S. Potechin in defense of the criminal charges against him Posted here on the public record, and My Wish today is to demonstrate why failure to provide a lawful excuse is considered an admission of guilt.

For most People, I Imagine it is reasonably obvious why failing to provide any lawful excuse for a criminal Act is considered an admission of guilt, as most People Will be concerned about their reputation in the community and Will not Wish to have their dirty laundry hanging out for the whole world to see. So if One does not defend their reputation, it is presumed they have no defense; if they did, they would make it.

Noah S. Potechin’s ‘Statement of Defense’ not only failed to provide any legal or lawful excuse for his criminal actions, he actually further incriminated himself by clearly stating that he is refusing to receive lawful payment on behalf of his client! Honestly, it was like getting an early Christ Mass Gift, I did not expect a lawyer to be so careless.

Not only did Noah further incriminate himself directly, but he also disputed points that were previously presumed to have been agreed upon because he was silent and did not dispute any of the previous statements I had made asserting My rights; like My claim I am the legitimate heir to My father’s estate, the fact that I am Acting in My Sovereign capacity and am free to dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations because the Value of My Life is no longer ‘Trusted’ with the state (Canada). Noah tried to negate some of these points in his Statement of Defense, which only further incriminates himself because he did not dispute these points when they were made, which means he entered into these negotiations under false pretenses, demonstrating fraud in his own contracts. And to receive no Word from him today tells Me he has nothing to say in defense of his Honour.

Generally in Emails, lawyers just try to ‘ignore’ the legal arguments I make as if they are ‘above the law’ in some Way, moving forward as if federal and international laws do not apply to them or their ‘mortgage Act’. I’m here to remind People that God is very much the Foundation of all legal systems in place in the world today, and every code, statute, act or other legal fiction legislated into law by government was initially designed to protect God’s Laws while the world chooses to disobey God’s 10th Commandment (thou Shall not Covet) and compete with each other for a capitalist agenda.

We’ve created a world where capitalism suggests We should each covet for self as much as We can, while God’s Law says that We should not Covet from Our neighbour at all!!! This is why the world is considered to be living in SIN, make no mistake about it, capitalism is the devil’s game (which is also why the legal fiction seems so complicated, because the devil is in the details – if One knows the whole system is for sinners, then One only needs to bow out to be absolved of their SIN). Does One think it a coincidence that Giving back the SIN card is how One absolves their Self from SIN?

Noah also let Me know that he is offended I have called him a criminal on the public record and insists his client is offended, too. His client can’t be offended, his client has no emotional faculties to be offended, so again he is lying and committing fraud. He can be offended, but he can also obey the law and stop trespassing upon Me, in which case he Will not need to be offended because his actions will no longer be trespassing upon My rights, which is a form of criminal negligence. ANY trespass upon another is a criminal offence in a common law jurisdiction.

Noah cannot do anything about these Notices on the public record until he resolves the Issue – period. He also can’t (legally) move forward with Power of Sale so long as there is an outstanding claim against his client, National Bank of Canada for fraud for refusing to accept payment to discharge the mortgage. If Noah does try to move forward with Power of Sale, I report Noah, his firm, and the National Bank of Canada to the credit bureau for fraud and Noah Will lose his license. I presume Noah knows this as he has not made any attempt to move forward with Power of Sale yet, I check the public record for listings every day (just in case).

Best part? My response to Noah’s Statement of Defense becomes the new affidavit of Truth on the public record, and Noah has only succeeded in supporting My arguments and position. He also has only six more days to dispute these charges before he is determined guilty by default Judgment.

Notice (puns always intended) how Powerful a Notice of Criminal Liability for Trespass is? Just wait until I start using these techniques to go after government officials in breach of their oath of office!

I hope this Friday finds all of You feeling equally Fabulous!

Love and Blesings,

Post Scripture: Initially, when Catherine Wood refused to Honour her contract with Me, I complained and was as King for the file to be reopened for breach of public Trust and Kim Miller (of the Ottawa Internal Police Review Department) explained to Me that she cannot do that, the contract was used to ‘close out the file’, and the Issue is considered ‘resolved’. Needless to say, this didn’t make Me feel any better, I felt even more betrayed than I had before. I explained to Kim that the release was a conditional agreement and that if it is breached, it is a legally binding contract and constitutes a (criminal) breach of Trust. Although it was not necessarily a ‘friendly’ conversation, it seems as though Kim may have actually been trying to help Me after all. In her final email to Me on this point, Kim asserted that I am correct, it is a legally binding contract and if it has been breached, the ‘proper’ process is to file another complaint with the Ottawa Police Services for breach of Public Trust against the Sergeant breaching the contractual agreement. Just to Give You an Idea what sort of remedies I am considering with respect to that Matter in the future. 😉

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