Volume CXLI: The Sensei-Sean All Saturday Edition; YouTube Trespasses on Freedom of Speech and Expression

Video removed for violating Youtube’s Terms of ‘Service’

YouTube is not providing a ‘Service’ when they censor free speech, they are trespassing upon freedom of speech and expression. Remember when I Posted this video just twelve days ago? Renowned Writer, twelve time New York Times best selling author, telling People not to be intimidated by the Covid virus, reminding Us that if We allow the virus to prevent Us from doing all the things that make Life worth Living, We may as well be dead already. YouTube is a fascist organization conspiring with the globalist agenda and inciting terrorism by removing anything that suggests People should not Live in fear as a result of coronavirus.

I’m going to Keep this one short today because really, I just Wished to point out that I anticipated the video would be removed when I first Posted it and was curious to see how long it would take. Twelve days. When mainstream media has the Power to control the information reaching the People, We are in desperate times in Deed! This is a massive propaganda campaign to Keep People in fear. Was there not a full out WAR launched by the United States of America to end global terrorism? And now We are allowing YouTube and other social media platforms to terrorize the Common People and prevent real, credible information from reaching the public. This is global oppression at its finest, and it is completely unacceptable. I hope YouTube is held criminally liable for their trespasses upon free speech, they are NOT an authority on information, they do NOT have the right to censor free speech unless they are a private platform for members only (who have agreed to what content Will or Will not be shared).

People can choose not to watch a video, or criticize a video if they feel it is not Presenting accurate and Truthful information. This is how We discern between Good information and bad information. But removing something because You don’t like One’s opinion on a Matter is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone should be offended by YouTube’s aggressive stance on this because they are effectively treating the People of the world like children who do not have enough Common sense to discern for themselves, so YouTube has taken it upon themselves to censor information that may be damaging to their agenda. And yes, their agenda!!! Because there is no other reason to remove inspirational, optimistic insight on a pandemic that has most of the world paralyzed with fear unless their intent is to keep People paralyzed in fear.

What is the agenda? Worldwide vaccinations, courtesy of Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies developing vaccines. They are already known to be harmful, unfortunately I can’t back that up with any information because all information I find that supports these facts are removed from the internet altogether.

Today I’m just going to leave a message for YouTube. When You remove videos exposing the Truth of the global agenda, You are not helping Your cause, You are in fact demonstrating how terrified You are of the Truth reaching the People. Only People with something to hide Will remove videos from the internet. You are complicit in the crimes of the WHO and any governments supporting their agenda, and You Will [eventually] be held accountable to the People. Mark My Words.

It is Saturday, so I Will be Hosting My Kingdom of Heaven Podcasting of Magic tonight at 9:00 EST, so please join Me. I Will be tall King about Trusts and how where We place Our Trust determines Our jurisdiction of Law.

Love and Blessings,

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