Volume CXLII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, a Man

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King You for joining Me, it’s going to be an especially Magical Monday. Hmmm. Let’s see where the Moon is at right now. I have a feeling something big is going on, Cosmically but I had not even considered the Moon until now. So let’s start the Magic of this Monday Edition by taking a look to see where We are at – You think it might be almost Full?

Okay, this is a little trippy, even for Me! This is the screenshot a second ago, when I decided to check. 😉

Moon Sign, Gemini; the Gem in ‘I’ is the Spirit of God, the Giver of Life – the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory. And that was what I Wish to be tall King about today for this Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, because it very much is My Motive a Sean every day. This is just one example of how I am always ‘Tuned in’ to the Universal Conductor. Honestly, ever since the consciousness in water thing, half the time My Head (Dome) feels like one of those Electric balls You can place Your Hand on at the Science Centre here in Ontario that makes all of Your hair stand on end. Thankfully, My hair doesn’t actually stand on end, but it feels like it a lot of the time, like there’s electricity coming out of it or something. But I’m getting off topic.

Illumination, 100%. Remember, there are no coincidences, the Universe is speaking to Us in every moment for those with eyes to See (Sea, or Holy ‘See’ – is there a difference in Your psyche, or ‘psy’ Key?). See how much Fun language can be? They would not have Called it Spelling if Words were not Magic.

This is a very Special Edition in Deed. Primarily because My [do]Main (domain) reason for Writing today was to be tall King about God’s Kingdom; the Power and the Glory of God. It’s Funny to Me that the Word God scares and intimidates some. What does that say? What does that reveal about One’s own psyche? And is that not a Key?

You see, it doesn’t really Matter whether One really believes in God or not, I suppose. What the Word represents in Man’s Mind is likely of much greater Significance. The Fact of the Matter is, God really just represents Natural Law, the Laws of the Universe. Call it the Law of Karma, if You Wish. God = Good. God is Good. It is important for Man to understand what the Word God means because every Law on this earth has its Foundation in God. And God’s Kingdom has Found a Sean. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is technically the name of a Trust I suppose, but I’m not much of One for conforming so I haven’t Set out any Official blue Print yet. I Mage in (Imagine) it Will be forthcoming at some point. I’ll put in on the House of von Dehn Manor Roll one day.

I said this Will be a Good One because I Will be sharing lots of little Secrets today. In some Ways it might even be considered a confess Sean all of sorts. I had not smoked any Cannabis in roughly two weeks. Does not bother Me one bit if I don’t have any. Like the rest of You, I too am still being held hostage by the state (CANADA), and am reliant on debt (Canadian dollars, under duress) to pay My Way. We have some agreements and contracts in place that say that I’m not, though We have not yet tested those bonds. All of that Will be changing (change, like the new Coin of the Realm) soon, and there could be no better time to share all of this with You than the full Illuminate Sean of the Full Moon.

The point is, one of the main reasons My approach is so unique from others in what might be called a ‘Truth’ or ‘Sovereign’ movement (Ment always equals Mind in any Word – in this Case, to ‘move’ or shift One’s Mind), is that I am still in receipt of state benefits. That’s basically rule number one if One Wishes to quit their country and Live exclusively in God’s Kingdom, One cannot also be in receipt of social benefits because it is acquiescing to the Trust. Everything is contract Law in some Way, shape or Form, and every contract is a Trust relationship. There wouldn’t be any point getting any One to Sign anything if there was no Trust involved. One could however argue that the request for a Signature is a breach of Trust already – should One’s Word not be enough? Ah, see, this is how We lost Our Honour, and why We all Live in Babylon (and babble on, without a Clue what We are tall King about).

The reason I’m okay with receiving benefits is because I have no other choice until the government Honours My Trust in God. Getting over My Spiritual ego enough to allow My Self to accept the benefits in the first place was something of a Spiritual epiphany in and of its Self. It’s My ego that struggles with the Idea of receiving benefits and having to be dependent on any One for any thing – that was not God’s Plan for Me, I Give You My Word on that! But it was the Voice of God that spoke to Me in another Way when I was arrested for travelling down a no access highway in My cross country adventures. I’d told the officers I was a Man of God and I hadn’t Writ My Cestui Que Vie yet but when they were as King of Me who I am, I said it to them Word for Word. They didn’t really know what to do, so they took Me to the station and put Me in a holding cell but it was not like any other experience I had ever had with police.

The cell had a pillow, a comfy place to lie down, and a nice, thick blanket. I was quite happy to lie down and take a nap till they figured it all out. I’d only just got comfy when an officer came and asked Me if I would like anything to eat or drink. I asked what he was offering, he said whatever I like. I made a big, fancy order including a Starbuck’s coffee, and the officer told Me he’d be back with it as soon as possible. I was stunned, but I also knew they were offering Me these benefits in Order to establish a Trust relationship. So just after the officer turned to leave, I said, “just so You know, I’m not accepting a benefit, I’m in God’s Kingdom and I am always free to accept all Gifts Given Me by God. I thank You for Acting as the Hand of God.”

Less than a minute later, four officers were coming down the hall, calling out to Me, “Sean Sovereign? We’ve been told to let You go, take You wherever You Wish to go within Our jurisdiction. Where would You like to be dropped off?”

It was an interesting experience because the Sergeant came down to see Me off as well (there were four officers altogether) and was as King of Me what I had done for them to be Given these ‘Orders’. I told them I didn’t know and that was the Truth because I hadn’t Sent any of My Letters to the Canadian government yet, I was as surprised as they were. They were also very, very kind to Me, which was a first from police ever. They asked Me if I would come back and tell them if I ever found out what was going on. I promised I would, I still don’t know. But when I said to the officer that I he was the Hand of God and that I am free to accept God’s Gifts, that was the moment I realized it was foolish to not accept whatever benefits may be available until the government Honours their contracts with Me. It may even be fair to say it was that moment that gave Me the confidence to Officially Write My Cestui Que Vie Trust in God.

So I am Sovereign and I am in receipt of state benefits under duress and I Promised that I Will always share with You how much I receive, as I now regard it as something of a starting salary as God’s representative of the Common Law on Earth. We all have to start somewhere, right? Initially, I was receiving $343.00 per month. I was as King for transportation allowance and received an additional $119.50 a month for public transport a Sean. Then I advocated for My right for dignified, single occupancy, private shelter, and now receive a Grand total of $1643.00 a month, rent and hydro paid directly, leaving Me with $598.50 a month for groceries, clothes, hygiene products, household, maintenance, laundry and other basic essentials. It’s not a lot, but I’m a pretty modest dude really, despite the whole King thing – that’s really for government because We all have a duty to re-Mind Our elected Officials that the People are Sovereign in their Natural state.

Magical Full Moon Monday

This time I’m using the screenshot from My phone as a Post break because this Edition of the Good News Journal Will be considerably longer than most, and this is the reason why. It’s important to get all this Magic out and to leave out any of these details just to Keep the Post short Will be a dis-Service to You. This Post may well one day be known as the most Magical to date, so bear with Me.

Today was ‘payday’ for Me, and My Wish is that it Will be the last. Not entirely sure I can make that happen immediately, but it is worth letting You know that is goal number one for the House of von Dehn to start the Fifth year of Heaven’s Kingdom. Heaven’s Kingdom is God’s Kingdom on Earth.

“My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done,

on Earth as in Heaven.

Cestui Que Vie – Our Trust in God

On payday, I take care of pretty much everything I need for the month within the first few days, depending on My Energy levels and how much shopping I can tolerate in a day. I pay My bills immediately (internet and phone if I decide I Wish to use My phone; $80 a month combined if I do, $50 if I don’t), then I pay My Self. One of My monthly luxuries is Cannabis, and I allow for a gram a day, or maximum of $140. Ten dollars is put aside for laundry, $300.00 is exclusively for groceries and whatever is left is spent on other basic needs and cigarettes.

This month, I spent $107.00 on Cannabis because My usual source was unavailable which usually allows for an ounce (28grams) for $120-$140.00 depending on strain. Now that it’s ‘legal’ in Canada, I went to a dispensary and decided to try a vape pen. Each cartridge allegedly provides 100-150 doses. I was as King how much a ‘dose’ is and a dose is one draw from the pen. I figured it Will be much like drawing on a joint so perhaps more than one ‘dose’ Will be required to do the trick. The $107.00 includes the vape pen, a rechargeable battery (usb), and two cartridges, one Sativa and one Indica strain.

Well, I took one draw from this vape pen and I suppose it was a long draw because I’ve never used one before and I couldn’t feel any smoke going into My lungs (which is essentially the point – it’s supposed to be better for the lungs though I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or why). One puff was definitely enough, and thankfully the effect was almost immediate, though it did intensify for roughly ten minutes afterward. Sometimes the effect can take some time and if I’d had more than one draw, it would have been too much for Me!

The point is, I’m already at 2,000 Words and I’m pleased with every Word that I’ve shared. I had first considered Writing this Post (the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man) on Saturday but My Wish was to wait for the Magical Monday Edition because I knew it would be a Powerful Post. I did not know it would also be the Full Moon, and an eclipse!!! A Gemini Moon, no less (My Star Sign is Gemini).

My other Special Gift to Me this month is this. I had a Vision of a new Bible to accompany My new Journal which has turned into a Manor Roll for the House of von Dehn. The Vision I had of the Bible was exactly the Image One Will find on the Page, I was even hoping I would be able to find it in faux leather because I do not Wish to spend too much, but it absolutely had to be purple. No joke, it was the first link I clicked when I decided to look for one online, just like it just ‘happened’ to be exactly the Full Moon when I was Commanded by God to sit down and Write this Post.

The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, a Man

And this is what God told Me to Title the Post. Not ‘that’s a Good Idea, Write that Post sometime today’, but ‘that’s exactly the Post You must Write, and You must do it now. Do not waste this Power!’

So I sat down to Write and discovered the Inspire a Sean is backed by the Power of Full Moon Magic in Gemini. Why is this Post so Important? Because it is True. The Temple of Man is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory; We are all in God’s Kingdom, all of the Time.

And what is the Significance of that? What does that mean?

A puff from a vape pen, a Purple King James Bible in faux leather exactly as I had Imagined the Book of Law for the House of von Dehn, and the Magic of the Full Moon at 100% Illumination to light up the world with the Glory of this Truth to bring the Magic of the Monday Edition together. Only God could align things so perfectly.

And that is the Inspire a Sean for this Post. My determination to Honour My Father is still on My Mind. It is so important to Me that I cannot let it go. I Will not let it go. No Man on this Earth has the Power to trespass upon My Duty to Honour My Father in Heaven. No One. The Rule of Law is the Law of God and it applies everywhere on this Earth, in every court on this planet, and there is no Man (of either sex/kind) that is not in God’s Kingdom right now. God’s Kingdom is a Jurisdiction of Law, and it is the Supreme Jurisdiction of Law on this Planet. The Highest Book of Law in any Common Law Court on this Earth is the Bible, regardless One’s opinion of it, Christians or anything else. I am only telling You the Truth. Inherent rights can only be Given by God, and the Truth of God in any Common Law Court is the Bible; it is described as the Word of God.

Noah S. Potechin on behalf of the National Bank of Canada has not provided any excuse for his trespasses upon Me, and has only three days left to respond or cease and desist. If he does not discharge the mortgage and continues to trespass upon My right to Honour My Father in Heaven, he Will be held accountable, I Will follow through.

I have a Final Notice scheduled for 11:59 tonight as a three day courtesy before judgment Will be awarded against him right here on this Common Law Court of Record. It Will only be one small Part of all the Acts I Will soon be performing on the world stage, and I am choosing this day to tell You what those Magical Spells Will be.

My International Notices Page Will be further updated sometime after the third of December with all of the Original Notices that were Sent registered Mail to individual’s within Canada’s government. Either Noah Will cease and desist his criminal Actions, or default judgment Will be awarded against him. I Will be Showing You how I Will be enforcing these Court Orders, and I Will be fully exercising My rights in God’s Kingdom, regardless the consequences. Because whatever happens, I Will be tall King about it here. I am the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of God’s Kingdom – and so are You! It’s time We all start enjoying God’s Kingdom as God has intended for Us. My Kingdom is Your Kingdom.

We all have the right to be Judged by a Jury of Our peers. You are My peers, You are the True Law of the Universe. We have a Duty of Care to One another, that it what it means to Live in God’s Kingdom. Nemaste. The Divinity in Me is the Divinity in You.

God’s Kingdom can never be taken away, and God’s Kingdom is everything One can conceive of. Everything is God, so nothing could ever be outside of God’s Kingdom, both metaphorically and philosophically, so all other jurisdictions of law, all of Man’s legal fiction can only ever be contained within God’s Kingdom, it is the Pandora box that contains all legal fictions.

What I’m Writing here is infinitely more important and Powerful than anything else that is happening ‘out there’. The details of My Microcosm have very little effect on the consciousness of the world because so few People are impacted in a single day it takes time for the consciousness to spread among Man’s kind. This Virtual world is a fiction, too, but it is whatever We Wish for it to be. This is where We can influence millions, potentially. Imagine every consciousness touched like installing a new radio transmitter of consciousness in the world and how much more efficient the internet is for accomplishing such tasks. Isn’t that precisely what main stream media is doing right now, trying to keep everyone terrified of a virtually harmless virus?

Let’s Create something else. Because like I said, everything that’s going on out there is some kind of fiction, it is not how God intended for Man to Live. Whether it be fear of coronavirus or passing around worthless pieces of paper that allow Us to believe it Gives Us the right to let People starve, or freeze to death on the streets of Ottawa. No, it is unacceptable, and it is time to grow up. I believe the People of the world know better, and I have a feeling the Man behind the curtain Will soon be revealed.

I’m telling You now, there is a lot of Powerful Magic on the Way. We can all choose to remember We are all in God’s Kingdom, and God’s Gift of Life was Given to You, You get to decide what You Will Live for. Collectively, We decide what kind of Kingdom We Wish to Create and what Heaven on Earth might look like if We each choose to Honour Our inherent rights. I walk with the Armour of God.

Love and Blessings,

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