Volume CXLII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part V

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal and Part V of My Fight Club Interpret a Sean; thank King You for joining Me, always.

Last week We left off just when things were about to get interesting. Our nameless Hero has Called Tyler Durden after returning from a business trip to find his apartment destroyed by a ‘freak’ explosion. I mentioned We get a sense he has enough wealth to rent a hotel room for the night though the consideration has not even been mentioned. It’s closing time at the bar where Our Hero was having drinks with Tyler, and they exit the bar.

This is a great little Scene because I’m sure there are plenty arguments to be made by non homophobic film critics that Fight Club is the Story of an awkward Love triangle; Our Hero, Marla Singer, and Tyler Durden. It is also clear that Our Hero is far more enamoured with his new Friend Tyler than he is with Marla, so I believe it’s a fair argument.

However, the reason I point this out is because I believe it very much is a Love triangle between the three Characters, but I do not believe there is any indication that it is a ‘romantic’ interest of any kind. In fact, I feel if We perceive the film that Way, We may be taking away from the True message. This is about traditional ‘male’ bonding; if it is interpreted to mean too much more, I feel it takes away from the authenticity of the Present a Sean. It’s clear Our Hero is uncomfortable as King of Tyler if he can spend the night rather than rent a hotel. It’s obvious to Us, it’s obvious to Tyler, only Our Hero is oblivious his Quest-Ion is hanging in the air.

“A hotel? Just ask, Man!”

“What are You talking about?”

“Oh God. Three pitchers of beer and You still can’t ask?”


“You called Me because You needed a place to stay.”

To Me, it’s funnier if People know that this is pretty normal, really. Men do this. I would certainly be guilty of it. I wouldn’t even Wish to be as King of My best Friend, nobody likes to be in that position. These guys have only just met and the tension is magnified by Our Hero’s infatuation with Tyler. Tyler knows these are [hypothetical] rules of etiquette in any relationship. He’s just being the alpha male and deliberately making Our Hero aware of his awkwardness… Like a True ‘Brother’ would, he’s pointing out the obvious.

“Oh hey, no, no, no.”

“Yes, You did. So just ask. Cut the foreplay, and just ask, Man.”

“Would that be a problem?”

“Would it be a problem for You to ask?”

“Can I stay at Your place?”


And Tyler turns to leave, Our Hero chasing after. Then Tyler stops, turns around, and asks Our Hero to do him one favour – to hit him as hard as he can!

Then Our Hero tells Us a little more about what he now knows about Tyler Durden, and didn’t at the time of the fore-mentioned encounter. He’s worked a variety of trades including film projectionist (where he would insert inappropriate content into the film reels detectable only by subconscious), to banquet server in a five diamond hotel where they Showcase some of the unmentionable things he did with the food.

Needless to say, Our Hero struggles with the Idea of hitting his new Friend as hard as he can; he’s just offered to Give him a place to stay on what might otherwise be the most devastating night of Our Hero’s recent Life Story. When he asks why, Tyler says it’s because he’s never been in a fight and Wishes to know what it feels like. Tyler asks Our Hero if he’s ever been in a fight, and Our Hero confesses he hasn’t.

This is another example of Tyler taking advantage of Our Hero as the ‘alpha’ male in the situation. Like it or not, masculinity by the ‘herd’ means a Man should know how to fight. In fact, I believe this is one of the biggest counter arguments to ‘male’ privilege because it Will not be Writ anywhere but that doesn’t mean it isn’t True on a playground or the streets, Trust Me. And I’m guessing Tyler has probably been in a fight or two in his day and Our Hero is so enamoured with Tyler that he’s not likely to ‘wimp’ out of the challenge. The Idea is to emphasize how Tyler is maintaining control of the situation.

Our Hero tries to tell Tyler that never having been in a fight is a Good thing and Tyler puts on a Show like he’s angry.

“No! You can’t know Your Self if You haven’t.”

That’s the Key line right there. What is Our Hero looking for? An Identity. Something to identify with other than Ikea furniture. Temet Nosce – “Know thy Self”. Key Theme of the Matrix, too. That’s Tyler’s Winning line, Our Hero cannot resist the temptation to know him Self.

“In the face?!”

“I don’t know, surprise Me!”

And it is one of the most pathetic punches We’ve ever seen, though Tyler Plays into it nicely, pretending like he’s hurt, patronizing Our Hero much the same Way the Oracle did Neo.

“You hit Me in the ear!”

(Like it was the only place to hit him that was not okay.)

“Well, Jesus, I’m sorry.”

“Oh, Christ!”

Of course, it’s intended as profanity, right? So does that mean it doesn’t count as a Christ reference? Come on, really. Every Word in a Script is deliberate.

Then, as We might suspect, Tyler hits Our Hero back – in the ribs, hard. Tyler isn’t afraid to hit Our Hero as hard as he can, and Our Hero falls back and slumps up against the side of a car.

We’re not really sure what to expect next, Tyler offers his Hand to help Our Hero to his feet. Our Hero admits it really does hurt. They start laughing and he asks Tyler to hit him again. He does, and the two Men begin beating each other up, thoroughly – a pure and proper fight.

Otherwise known as testosterone release. Keep in Mind, Our Hero needed to cry in Order to sleep, now he has found a new release for his hormonal imbalance. As You might guess, this is the beginning of Fight Club and the end of this Edition because I’m sure You Will know the first rule of Fight Club.

Love and Blessings,

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