To End the Book Burning Madness; Weiss Concise Trustee Handbook

This was initially found on the public domain. After sharing the source with Friends in the law community, the page was removed (and part of the reason for My other Post this Monday).

If the owner of this material has any Issues with Me sharing this book they may contact Me directly and I Will be happy to remove it. My belief is that the author Wishes for this information to be shared and why it was made freely available on the public domain. My intent is to preserve the intellectual property and the author’s integrity.

Excellent resource on the foundation of an express Trust in Common Law, compliant with Commercial Admiralty merchant.

Also Note that author indicates that the Book is intended for private use, for educational and informational purposes. The author assumes no liability for how the individual interprets the information, and it is not intended to be legal advice. I’m only stressing this point because My belief is that free distribution of information for educational purposes is of great benefit to all of Man’s kind.

Further on that Note, also take Notice that the author’s Notice is inside a box. Magically, the box represents a Wall between the Words of the Book and its Creator, symbolically representing what the author states in the text – immunity from Man’s legal fiction.

This is a more Powerful example of the same Magic.

The ‘Crown’ Corporation

Notice how it’s shaped like a Crown? Would a King not know the Crown is a Sign? The County of Wellington is a corporation, operating inside its own private jurisdiction, inside that box. That’s Pandora’s box, commercial admiralty, Babylon, the land of the dead. That’s why it also appears as though it may be a profile view of a coffin, buried underground, the under world. The Three Crosses represent the Holy Trinity of Mind, Body and Soul. Notice how they are outside of that box and above not only the underworld, but the Earth itself? These details are probably all just coincidence, right? They didn’t spend any time planning this Sign…


Post Script: I do have some very Good Friends and One managed to find the Book still available on the public domain, and it just ‘happens’ to be a WordPress account. It is not the same version as the one I have uploaded here, either. It’s twenty pages less, revised, 2nd Edition.

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