Volume CXLIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Virus is not Covid, it’s Me

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I Imagine the Title of this Post Will be a little alarming but that’s only because fear is the norm and fear less ness is the cure. If You are not afraid, they lose control, You must need security and protection in Order to be ‘serviced’ by the service provider.

Imagine for just one moment if when We had first heard (herd mentality) that China had managed to infiltrate Canada’s borders with a deadly biological weapon and that We must all shut down Our businesses, go bankrupt and social distance to protect Our ‘Self’ from this deadly biological weapon… Well, Imagine if all of Canada’s People just said ‘no, We are not going to do that because that Will be exactly what China would hope We Will do to secure their economic stranglehold as the world’s number one producer of garbage, and virtually everything else Canada and the United States require to Keep their WalMart’s and dollar stores in business – You just can’t get garbage that harmful (toxicity levels) at such an affordable price any where else! If the world becomes completely dependent on China for all inexpensive merchandise, well, China just won world war three and no One even seems to care!

But suggesting the Actions of Trudeau junior are treasonous is too much of a stretch? Do Canadians need to Gift wrap Our country before handing it over to China before We consider Trudeau a sell out? ANY Act that trespasses upon the natural (Sovereign) rights of a county’s People is an Act of treason. Doesn’t Matter if it’s China’s shoddy labour standards, Trudeau tanking Canada’s economy explicitly because he was taking Orders from a private, non government, for profit corporation run by some of the world’s most haneous dictators of yesterday – now advising the world on what We MUST do to protect Our health. You need to get educated and stop listening to CBC News, who should also be charged with treason and shut down immediately until they start complying with public broadcasting standards which includes not using the media to terrorize a country’s People.

The ignorance of the Masses is what motivates Me to Write every day there is a Post to read. I do not say that to condescend or demoralize, either. It is just a general, honest Truth. It is part of the reason My job is so important because media is so powerful I can’t blame the world for being deceived and robbed of their own (inherent) wealth, so much as it might astonish Me to conceive of how it was ever possible. To Me, it is no different from defending a homeless Friend suffering from mental health or addiction issues who does not ‘qualify’ for legal aid (which is generally useless anyway) and it not competent enough to fend for their own Self.

Did I not say when I did My Matrix interpret a Sean that I am the virus in Man’s matrix? The real virus is not something to be afraid of, the real virus is fearlessness. When We are fearless, governments are powerless and as easy to crush as an ant on One’s doorstep. Will Canadians be putting down a ‘Welcome’ mat when the government comes to trespass upon God’s House and Kingdom? Not Me. I Will die before I Will receive a vaccine, and I Will Give You My Word on that.

I Will be doing a Part II to ‘the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man’ sometime soon I should think, though I had intended to Write it on Free Lance Friday, then Saturday, then on My podcast Saturday night, then on Sunday for the weekly review. It didn’t get done. I honestly feel like I am stuck in some kind of weird and twisted science fiction dystopia, except it’s not science fiction, it is the ‘real’ world right now and it could not possibly be any more superficial (a super FICTION) than now. This is absolutely the exact opposite of how God intended for Us to enjoy the Gift of Life We were Given.

We should not be afraid to hug and kiss one another, to be close to one another, to gather to celebrate Our Blessings. When We stop doing all of that, it is called losing faith.

“We knew the war was over when You allowed Us to do Your thing King for You.” – Agent Smith, the Matrix, (paraphrasing)

Are We seriously letting this happen? The ‘Plan’, ladies and gentlemen is for this Covid emergency response training simulation to continue until March, 2025!!! I do not Wish to see the world Living in fear like this for one more minute, much less four more years!!!

So this is a little bit of a confess Sean all of sorts, too because I am finding it increasingly difficult to identify or connect with anyone at all. The confession is that I know I should be Writing more with everything that’s going on and I Promise I Will continue to Write as necessary but daily Posting has been difficult for Me. I’m not here to inject the world with any more fear, there is enough of that already and the last thing I Wish to become is bitter My Self (I know it sounds it much of the time but really, I’m generally very light hearted and don’t take anything too seriously).

But what’s going on right now Will affect Man’s kind for generations to come. The psychological, emotional and spiritual harm being done to Our children who see Us Acting this Way and look to Us as an example of how to live are being socially conditioned with greater affect (with respect to their over all mental and emotional development) than gas chambers in Nazi Germany because the People are endorsing it, supporting it, Creating it.

If I had a child, no Man on this earth would ever have the authority to terrorize him under any circumstance. My brother and sister know Me well enough to know that the registration of biological property is a transfer of owner-ship of title of property. But My brother and sister both registered their children with the state anyway!!!

It is easy to forgive My Mum and dad for what they did because everyone was ignorant, everyone was doing it (not an excuse in My opinion, but I can understand being tricked as well as any One). But to be informed and do it anyway? That is when the morals of Man’s kind really Show their True colours. In fact, I would say that kind of Willful ignorance is responsible for the colour of law that govern Our world today.

The confess Sean is that I am trying to Write but I am also inwardly struggling with the incompetence of the [majority of] People of the world in response to this covid hoax. Thankfully, it is also My motivate Sean, the seriousness of this Issue makes it feel a lot less ‘playful’ than usual, even if I know the virus itself is harmless. The damage the belief in its harm has done is greater than that any virus would be otherwise capable.

So I am going to be finding out who really is responsible for protecting the People of Canada at the municipal level and holding that individual accountable. I believe that individual is the mayor, Jim Watson, though his boss, the manager of the corporation of the city of Ottawa earn $100,000.00 more Canadian taxpayer money for his salary than the city mayor, so I presume that he is the Man who is really in charge – the invisible Man behind the curtain, so to speak. Yes, just over $400,000.00 a year the Man make to Act as manager for the city of Ottawa. That’s a lot of money for a Man with no duty or accountability for the harm done to People by his corporation.

So You Will see more International Public Notices coming soon. Already they have generated more international all time traffic than any other Posts on My Blog. Judgment was filed against Noah S. Potechin of Merovitz Potechin LLP and the National Bank of Canada last Friday, too, so I Will be following up on that soon and sharing the information as I do.

I did Order My new KJV Bible and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I am more excited to receive that than anything I can remember in recent years. I plan to finally read the Bible cover to cover, just for something to do.

The Hope is that it Will Give Me more motivate Sean to Write and Will assist Me in My determination to share the Word of God with You in a more inspire a Sean all Way. Otherwise, I am truly hibernating from the world right now and rather enjoy being a recluse so please be patient. I love You and am thing King of You daily – that’s the real virus they Wish to contain. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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