News Flash – Ottawa Police Struggle with Mental Health Issues with Third Suicide in Six Years

Did I not tell You these People are mentally unstable and should not be Trusted with guns to deal with the general public? Suicide and mental health have been identified as key Issues facing the Ottawa Police Services, along with an increasing number of complaints for police misconduct. People struggling with mental health should not be allowed to carry lethal weapons and placed in ‘charge’ of dealing with the public. I am convinced constable Jenkyn’s is a sociopath because only a sociopath would be capable of having no remorse or accountability for his crimes.

Here’s what the Ottawa Citizen has to say on the Ottawa Police’s Mental health.

They recruit People from the military and virtually everyone in the military who is deployed for a combat mission (tour of duty) returns with post traumatic stress disorder. If counselling is not sought, generally it is for life. We are trusting these individuals to deal with individuals struggling with mental health themselves? How are these types of People expected to know how to effectively handle mental illness when they have not dealt with their own?


  1. God help all be healed and blessed with peace , abundance and love …
    Pray for all and let us all wish them well …
    I remembered an audiobook on youtube called the return to love by Mariana williamson…

    1. Perhaps. I would suggest they start but not hiring People from the military or others who suffer from PTSD. Committing suicide because You are relieved of Your duties for inappropriate conduct suggests these individuals feel a sense of entitlement, and being removed from their job for failing to Honour their oath is ‘unfair’. They should get over themselves and get a new job that does not involve abuse of authority.

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