Volume CXLIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Fight Club, Part VI

Hello every One and welcome to Part VI of My Fight Club Interpret a Sean, thank King You for joining Me.

They do look a little beat up, but they also seem very content. After sitting in silence for a few seconds, Our Hero says, “We should do this again sometime,” and We cut to Paper Street.

Again, nothing in a film is arbitrary, the director or screenwriter deliberately cut to a Street Sign to remind Us of its name. Our Hero still has no name, he is a lost soul seeking to find his identity. So far, the only person he identifies with is the paper fiction. As small a detail as this may seem, its implications in the film are Sign-if I can’t. This is also why the name of Our Hero is not known to Us yet, the film is stressing how irrelevant the name is to the nature of Our Character. In fact, it may even be fair to say that Our Hero’s inability to identify with the fiction is the cause of his misery and insomnia; he’s trying to find his place in the world. And he finds him Self on paper street because it is all he can identify with.

The house is a complete dump, looks as though it’s about to be demolished. First Quest-Ion Our Hero asks of Tyler after getting a look at his house, is “Where’s Your car?”

“What car?”, and Tyler disappears inside the house without a second thought.

Our Hero never mentions the car again and despite the depth of depravity he declares the house to be in, he doesn’t seem inclined to leave and We’re reasonably sure he can probably afford a hotel if he Wishes. Instead, he continues to live with Tyler in a home he doesn’t know if Tyler owns or is squatting in and doesn’t Wish to ask (because that would be rude).

They continue their fights in the back parking lot of the bar they drank in the first night they officially met. The irony of forming a friendship from fighting isn’t really such an alien idea, either. I’ve made several Friends in Life just because someone Wished to beat Me up. Nine times out of ten, when I say, “Okay, I’m right here, bring it on…” – that’s usually the end of it.

A bunch of guys at the bar catch on to what they are doing and become either spectators or participants. The foundation for Fight Club is growing.

The fights are also getting more brutal and Our Hero begins showing up for his high profile insurance analyst position with two black eyes and begins staring People down when they look his Way. He encounters his boss in the men’s room who looks positively terrified.

The house is in really, really rough shape. They have to turn the power out altogether if it rains to prevent electrocution or fire, and Our Hero has gives up television over the first month. We also get the sense Our Hero has no intention of moving out or finding his own place.

Despite coming into work looking beat up every day and scaring most of his colleagues, Our Hero is still getting the job done. His boss is shown asking if reports are done as though he’s looking for an excuse to fire him. Our Hero casually reaches into his desk and Presents the requested files in immaculate condition. His boss walks away looking somewhat defeated.

The movie is filled with little ‘bonding’ moments between the two Characters, one of which includes discussing who they would fight if they could fight anyone. Tyler says he’d fight his dad, Our Hero says he never knew his dad, both significant.

When I was a boy, spankings and the ‘wooden spoon’ were common means of discipline and I received both on a number of occasions. None of it was even close to serious enough to be considered any kind of child abuse, though Man’s legal fiction has different Ideas about that sort of thing now. In fact, I think I’m the reason the wooden spoon became a thing in My House because I would just laugh at My mother if she ever tried to spank Me, My bottom could take more than her hand!

There was one exception. I lied to My father once. Big lie. Maybe My first lie and definitely one of My last lies. But he didn’t just spank Me, he beat Me so bad My mum kicked him out of the house for a few days and I couldn’t wear shorts for two weeks in the middle of summer (because My legs were so badly bruised).

I Will never forget that day and I did not believe I would ever forgive My father for what he had done. I was so enraged with him for taking advantage of his Power I Vowed to My Self that when I became a Man, I would go to him and ask him to do it again. It wasn’t until I was driving to his house to fulfill that Promise that I Truly forgave him. It would have been every bit as unfair a match for My father as it was for Me as a boy, but the fact of the Matter is, what he did made Me a better Man. It’s probably also worth Noting that if I had followed through, I’d probably have spent some serious time in jail because it was clearly pre-meditated. I decided I had better things to do with My weekend than hold a grudge against My father.

Point is, I can relate to bonding on a conversation about who I would Wish to fight, despite My Spiritual nature. In fact, right now I would Love to fight Trudeau if he would consent – for the title would be Ideal. He’s allegedly a trained boxer, I have one year of martial arts training from when I was roughly fifteen years old. Fighting can be a lot of Fun and very Good exercise both mentally and physically when it is done in a controlled, safe environment, and that’s what these guys are creating. Everything is consensual, and that is the Key.

One of the things Our Hero mentions in this conversation is on the topic of marriage.

“I can’t get married, I’m just a thirty year old boy!”

And this is such an important Truth. Really. My parents were children themselves when they had Me, even at the ages of 22 and 29. People are bringing children into the world before they have figured out why they themselves are here! And now their expected to raise children and teach Me how to Live? Money made no sense to Me at five years old, and it didn’t make any more sense to My parents because they could not explain why it was necessary. For a five year old boy, ‘I don’t know, that’s just the way it is…” is not a sufficient or satisfactory answer, sorry.

“We’re a generation of men raised by women.”

Again, another powerful Truth. My father was never home because he was the coin of Our realm. Mum received an allowance and that was perfectly ‘normal’.

Our Hero even refers to their relationship as the modern day “Ozzie and Harriet” most of the week as he fixes Tyler’s tie for a banquet shift at the ritzy hotel he’s war King in. I mentioned in My last Post to try not to compare their relationship to a homosexual relationship exclusively because the relationship would not work so well if there was a romantic interest; the whole reason the relationship is so appealing and Magical is because there is no sexual tension. The beauty of male bonding is to appreciate the individual without there having to be any ‘prospect’ of something more. That’s why the relationship is so liberating for Our Hero. I Imagine that women bond for similar reasons however different the customs may be.

Okay, I’m well over the 1000 Word thresh-hold now so that’s time to call it quits for this week. However, We have seen some rather dramatic Character development since last week. Tyler and Our Hero are now the Happy couple who go out every weekend to beat the crap out of each other to relieve tension. This is the honeymoon of Our new friendship.

Love and Blessings,


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