Second Email to City Mayor, Jim Watson Regarding Mandated Masks in ‘His’ City

Hi Jim,

I would like a reply to this email including any medical information You have at city council to support the belief that masks provide protection from Covid-19.  I Wish to know if You are complicit with the treasonous acts of the Trudeau government, or if You have real, statistical data to support You decision to mandate masks in the city, a decision that many doctors have asserted Will cause more harm to People than Good.  These are medical professionals, I Wish to know what medical professionals have motivated Your policy on mandated masks.

I look forward to Your response, please also check out ‘The Great Barrington Declaration‘, which was created by knowledgeable doctors in hopes of educatingt People on this senseless social policy.  

You DO have a duty and responsibility to respond to concerns from People Living within Your jurisdiction regarding social policies imposed upon the People by You and city council.

This Will be published on the public record at

Thank You,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.


  1. For constructive criticism, just focus on more and more justice, more and more abundance and the smooth flow of life…
    Energy flows where attention goes…
    Do not listen much to the news that is relatively controlled by the shadow governments or the world…

    1. I also Love Your Wisdom and guidance. I do try to ignore mainstream media as much as I can without being completely ignorant of their narrative (otherwise I can’t comment or criticize). 😉

  2. Whisper , whisper , whisper my dear ,
    God is  so lovingly close and near ,
    The ground has an ear ,
    And it can deeply hear ,
    What you say sounds  a voice so clear,
    before the clouds shed an enormous tear ,
    The  winds would   put a gear ,
    With divine mercy , have no place for fear …
    Rivers can flow with water in  a vessel swiftly  in a path to steer,
    Energy goes with life in a stream, 
    They water the lands every year ,
    Merrily everywhere in the now here…


    1. Reading these poems from You is one of the Ways God Sings to Me, reminding Me how Truly Blessed I am. Thank You so much for Your beautiful Words, Brother.

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