Volume CXLIII: The Thursday Thing King Edition; #TrudeauTreason and #TrudeauTraitor Both Trending on Twitter

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank King You for joining Me.

Yes, it is True, yesterday #TrudeauTreason was #Trending on #Twitter, and today it is #TrudeauTraitor. Why? Well, I could Give You about a million reasons and probably five or more if I’m not exaggerating, but here’s the latest.

A ‘click’ on the pic should take One to the article Writ by the National Post detailing Trudeau’s latest betrayal of Canada’s People and I am thing King perhaps the first Act virtually every Canadian Will perceive to be an Act of treason. Why is Trudeau doing favours for China when two of Canada’s People are being held captive by China in violation of their rights? How is that not treason? Doing favours for a country that holds Canada’s People prisoner?

I really was not going to Write a Post today but this News is too Good and this is the Good News Journal. The implications of this are staggering and go well beyond the two men being held captive by China. It brings the whole response to Covid into questionable motive, especially considering China’s direct involvement with respect to the origin of the virus responsible for the pandemic and closure of local businesses which destroyed many small business owners. It essentially amplifies everything the People already distrust with respect to Trudeau. Mark My Words, his days are numbered. I’ve been as King for God for help on this one because the man is far more dangerous than most People Will believe. The last two days are like an answer to My prayers, if You Will.

I also know that Rebel News is bringing a law suit against Trudeau for treason as well (though it probably is not the charge of treason, it Will be specific to Acts that have been passed that are ‘unconstitutional’ and cause harm to Canada’s People, which are effectively treasonous). That’s why the law can seem so complicated because if government are making the laws, they are obviously going to amend the legal definition of treason so that it does not conflict with Acts they Wish to pass. That’s also why it is somewhat paramount to understand that treason constitutes any Act that trespasses upon the Sovereign rights of a country’s People. That Will always be the True definition of treason as it pertains to a Sovereign nation. The only reason it isn’t recognized as treason in Canada’s system of law, is because Canada is Acting as a corporation and the citizens are Acting as agents (franchisees) of the corporation. The rules of the corporation (corporate POLICY, polic -E officers) are presumed to have been contractually agreed upon by the representative (employee of the corporation). So it is not an Act of treason against the corporation of Canada, the corporation of Canada is committing treason upon the Sovereign nation of Canada’s People.

Okay, I am going to keep this one short today but I Will be back tomorrow because I do have lots to say and another confess-Sean to make with respect to My down time and how I am spending it.

Love and Blessings,

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