Volume CXLIII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man – Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I tell You, the world seems to get crazier and crazier every day, I’m hoping to make a little light of things by reminding every One that We are always in God’s Kingdom, even if We don’t know it. The Mind, Body and Soul is the Temple of Man, and the Temple of Man is the Kingdom, the Power and Glory of God, forever and ever.

My Blog is getting a lot of attention lately and I am Great-full for it. At the same time, I’m feeling a little over whelmed. Not a Word I like to use, either because just like everything else in the world, it relates to water and CAPSIZING a vessel.

Meaning “to submerge completely” is early 15c.

You know, My early English teachers would be so proud of Me now for referencing everything. I would get awesome remarks and grades on most of My English papers but I would often leave out the bibliography and references. I would state in My paper where they were sourced from but the proper ‘format’ was to put a number beside each point with a reference as a footnote and a bibliography at the back. I always hated the formality of things and these would be subtle Ways I could reduce My overall grade average which I believed would allow Me to ‘fly under the radar’ without having to deliberately attempt to Write a poor essay.

I’ll get back to explaining why I was doing that another time, the relevance to this Post is that everything I was taught in English class just ‘happens’ to be in perfect harmony with how things are Presented in a legal argument. One can’t just claim the law provides for this and that without qualifying the statement with references. At the end of a complaint, it is proper for One to state which codes, statutes and acts Will be used to defend One’s position. Writing a Notice of Trespass or Statement of Claim follows the very same principles used in a formal essay. If One can express their Self and provide a foundation for their arguments in Law, One can Write a Common Law complaint without much difficulty.

The reason I’m feeling so ‘overwhelmed’ is because the Notices I’ve Posted are highly effective and serious documents. No response from Noah, his law firm, Merovitz Potechin LLP, or the National Bank of Canada. I can’t really say I’m surprised but I am something. I know they are not pleased about the Notices being Published on the Public Record and that is the point, really. This is one of the most powerful law firms in the city of Ottawa with respect to Estate law so the fact they are doing nothing speaks volumes in its own right. It almost says more, which is perhaps why I am feeling so… Something.

For those who have been reading this Blog for any length of time, it is reasonably well known that I do not Wish to ever be compelled to take any One into court. That is absolutely the very last thing I Wish upon any of My adversaries. All I Wish to receive is an apology for the trespasses against Me and the assurance there Will be no more. That’s it. I don’t Wish for money, I have zero motivation to file any claim for financial compensation of any kind. My only Wish is to enjoy the rights afforded Me by God without prejudice. I believe every individual on this earth should also know the enjoyment of these inherent rights for they are the Glory of God’s Kingdom. The Fact that God is recognized as the authority of Law in every Common Law court is the assurance Kingdom Comes.

My guess is that Noah, Merovitz Potechin LLP, and National Bank of Canada believe I Will not be able to enforce the Judgment against them and are waiting to see what I Will do next. What’s interesting about that, is the longer the Judgment remains on the Public Record the worse it looks. They should be discharging the mortgage or at the very least attempting to dispute the Judgment against them. Same rules apply, silence is considered consensual agreement to the facts on a Common Law Record and surely they can’t not know that.

Needless to say, it is also much worse for Noah, his firm and his client if I am compelled to have the Order enforced. The longer I wait, the worse it looks. In case You are wondering, the next step Will be to send a copy of these Notices (all of them) along with the Judgment to revenue Canada. I Will also report the firm, the bank and Noah to the credit bureau and Canada’s Attorney General for failing to hand over the stolen property (and no, I am not exaggerating, that’s exactly what it is now – the Bank of Canada is effectively holding stolen property). Then I Create a Writ of Possession to Claim the property and make arrangements with the local sheriff to enforce the Order. Doesn’t sound like a lot of Fun, does it?

If I were really motivated, I could also use all of the information in the Notices to file a private, criminal prosecution against Noah, the bank and his firm. I honestly don’t Wish for any detriment to befall Noah, his firm or the bank he represents, I only Wish for My right to My father’s land to be Honoured.

On top of all of that, many parts of Ontario are now going into ‘code red’ lockdown for the Christmas Holy days and that infuriates Me, too. This whole covid thing is so ridiculously out of hand. According to CBC, by Canada’s own statistics, there have been 328 deaths in Ottawa since the start of the ‘pandemic’. Let’s put that in perspective. What is 328 deaths divided among 1,000,000 People as a percentage and risk factor? 0.0328 percent. Meaning there is .03 percent chance of death over the course of a year!!! And We are shutting down businesses and not allowing People to gather for Christmas because of this?! This is outrageous!!!

To further put this in perspective, there is a 25% chance One Will die of heart failure compared to a 0.03 percent chance One Will die of Covid. But that isn’t relative to everyone, that statistic Will increase with age. What about car accident?

“About 3,000 Canadians die in car accidents each year, so nationally, the odds are one in 11,000.”

Toronto Star

So as a percentage, there is a 0.01 percent chance one Will get killed by a car. So I suppose Covid is three times more deadly. However, when One considers that the elderly and those with compromised immunity are the highest risk groups, that makes the statistic go down considerably for those outside of that minority. We should be taking care of those who are susceptible and vulnerable while the rest of Us return to normal lives so We can develop natural immunity and get over this thing.

If People don’t recognize that every country in the world approving a virus in record time is somewhat suspect considering they’ve been working on a vaccine for the common cold seemingly forever without any success, I really don’t know what to tell You.

So I’m going to be expecting a reply from Mayor Jim Watson and that almost feels more important to Me now that following up with Noah S. Potechin and his criminal cabal. (I Will enjoy calling Noah a criminal until he Acts in compliance with the law, however. I may even make an effort to do so a little more often.)

Trudeau’s treason also bothers Me a great deal but I am aware of a number of other People (Rebel News, Rocco Galati) who are taking on that beast already and My Wish is to contribute as much as I can to My local community first. As a Friend and frequent reader of My Blog recently stated, change begins within and expands outward into the Universe. So My Wish is for Ottawa to be the example of God’s Kingdom and the first city in Canada to Honour God’s Law and Man’s inherent rights. That is My Wish.

If the Mayor does not respond to My second Letter Voicing My concerns regarding Covid and the measure the city is taking which I believe to be causing more harm to Ottawa’s People than Good, I Will officially place him on Notice for breach of Public Trust and Treason if he does not provide sufficient medical evidence to support his decision to mandate social distancing and masks.

Trudeau’s actions are Truly Treasonous against Canada’s Sovereign People and any who are following his Orders need to also be held accountable. ‘Just following Orders’ is not enough, the mayor better have sufficient medical evidence to support his decision that warrants these ridiculous policies for a virus with a 99.97% survival rate. I should probably have Focused on the survival rate more than the death rate because it seems even more powerful for some reason.

What all of this means is that next year is going to be very busy for Me because that is when I plan to start enforcing all of these Orders. We’ll see how much the mayor likes being charged with treason if he fails to respond.

I apologize for going off on a bit of a rant today but this is why it’s difficult for Me to Write at the moment. Trying to keep things positive when so many rights are being abused and People are being Willfully deceived by People they Trust infuriates Me. The Good News today is that I am going to do everything I can to put a stop to this madness by any lawful means I can conjure up in My Mind.

I also Promised to make another confess Sean today and here it is. I use an Xbox One to unwind despite My belief that games are a complete waste of time. They are. However, they are also Fun and more enjoyable to Me than watching TV. Typically, My usual Way to unwind is to watch a film or read. This month, however, I spent more on My Self than I usually do so that I would be compelled to exercise My right to dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations and test My contract with the Ottawa Police, see if they have any Honour in their department.

So I purchased Cyberpunk 2077 because it looks amazing and I believe the main Story Will have a strong spiritual message because Keanu Reeves plays one of the main characters. Keanu doesn’t get involved in any project for no reason, I believe there Will be Good story line behind it and I’m looking forward to sharing that with You, too. Unfortunately, I really don’t play games very much so I’m not much Good and it might take Me a while to get anywhere. But for those who are into gaming at all… I can tell You Cyberpunk 2077 is every bit as Good as all the hype, best first person shooter/adventure game I have ever played. Graphics are also stunning and I have an appreciation for all the artistry that goes into these massive projects.

So that’s what I am doing right now to ‘escape’ all the madness of the ‘real’ world which seems more fictitious to Me every day with all of these draconian laws being created that trespass upon God’s Kingdom. I’m ‘taking it easy’ (if I can) until the end of the year with the exception of potentially Posting a few more Notices. I do not plan on following up to enforce any Notices until at least 01/01/04 of Heaven’s Kingdom (Christ Mass consciousness day).

I hope You are all well and finding Your own Way to enjoy God’s Kingdom and these ridiculous ‘lockdowns’.

Love and Blessings,

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