Fourth Email to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson Regarding the City’s Response to Covid

Hi Jim,

Fourth email to Your office now.  I find the statistical analysis by stats Canada regarding the increase in suicide rates as a result of unemployment rather alarming.

The results of our projection analysis are in accordance with what we previously discovered in a similar analysis in the USA that the abrupt increase in unemployment in Canada is associated with an increase in deaths due to suicide. The projection estimates we have observed are also similarly aligned with what was observed in Canada during the Great Recession (Reeves et al., 2014). We recognize that no single variable accounts for completed suicide within individuals or populations. We additionally recognize that no single macroeconomic indicator is sufficiently predictive of suicide. Notwithstanding, it was observed during the Great Recession in the USA, Canada, and various economies of Europe, as well as Asia, that the change in unemployment rate was highly associated with increase in suicide rates (Chang et al., 2009Reeves et al., 20142012Stuckler et al., 2009). Moreover, the association between economic distress and adverse mental health outcomes, notably suicide, is a highly replicated observation (Alicandro et al., 2019Collins et al., 2020).  

This is just ONE of the dire consequences of mandated masks, lockdown policies and self isolation.  Are We to presume that the lives of those who die from covid are more valuable and meaningful than the damage done to the rest of Canadians?  This does not include increases in alcohol and drug abuse, increases in domestic violence, or People not being able to receive the care they need from hospitals because they have been directed to prioritize covid.

I Will remind You that the risk of death as a result of Covid by Canada’s own statistics in the city of Ottawa, is less than 0.03%.  That means there is a 99.97% survival rate.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE do these numbers justify the measures and consequential harm being done to the People of Canada.

As a mayor it seems to Me that You are responsible for ensuring the policies You enforce within Your city are not causing more harm to Ottawa’s People than Good.  What is the reason for jeopardizing the health and well being of so many Canadians?  The number of People suffering as a result of the measures taken to protect against Covid are significantly greater than the number of People who stand to be harmed by Covid.

Why does a healthy individual need to wear a mask?  Should that not be a personal choice, considering there is no evidence I am aware of to suggest that masks provide any health benefit whatsoever.

I am happy to stand corrected if You have evidence to suggest that the measures have improved the lives of Canada’s People and protected them from serious harm.
I really do expect a reply to these emails or I Will presume You are abdicating Your duties to Ottawa’s People, and Your failure to respond Will be considered an admission of these facts.

Sincerely concerned about the policies You are enforcing that trespass upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People and appear to be causing more harm than Good,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God. 

The information provided in this email is sourced from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health –

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