Volume CXLIII: The Super Natural Sunday Edition; The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man – Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. It is a ‘Super’ Natural Sunday Edition because My Words are Truly beginning to manifest and that is a Gift from God, Trust Me. 😉

On Twitter, the pile of poo Trudeau is now finding himself in is beginning to wreak a stench so intolerable it is becoming hard for the rest of Canada to turn a blind eye. And did I not say that 2020 was the year for 20/20 Vision, to put things in perspective?

What is the latest? Well, it has now been revealed that Trudeau has been colluding with the Chinese, training Chinese military troops in Canada, and that all of the measures and policies implemented as a result of Covid are part of a much bigger plan to bankrupt Canada’s economy to make Way for a global reset! Yup, it’s all in the #Chinafiles and is now creating so much controversy internationally that Trudeau Will have a much more difficult time dismissing this as ‘business as usual’, even if it is just another day at the office for #TrudeauTreason.

I really am starting to believe that Trudeau’s treasonous party is coming to a close. I woke up this morning feeling like I generally would any other day of the week until I checked My Twitter feed. Trudeau was still on the ‘Trending’ list, so I decided to see what it might be about now. This is attracting so much attention, Tucker Carlson from Fox News is reporting on the story. I thought it worthy of sharing, even if Tucker Carlson is known to dramatize events, I like his candour.

Trudeau Treason catches attention of US media

This is Rebel News reporting on the story and as I mentioned recently, Rebel News and Rocco Galati are two individuals I know of who are putting together lawsuits against the Trudeau government for their trespasses upon Canadian Sovereignty. It is also one of the main reasons I don’t Wish to add Trudeau’s trespasses upon Canadian citizens to My list of things to address in My own Microcosm; I prefer to deal with the municipal representatives of government who are endorsing his treasonous Acts in parliament.

So this turned My average Sunday morning into a Super Natural Sunday morning because really, none of this has anything to with Me aside from the fact I have been Writing about all of this since long before I knew any of it to be true and factual. Common sense was all I needed to know that shutdowns, social distancing and mandated masks were trespasses upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People, I Trusted that these reasonably self evident Truths would become apparent in their own time. And it was only about a week ago that I was as King of God to please expose Trudeau’s crimes to Canada’s People.

“Keep on as King, and You Will receive.” Bible, paraphrasing

Which brings Me to the other reason this Sunday is so super natural. My new KJV Bible was supposed to arrive on Tuesday but I guess they didn’t see the special delivery instructions to leave the package outside My door on the patio table. Consequently, it was returned because they did not Wish to leave it on the front steps of My building. I contacted the sender providing the delivery instructions a second time and received an email late last night indicating that the package had been delivered, though there was still nothing on My porch. I checked the front lobby of My building this morning and sure enough, there it was. It almost seems as though it was God’s Plan for Me to receive this Gift on Son-day. No coincidences, right?

So part of My daily routine now is one hour of reading every day, which is something I pretty much do anyway but this is specific to the KJV of the Bible which I intend to read from cover to cover. I am excited about that because when I say that the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of God is Man, this is the Book that asserts that Truth and is also accepted as the ‘Facts’ pertaining to God’s Law in any commercial court. So long as We acknowledge the Anno Domini Gregorian calendar, We are Living in the timeline of Christ and are presumed to have accepted that Christ is the moral example We are all to follow. One cannot deny Christ while simultaneously acknowledging the date as November 13th 2020; it is a memorial of the death of that story’s main Character, the Christ.

I also included another ‘Trust Triangle’ as the featured image of today’s Post to Show the ‘Magical’ associations as they pertain to God’s Kingdom, the Mind, Body and Soul of Man.

This Trust Triangle also helps to Show why the Princess is the ‘Kingdom’ of God and why the Son is considered the wealth of the Trust. The Son’s Duty is to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth, so although the Son is the wealth of the Trust, He is worthless if He does not use the wealth to expand God’s Kingdom by producing off-spring. Only the Princess can Create new Life, and only with the combined Energy of God’s Son.

The Trust Triangle I have depicted here also helps to explain ‘the original marriage as it occurs in nature’, which is the marriage of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother. The combined Energy allows for Creation, the Garden of Eden. It allows for the Idea of God [Mankind] to be made manifest. But Adam was not enough, He needed a companion, someone to share the enjoyment of God’s Kingdom. So God is said to have Created Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. Now, Earth mimics the Heavens. The Idea that Eve is Created from one of Adam’s ribs is to emphasize the Idea that Man and his counterpart ‘womb-man’ are made from the same ‘stuff’. How could one be any less important than the other?

You Will also notice that the Princess is the Star [of the Show]. This is to emphasize that the wealth of God’s Kingdom has no Value if it does not produce anything. The reason this Idea is important for Me to communicate here, is to emphasize that My ability to dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice is an inherent right We all share, and it too has no Value if it does not produce anything to benefit Man’s kind. My inherent wealth means nothing if I cannot dispose of that wealth to Establish God’s Kingdom. And My right to do so is no different from Yours.

The ‘Plan’ for a global reset is something You Will hear more about, I Give You My Word on that. Perhaps what I Wish to emphasize above all else in this Post, is that the plan for a global reset of the world’s economy IS essentially the manifestation of what I have been as King of God for more than ten years. Now, it is being made manifest.

Finally, I Wish to let You know that My [physical] participation is in many Ways irrelevant. The world may try and prevent Me from ever being able to dispose of My natural wealth sufficient to relieve the world of its debts, but My intention that it should be done and My insistence it must be done in Order for the Establishment of God’s Kingdom is coming to fruition. Physically, I am just a Man and can be oppressed as easily as any other Man. However, to quote from the film I quit interpreting because it hits too close to home in the middle of this ‘plandemic’.

“Ideas are bulletproof” V, V for Vendetta

Good Ideas are like potent seeds; they Will take root, grow, and eventually produce fruit. The world can deny the Man, but the world cannot deny God because His Kingdom is self evident. You are the United State of Mind, Body and Soul, the Kingdom of God. Those who Wish to deny God’s Kingdom deny that which is self evident. In time, illusions fall away and We begin to see things as they are. Man’s fantasy fiction of capitalism and competing for profits Will one day be seen as juvenile as failing Kindergarten for refusing to share Your toys.

I Will have much more to say on this topic over time. For now, I am happy to see My Words being made manifest.

Love and Blessings,

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