Email to Member of Parliament, Catherine McKenna

Hi Catherine,

I am Writing You today because I am deeply concerned about many of the policies being mandated by the Trudeau government as well as Trudeau’s collusion with China and his decision to train Chinese military troops in Canada.  I believe the policies and acts implemented in the House of Commons in response to Covid 19 are treasonous to Canada’s People which trespass upon their Sovereignty.

I am also Writing You today with concerns regarding My own inherent, God Given rights as they are afforded Me by the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms which was ratified by Canada in 1976.  I have revoked My Trust in Canada’s government, placed My Trust in God and would very much like to enjoy My inherent rights in accordance with the U.N. Covenant.

Is there something I am failing to understand regarding the Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms?  Do Canada’s People NOT have the right to quit their country and place their Faith and Trust in God?  Does Canada NOT plan to Honour the Covenant that was ratified by Canada in 1976, and if so, is that not a breach of Trust and trespass upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People?  Must I be subject to a manchild like Trudeau colluding with China at the expense of My own inherent rights and freedoms?

I feel I am being held as an indentured servant and bonded slave to Canada’s debt to a foreign bank, despite sending the Mayor of Ottawa several emails concerning these rights (primarily My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth without prejudice to foreign obligations) and Declaring My Trust in God by what I believe to be the appropriate government offices – the Registrar General and Attorney General of Canada.

In addition to sending all of My documents to what I believe to be the appropriate government offices, I have also Posted My Notices and Declarations in My international publication,

I believe all representatives of government have a duty and responsibility to respond to concerns from the People and I am as King of You to bring these very serious Matters before the House of Commons at Your earliest convenience.  

I just read Your 43rd Parliament Issue handout which states, “If You or someone You know needs help, please call or email My office.  My staff and I Will do Our best to offer support.”

I know it may be rather uncommon for a Man to Wish to quit his country and place his faith in God, yet I believe most Canadians believe they are free to do so if they Wish, and that they are not bound to serve a treasonous Trudeau government against their Will.  I do not Wish to be a party to Trudeau’s fraud, nor do I Wish for any of My inherent rights to be trespassed upon for one moment longer.

I look forward to a reply at Your earliest convenience, this letter Will be published on the International Public Record at

Love and Blessings,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.

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