Volume CXLIV: Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Love Conquers Fear, Love Conquers All

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King You for being here. I have another video for You today, this time from Bitchute so I don’t think it Will be removed and of all the videos I have posted so far concerning the new covid vaccine roll out, this is the most comprehensive and also the most inspirational.

Amanda Forbes interviews Carrie Madej who discusses what is really in the Covid vaccine produced by Moderna and it is even more alarming than what I have previously suggested, yet it is also precisely what My intuition has been telling Me from day one. I warned that this vaccine Will literally be the turning point for Man’s kind, the proverbial red or blue pill Man Will be asked to take. As Shakespeare once said, “To be, or not to be?”, that is the Quest-Ion.

Carrie Madej on hijacking Your DNA and patent rights to Your biology

Remember when the world was in upheaval over Monsanto? Farmers all over the world were complaining because genetically modified seeds could cross pollinate with natural crops, altering their DNA. It was more than just an Issue with the farmer no longer having natural product in her fields, the legal aspect was that Monsanto owns the patent and therefor any crops that fit the DNA profile. Monsanto could literally destroy an entire farmer’s crop if it were found to be genetically engineered to Monsanto’s DNA model.

Now, what if a vaccine producer who has a patent for the vaccine can use RNA to alter One’s DNA? Does the owner of the patent now own YOU? You betcha, at least according to law and that’s what this Covid vaccine is really about. What is the patent number for this vaccine? 060606-2020. I could not make this stuff up. And whom do You think owns that patent? Mr. Bill Gates to Hell himself. And that’s only the beginning.

Before You get too alarmed, what I LOVE about this video (which is almost an hour long so please take the time) is how inspirational it is despite the somber message and information it contains. It wasn’t so long ago that I discovered I can ‘Cast’ My consciousness into water and clay in a Way that is visibly detectable immediately. I don’t talk about it anymore but it’s as prevalent as ever. The only subtle change is that the water in My shower is no longer pink unless I think about it, though that took over a month.

I had suggested that this was a result of an increase in the electro-magnetic field of My heart which is something Carrie talks about in the video. I had no Idea that a Man with a low, fear based heart resonates an electro-magnetic field of six feet – the exact distance they say We should keep from one another to social distance. Coincidence? Even more encouraging, a Love based electro-magnetic field of a Man who is conscious and Living in a Love based vibrational field is immeasurable, potentially affecting several kilometers of space or more! I had also suggested that by placing My consciousness in water and Keeping these jars and balls of clay with living veins of consciousness in them around Me, I am essentially multiplying My consciousness and Creating additional ‘network nodes’ that resonate the same vibrational frequency. I don’t know for sure that’s what I am doing, but earth arranges itself like iron filings to a magnet simply by the Act of My paying attention to it. Carrie talks about the Power of Love to overcome fear and how We are in a critical point in Man’s development as a species which Will determine Our direction for the generations that follow.

Carrie also touches on a lot of other Ideas I have touched on in previous posts, like informed consent, the Hippocratic Oath doctors take and even the Nuremburg principal of informed consent. The fact of the Matter is this: the producers of the vaccine know risks associated with the vaccine they are deliberately keeping from Man’s kind in Order to convince People it is safe and instill a false sense of confidence.

This is beyond ridiculous, it is abhorrent and absolutely deplorable, irresponsible behaviour. Any politician advocating for social distancing, masks or encouraging People to take a vaccine that has NOT been proven safe should be tried for treason. In fact, despite My Love for Man’s kind, I would suggest these individuals deserve much worse and should be removed from this plane of existence altogether. We have a duty of care to one another and anyone who is not taking that duty of care seriously and trespassing upon the autonomous rights of the world’s People should be removed from office without delay and forever.

However, I Will not determine what the fate of these criminals Will be, I Will only tell You it is My Will they should be exposed and what they have done or attempted to do to others Will be done to them. That is God’s Law, and this Saturday’s Simple Solution. My Words Manifest, enjoy the Show. I know path I’m choosing. 😉

Trust Love over fear, Trust God over Bill’s Gate to hell.

Love and Blessings,

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