Rocco Galati’s Press Release and Statement of Claim Against Trudeau Government et al in their Response to Covid

Hello every One, thank King You for joining Me. I mentioned previously that there are other individuals I know of who are taking on the Trudeau government’s treasonous Acts in response to covid and Rocco Galati is one of those individuals. Today I thought it might be a Good time to share his Press release with You, along with a link to his Statement of Claim against Canada’s government. Rocco Galati has expressed in video interviews his determination to inform the People of Canada and bring these very serious Issues to the public. I’m doing My part to facilitate that intent.

Rocco Galati’s Press Release and Statement of Claim

Of course, Rocco Galati is a real (licensed) lawyer and openly states that he exclusively takes on government in his law suits aimed at protecting the constitutional rights of Canada’s People, so it is impossible for Me to not have a tremendous amount of respect for the Man.

Having said that, I am not overly confident the Statement of Claim Will be successful only because the courts and Canada’s government are demonstrating such a shameless disregard for the Rule of Law. My guess is that it Will be dismissed as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ (court’s favourite Way to absolve accountability and maintain control of Canada’s People) but I figure if I do My part to make Canada’s People aware of this, perhaps by demonstrating how broken Our system is, more People Will be inclined to speak out against these draconian laws and infringements on the (inherent) rights of Canada’s People.

I have read the Statement of Claim and may even choose to go over it with You another time to help explain what some of it means in ‘layman’ terms.

For now, I just Wish to let You know I’m not the only one who is furious about the Trudeau government’s blatant disregard for the well being and safety of Canada’s People.

All of this is Good News because the more People speak up about this, the more likely cases like this one are to succeed. I am as King for God to ensure this criminal cabal is held accountable to Canada’s People.

Love and Blessings,

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