Volume CXLV: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Affidavits of Truth and the Treasonous Acts of Government

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here. I have an informative and Inspire A Sean all Post for You today regarding the current covid plandemic. And no, I don’t care what People think about Me calling this thing a plandemic because that’s exactly what it is. Over the coming weeks, I Will be Showing You why this is a carefully contrived plan to bankrupt the world’s most prosperous nations for what they Will be calling a ‘Great Reset’.

In fact, I am going to start this Post by supporting this initial claim by reposting an editorial published by the Toronto Sun.

As Toronto Sun columnist Brian Lilley has correctly pointed out, the “Great Reset,” advocated by the World Economic Forum, is not part of a global conspiracy. It’s out in the open.

Toronto Sun

A conspiracy is a contrived plan to commit a crime against a People – in this case, the People are Canadians and virtually all other People of the world subject to draconian laws in response to covid.

The Quest-Ion, is what is to be done about this?

Well, I’ve come up with something of a Plan, although still somewhat vague. In light of the Canadian government’s apparent disregard for the constitutional rights of Canada’s People, the Rule of Law, and their elected officials apparent abdication of their Oath of office for failing to respond to Letters of concern from the People, My intent is to bring the Truth of this fraud to the world’s People by Showing You the facts.

Despite how irrational the Trudeau government’s response to covid has been and the collateral damage done, there is some Good News amidst some of these new policies, primarily with respect to new provisions made by Canada’s courts.

I have said that the international Notices I’ve Posted here are statements of Truth, online Affidavits, if You Will. Typically, when One Wishes to file an Affidavit into the courts, it must be Notarized. I have also mentioned previously that the reason citizens need to have documents notarized is because they are presumed to have lost their Honour because they have placed their ‘Trust’ in government, rather than God. A Man who has placed his or her Trust in God is ‘Holding’ a different position of office which is considered Honourable – there is no need to have their Word ‘Notarized’ because they have already Sworn allegiance to God, which is the Supreme Authority of Law and none can Quest-Ion the Word of God.

So whether I call My Notices Affidavits or not does not negate their validity as Statement of Truth, especially if One does not provide a rebuttal to the statements made. An uncontested Claim stands as ‘fact’ in a ‘de-facto’ court, which is precisely why they are called de facto courts. Courts (and the Magistrates of the courts) are only ruling on the information presented. If I ‘Claim’ that so and so did such and such, and the individual does not respond with a defense to the allegation, it is presumed to be True or ‘fact’ in Law. That is why when One Presents a Statement of Claim to the court, if the defendant does not defend the accusation within a specified time, default judgment is awarded against them without further notice to them. It is also a requirement of the rules of civil procedure to advise the defendant how long they have to respond and that this Will be the outcome if they fail to do so. Why would it be any different in the Common Law? It’s not, and precisely why My International Public Notices are so Powerful.

One of the benefits to the court process is that email is now accepted as legal service of delivery of documents. In My case, that means that Noah S. Potechin et al were all legally and lawfully ‘served’ both in the Common Law and in accordance with Man’s legal fiction, the commercial courts of equity (not justice). This is the difference between a de facto court and a du jure court. The former is a court of equity, the latter is a (Common Law) court of Justice.

The other Way to legally ‘notarize’ a document is to have it witnessed and Signed by at least three People; the one swearing the information to be True, and two other impartial witnesses to the statement. This is also the significance of Christ’s statement:

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

KJV Bible, Matthew 18:20

Christ is acknowledged as the Truth, the Life and the Way. So when two or more Sign a document and declare it to be fact, Christ is in the midst of them. Christ is Truth, and so must be the statement. See how the Bible relates to [True] Law?

For those that may not believe this is True or acknowledged by the courts of Our current world, My Words Manifest and it has since been made True by recent changes to the Rules of Civil procedure:

“The Court has also relaxed procedures related to commissioning affidavits. Where it is not possible for a commissioner to administer an oath in the presence of a deponent, the Court will accept affidavits commissioned by video. If it is not possible to commission an affidavit by video, an unsworn affidavit may be delivered to the Court, but the deponent must be able to participate in any telephone or videoconference hearing to swear or affirm the affidavit.”

Well, that’s going to make things considerably more difficult for My adversaries in law, isn’t it? I can attest that My Notices are Affidavits of Truth and they are considered such by default and I can Swear them at the time they are Presented to the court. Check, and mate! (I really need to find a Good online chess site to brush up on My Game, may look into that later this evening.)

Having said all of this, I’m not changing My position on anything, either, though this Will make it considerably easier for Me to enforce My Notice of Default Judgment Issued against Noah S. Potechin, the National Bank of Canada and his law firm. Even more encouraging, I Will be placing the Mayor of Ottawa on Notice for his crimes against Canada’s People along with Catherine McKenna.

I’m not going to Focus My 2020 Vision on Trudeau, Ford, or any of the other elected officials responsible for the harm that has been done to Canada’s People, I’ll leave that to Ezra Levant and Rocco Galati for now as they are more than capable. I may decide to reach out to these individuals sometime in the New Year to let them know how I plan to take on municipal representatives of government in support of their efforts. Perhaps they Will be Willing to provide some free counsel with respect to dealing with the commercial fiction, especially if they know I am capable of Writing and filing My own paperwork, and perhaps I can even help with some other municipal Issues for other individuals unlawfully arrested or fined as a result of mandated masks and these ridiculous lockdowns destroying Canada’s economy and interfering with the People’s right to Life, Liberty and the enjoyment of Happiness.

Finally, the last Motive A Sean all thought I Wish to leave You with is that the evidence to support My claims is truly overwhelming. Just wait until I start sourcing all of My information to support My claims against these individuals. Because Affidavits can be Sworn when they are Presented to the court, I can continue to Issue default Judgments ‘Res Judicata, Nihil Dicit’ against these individuals if they fail to respond, and enforcing these Judgments Will be much easier. The very best part of all of this, is that I can do all of this without ever having to enter one of their [private] commercial courts.

I hope and Trust You are all well and making the most of these difficult times. I am war King to defend Your inherent rights and Give You My Word I Will continue to do so.

No One who betrays God can avoid God’s wrath.

Love and Blessings,

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