Enjoy Christ Mass Consciousness with Family; the Covid Fraud is Exposed

Mary Christ Mass Consciousness day every One, and thank King You for being here. It is the first day of the fourth year of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean and God is always very Good to Me. I have been as King God to expose the incredible fraud perpetuated on the world by World Health Organization eugenics advocates promoted by the Bill and Melinda Gates to hell foundation. Well, I received this announcement from a Friend in the U.K. just after midnight last night, and We know I don’t believe in coincidences.

The national health organization in Ireland was forced to admit that the alleged Covid virus has never been isolated in a lab. In short, this means the virus has never been clearly identified. This also means that if the virus cannot be isolated and positively identified, then they cannot even begin to develop a vaccine designed to ‘fight’ it. So there is nothing ‘miraculous’ about a vaccine being produced all over the world in record time by several pharmaceutical companies because it was never about protecting Your health, it was about testing Your compliance with irrational mandates; like social distancing, mandated masks and compulsory vaccinations.

This is always the Good News Journal and I know a lot of People are not going to like hearing this information. In fact, some Will be so furious to hear this Good News that they Will reject it entirely. It’s called cognitive dissonance; the Mind Will reject information that is destructive to an individual’s perceived reality. We’ve virtually bankrupt all of the world’s most prosperous nations with the exception of China who is doing very well now. No social distancing in Wuhan, no mandated masks, no compulsory vaccine. Yet People still refuse to believe this was is a biological weapon intended to secure China’s financial position on the world stage.

So the Good News this Christ Mass Consciousness day, is that this news is coming out in more and more countries across the globe. Some are finding that although they’ve been hyper reporting on covid to incite fear in the world’s People, flu deaths are down as much a 96% this year. But they wouldn’t dare tell You that covid IS the seasonal flu, no more harmful than any other season because that would not justify the draconian laws and restrictions on Our freedoms government officials are insisting are necessary to prevent a major pandemic.

The pandemic is ignorance and fear. Too few People have the ability or wherewithal to apply critical thing King to what they are told by so-called ‘authorities’. These People are not authorities, they are conspirators to the greatest fraud the world has ever seen.

As I mentioned previously, I have been as King God to take care of this, to hold those responsible for the fraud accountable and any who endorse it. I don’t care if it’s Justin Trudeau in Canada, or the provincial premiers enforcing the policies without the scientific data to back it up. What I Will tell You, is that if the health organization in the U.K. has no proof of any isolated covid virus, neither does any other country in the world.

These policies prove absolute incompetence in leadership wherever they are being implemented because it demonstrates a lack of integrity in ANY elected official responsible for the safety of their People; whether it be at a national, provincial, or municipal level. Every premier should have been insisting on proof of data that the virus has been isolated, scientific and medical data that proves social distancing is an appropriate response, data that proves masks provide reasonable protection against a virus and pose no harm to People’s health. These things are simply NOT True, and all One really needs is a Good measure of Common Sense to know this because social distancing and masks have never been tried before, so there cannot be any data to support these policies.

In the film ‘V for Vendetta’ (which I stopped analyzing because it takes place in 2020 and is too close to home in light of this plandemic), V takes over a media broadcast station which is routinely used by government for propaganda to keep the People in fear. He tells the People in a well Writ monologue that in Truth the People are to blame because they allowed it to happen. They allowed the government to use media to terrorize them and fell in line without as King of their government any questions. However, he knows the People are easily manipulated and all too willing to ‘Trust’ whatever the government tells them.

“Father, forgive them for what they do not know.”

Christ, from the Cross

V follows up on this by saying, “Though some are more responsible than others, and they Will be held accountable.”

I Love the film because it is loaded with Universal Truths. No Man can escape their fate in the eyes of God, and God is always watching. This is also why One does not need to tell their legal opponent that they are recording a conversation because doing so is in harmony with God. One may believe that if there is no record of a conversation, it cannot be proven, but God is always watching – and God never forgets.

As of today, the entire province of Ontario goes into ‘code red’ lockdowns and the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson said he was ‘blindsided’ by the announcement from provincial premier Doug Ford and does not believe that Ottawa should be punished when it has some of the lowest covid cases and deaths in all of Canada. Might be a nice political Play, a more diplomatic approach to the announcement but it just demonstrates how weak and spineless Ottawa’s mayor truly is. He was asking for a ‘reduced sentence’ because Ottawa’s People have ‘been so Good at preventing the spread’. He was asking for fourteen days instead of the mandated twenty-eight days announced by the premier. Has the mayor demanded a freedom of information report on the virus proving it has been isolated? No. If he, or any other municipal leader or provincial premier had, small businesses would never have closed because he would have realized there was no scientific foundation for what they have been as King of Canada’s People.

The Good News today, is that You can Happily enjoy Your Christ Mass Consciousness Holy day with family and Friends, You can remove Your mask, hug and kiss Your loved ones (proven to enhance immune response to any ailment), and get outside for some fresh air. For once, it’s not even that cold in Canada’s nation capital right now, it has been raining since late yesterday afternoon.

I hope this day finds You all well and that You are ignoring the draconian laws they are trying to impose upon You, sharing a festive meal with loved ones and Friends.

Love and Blessings,

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