Volume CXLVI: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Censorship has its Privileges – Instagram’s New Terms of Service

Mark Zuckerberg is at it again with some new terms of service for the Instagram platform owned by Facebook. Rather than rant about this one, I’m in rather Good Spirits today despite the determination of Our governments to crush Man’s Spirit and trample Our inherent rights, so I’m just going to share a more satirical summary of some of Instagram’s new terms of service presented by the one and only ‘JP’. Enjoy.

We really do have to keep a sense of humour amidst all this madness, so I hope You found this at least mildly entertaining if not entirely alarming. I Will be back with a new Fight Club instalment later this evening.

Hope You are all enjoying the Holy days!!!

Love and Blessings,


  1. Raise your vibes and by all of us doing this , it gets easier for us to rise and get more liberty and freedom …
    We can be set from liberated from any control …
    We are free and together we form the world universal dream ,
    It is a joyful astounding stream , …

  2. I want to ask you if you are into trading and investing …
    Learning and applying knowledge can help you thrive and get a better ripple effect in the world…
    You can start with a small amount of funds first …
    The bank is called Webull and if you deposit 100 dollars, you get 4 free shares and you are allowed to have 3 trades per week free of commission…

    1. Thank You. While I appreciate the offer, I truly am not into any kind of fictional wealth. That includes bank notes, cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, or anything else. All of these systems were instituted to give Us a false sense of entitlement to the natural wealth of the world and its resources. Those who have the fictional currencies believe it gives the ‘right’ to access what God has created in measure relative to their ‘wealth’. This is precisely why the 1% believe they have a ‘right’ to control the world’s resources and People, because they have more ‘wealth’ than the other 99%. Having said that, I do appreciate the sentiment, thank You. Remember YOU are the wealth, the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. All these other things are trying to deceive and Keep You from disposing of Your natural wealth Given by God. Love and Blessings, hope You are enjoying the Holy day season.

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