Volume CXLVI: Happy Son Day!!! The Seventh Day of Heaven’s Kingdom

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King You for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You with Me. I have been ta-King a little bit of a break over the Holy Days but Promised I would have some exciting News for You by the New Year. Well, it is a Good Year; it Will be a Truly Magical Year because Seven is Heaven, and this really is the Seventh Day of Heaven’s Kingdom. I have also decided that the Seventh Day Will be a Son Day.

My frequent readers Will know that We do not believe in coincidences here, everything is the Voice of the Universe communicating with Us in some Way. The more We Pay a Tent-Ion, the greater the Wealth of Our in-Vest-Ment in the develop-Ment of One’s Character. Keep in Mind that ‘ment’ always means Mind. The Mind is also the House. Ion is always a unit of Energy. Energy is Life; Life is the Will and the Way. A ‘Vest’ is a piece of clothing, something to ‘Dress’ One’s Character. When I say I am a Master of Magic, these are the reasons why. Whether We know it consciously or not, these Ideas are always war-King in Our subconscious. The more One can Master how Words are war-King in the Minds of Man, the more Effective the Spelling of One’s Magic becomes.

I officially Claimed God’s Kingdom on December 25th, 2016, what I am now thing King of as the ‘old’ calendar. It’s True, at least in My Mind. It didn’t even happen deliberately, it just happened. I can’t think of Man’s regular calendar the same Way anymore, it has nothing to do with Me, really. The Kingdom of Heaven has never before been Established on Earth, so far as I know, anyway. For Me, it was Established on December 25th, 2016 of the old calendar, which makes this the Seventh Day of the First Month of the Fourth year. Today I am going to celebrate and rest, just as God did on the Seventh day after Creating the Earth. That’s also why I’m Calling it Son Day; it is My Celebrate ‘Sean’ of God. 😉

For the last Six days I have been war King on Plans for the Fourth year of Heaven’s Kingdom and I have come up with some Truly exciting Ideas. I am still dealing with My late Father’s Estate which represents physical Land (outside of My Heavenly Body) upon which I can further Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth. This represents Land I can build on and there is no One on Earth that Holds a Superior Claim of right to it. I don’t even care how it sounds because it happens to be True and factual both in Natural Law and every Rule of Law that exists on this Earth, and I don’t believe in coincidences. This is God’s Gift to Me and there is no greater Way to Honour My Father; both in Heaven, and on Earth, which is precisely why it Will be Called Heaven’s Kingdom (the land of My father).

I had postulated some Ideas with respect to how I would be ‘enforcing’ the default Judgement awarded against Noah S. Potechin, his firm and the National Bank of Canada and I’ve come up with some very Good Ideas. The Intent is not to tease by telling You these things without further explanation, all the solutions involve Posts I Will be Writing here. There Will be no need to explain once I Publish the Posts which Will be within hours of Writing this one.

The Magic of this particular Post is to emphasize the importance of the Notices I Will be Publishing today because there is always Intent-Ion behind everything I do. I Will be resting on Son Day. The Posts I Will Publish are the work of the week, the Product of the Intent-Ion to further Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth. I do not believe it is a coincidence that the timing worked out as it did. I did not Real Eyes that Your New Year would be the Day I firmly Establish Heaven’s Kingdom on Earth by Way of the Notices I Will Publish. It also just ‘happens’ to be the Seventh Day of [the Establishment and Declaration of] My Kingdom, after Six Days of thing King over the Holy Days. It is also ‘happens’ to be in the Fourth year of My Kingdom (I could not possibly have ‘planned’ when My father would pass), and Four is always Foundation in Magic. I only know that none of these Events are a coincidence, this is the Language of the Universe, the One Song We all Sing. We are all connected, whether We know it or not.

This New Years Post is a Magical Rich-You-all, a Magical Spell to help One Real Eyes We are the wealth of God’s Kingdom; One’s Product-Ion (or Product-Sean in My case) is the Coin of the Realm, the Real-‘M’; the Real Magical world.

“My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done,

On Earth as in Heaven”

Cestui Que Vie

I also have some other Good News for this Celebrate Sean and evolution of this Blog. My reader Ship has improved Dramatically on the world’s Stage over the last couple of years and I Plan to Focus on more of what My statistics indicate My audience enjoys reading about most. That means this coming year Will have more Interpret A-Sean’s of films, books, interviews, more podcast Present A Sean’s to listen to, thing King about the ‘King James Version (Verse-Ion)’ of the Bible and possibly even game Story analysis as there is just as much Symbolism (picture percussion instru-Ments) in those now too. Any media that engages a large number of People is affecting the collective consciousness of Man’s kind and Will always contain messages for those with eyes to See [the Commercial waters the false profits of the citizen’s Ship are for Sale-ing on].

My film interpretations, critiques of popular YouTube videos (Ben Shapiro in particular) and even one Page Posts about some Story are always among My most read Posts, so I am going to be doing a lot more of that in the New Year and Focusing much less on what is taking place in mainstream media. It’s basically designed to keep People in fear so they have reason to depend on their government for protection. All of it is much more of an Illusion than most People Real eyes. We do Win in the End, I Promise. The best Part is, Part of You knows that, too.

I Will have a few Posts over the next few days in the New Year to put a more Positive Spin on what is taking place in the world right now, Our ‘Grand’ Glow-Ball Transform-A-Sean. If I’m evolving, You are too – We are all in this together.

Well, I filled up the Magic of this Post much faster than I might have Imagined I would, as I do try to Keep Posts to under fifteen hundred Words. There really is a lot of Good going on in the world despite how it might seem if One is watching a lot of government approved media. In fact, one of the ‘Magical’ things I Will be doing before the end of the first month is deleting My Facebook and Instagram account permanently. Twitter censors a lot of information, too but someone at Twitter likes Me and decided to give Me 4,200 followers and I know they Will expect Me to use it. Same thing applies to Pinterest.

I Hope and Trust You are all Celebrating along with Me today and looking forward to a Wonder-Full, Magical New Year. Keep in Mind that the Kingdom of Heaven is before Us now for those with Eyes to See.

Love and Blessings,

[There Will be no Posts Published on Son Day save this One, the ‘Rest’ of this Day is Dedicated to God and His Kingdom.]


  1. God blessings …
    Feel free friend to leave Twitter and/ or Facebook …
    You can get connected to others to
    in-spire or allow the divine energy to flow through you to enlighten the dark side of the world …
    Embrace the darkness that allows the stars and to shine and the moon to reflect bright sunshine …

    You feel connected to one and all …
    Our minds are like the computers and smartphones that get inspired to download and upload in-form-ion energy codes …
    A good ripple effect like the waves scattering the positivity and goodness …

    1. I so Love reading Your thoughts. Thank You for being such a wonderful Cosmic connect-Sean. You re-Mind Me how Truly connected We all are, regardless the distance between Us. In Spirit, We are One.
      Love and Blessings, Brother and all the best in this New Year and the many more that Will follow.

  2. Once , forever , and for all ,
    We just have a call ,
    To play a divinely led role ,
    Whether big or small , short or tall ,
    To change and reset the matrix ,
    To flow with life and through it scroll,
    Speak to the universe as one in all ,
    ( All are inter-connected with divine love )
    So it can listen when you call ,
    As one group complete and whole ,
    We are all one and one is all ,
    A good ripple effect we recall …

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